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With ample amounts of date spots, lush greenery and rich history, there are plenty of indoor and outdoor options.

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When considering the most romantic cities in America, Savannah has to be at the top of any list. Just taking a walk through the cozy squares can prove that. Date ideas in Savannah can be as elaborate or simple as needed.

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Pair the beautiful historic district with great food and Savannah is the place to be to watch romance bloom. Regarded by locals and tourists alike as the most aesthetic picnic spot in the entire city, Forsyth Park is iconic to Savannah. This park is a favorite for weddings, photos and plenty of exciting entertainment no matter what time of day.

Spanish moss everywhere and always some sort of event happening, Forsyth is the place to settle down with a basket and enjoy the sun for an afternoon. Prime for a romantic, relaxing, and serene date. Forsyth truly shows off what makes Savannah so incredible every day.

If a public date in a crowded area does not seem too appealing then fear not Savannah is home to over 20 historic squares.

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For those who wish to be in a more intimate setting, Whitefield square is a wonderful spot that is never too packed but promises just as incredible of a view. People walk, birds sing and there is always a shady spot to be found on the benches. No one can go wrong with a classic picnic in the Historic District, no matter what square is chosen.

Converted from a vintage Victorian Home, Foxy Loxy is a two story coffee shop and venue known for gluten free options and showcasing local artwork and photography throughout the building. No matter what section of the location, creativity lines the walls from floor to ceiling and out the back door. Breakfast burritos, coffee, beer and more can be ordered from the menu but dining options do change on Sunday mornings with a special brunch menu.

From shrimp and grits all the way to brisket hash, Foxy brunch on Sunday always satisfies.

Savannah hotels and places to stay

While this coffee house is a great place to visit on any day of the week, every other Friday the shop hosts musicians and comedians in their courtyard. Entertainment by some of the greatest and most hilarious acts make for a prime location. Every Saturday holds the promise of bonfires and cozy times. Whether just stopping in for a cup of coffee or making plans to enjoy some entertainment, Foxy is one of those restaurants that is quiet and personal, the prime spot for a first, second or fifteenth date.

This ice cream shop feels like something right out of your favorite black and white movie. Grab your sweetheart and take a walk down Broughton Date. Look for the turquoise awning and stop in for a scoop or two or three. Going with an old-fashioned idea is always a solid choice when contemplating potential ideas for a romantic afternoon. Everything from the classic soda fountain to the unusual flavors blends together to create the ambiance of a sock hop, traditional and wholesome but entirely fun for everyone involved. Follow them on Facebook.

Spending Savannah afternoon being waited on hand and foot is always a promising date theme, because who can resist a good massage? Whether it be a facial, skin treatments or just an hour in the sauna, there is a perfect fit in the city.

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With options from all natural ingredients to water influenced, a spa day in Savannah is only hard to plan because of all the options available. Spa BleuSavannah Day Spa and The Poseidon are just a few locations to choose from and each location Savannah something specific to offer.

Couples can choose from a variety of packages that offer massages, facials and more to create an experience that refreshes and excites. Taking a break from the busy hustle and bustle that is the Historic District, guests can find a wide array of spas to suit any therapeutic date.

No matter what location is chosen, relaxing for a few hours while being taken care of by the best is a great date for any time or occasion. The Poseidon. Spa Bleu. Savannah Day Spa. The hardest part of deciding what wine to buy for any date is choosing from all of the options but the Savannah Wine Cellar has managed to solve that problem.

Try before you buy the right bottle of wine with a wine tasting at the Savannah Wine Cellar. Starting at just one dollar each, small portions of wine are dispensed by high tech tasting machines. The whole experience is as easy as walking in and being given a glass by a friendly staff member.

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With a diverse selection of reds, whites, rose and more, there is no doubt that the perfect bottle is just waiting to be discovered and downed. Machine dispensed tastings are available seven days a week until 10pm every night and every Saturday afternoon from pm, hand poured tastings feature six different types of wine from all over the world.

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With over wines stocked, there has to be a choice for every connoisseur no matter how particular. Follow them on Facebook Party Bike Tour for two Cruise around town in the open air while sipping your favorite drinks. This beer bike tour gives you a great way to experience all the character and history that Savannah has to offer.

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Its lively, fun, and a sure way to spice up your date any time of day! Late-night tours can help put a nightcap on your evening while you feel the nightlife springing up around you. Alternatively, take a morning or afternoon tour to get a better sense of all the amazing sights and wonders! This is a great opportunity to chat and lighten the mood since the activity pedaling and freedom of the open cart get the juices flowing.

You can grab two seats and cruise around on public tours, spring for a private tour, or bring some friends on a double or triple date! Follow them on Facebook Tybee Island Catch a view of the east coast just twenty minutes outside of the city with a trip to the infamous Tybee Island.

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Tybee Island is a beautiful piece of land no matter what end of the beach is in question. Take a swim in the afternoon or wake up early for a sunrise photo op at the end of the pier. Walk along the beach and draw hearts in the sand, collect shells or just have a seat and rest on one of the many beach side benches.

Regardless of what end of the sand, there is a nice spot to just enjoy the regularly beautiful weather that east coast beaches generally have to offer.

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Learn a new skill and have a great time out with a few drinks at Art Bash on Waters avenue. Whether alone, coupled or with a group, everyone is invited to come and enjoy themselves while getting creative at the same time. Brushes, paint, sangria and any other supplies needed are provided by the studio so just bring yourself and be ready to have a great time. With no shortage of laughter, inspiration and fun, the Art Bash is a wonderful way to spend time with another while being able to leave with a hand painted piece of art to put up at home.

Making memories with sangria and all supplies are provided? Just come in ready to have fun and the staff will guide the rest. While visiting the most haunted city in the United States, do as the ghosts do and hang out around Bonaventure Cemetery. For those who are interested in the local haunts, Bonaventure Cemetery is not only date full of names that are easily recognized but is widely agreed upon as one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the area. Savannah who has an insatiable thirst for all things haunted would be immediately impressed by this area.

Walk around and read, compare hetones, even take a guided tour. Historical ificance meets haunted ghost stories at Date in Thunderbolt. This spot is fascinating no matter who comes for a visit. With over acres of land claimed for the resting, there is no shortage of incredible scenery in the area. If a trip to Bonaventure is not enough to scratch the itch to find out why this city is so haunted, head to Ghost Coast Distillery in the historic district for more than just a ghost story.

Featuring narratives centered around drinks and old revelry, this tour is not one to be missed. Come on inside and beat the water while enjoying a guided tour in a way that is innovative and fascinating. Tours of the old distillery are available every hour from Tuesday through Saturday, complete with a movie experience that tells tales of the city while offering a cocktail tasting in the demonstration room. Learn about the mischievous quips and stories of Savannah while trying cocktails that are not available anywhere else. For the bookworms and literary lovers of the city, E.

Shavers bookstore provides a warm and comfortable atmosphere for those who enjoy reading and creating the written Savannah. Located just down Bull Street is a small bookstore with tall shelves and hundreds of interesting and exciting titles to browse. Take a walk through the little shop and curl up with a book or magazine in one of the many armchairs placed throughout.

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Just try not to get too comfy and fall asleep, this place easily begins to feel like home from the moment of arrival. Wandering through this hip little shop can only be made more satisfying by having a hot beverage in the tea room. Take a second to browse the menu options and try something new. After a little searching, an old fashioned typewriter can be found in the back. While this vintage piece of equipment was at one time used for business date like invoices, it is now outdated but still used regularly.

Guests are not only allowed but encouraged to take a second and type something up on the classic machine. Take a second to browse the pieces or type something new up for the wall and enjoy the simple pleasures of reading. Romantic picnic in Forsyth Park Regarded by locals and tourists alike as the most aesthetic picnic spot in the entire city, Forsyth Park is iconic to Savannah.

Wine Tasting at the Savannah Wine Cellar The hardest part of deciding what wine to buy for any date is choosing from all of the options but the Savannah Wine Cellar has managed to solve that problem. Party Bike Savannah for two Cruise around town in the open air while sipping your favorite drinks. Tybee Island Catch a view of the east coast just twenty minutes outside of the city with a trip to the infamous Tybee Island.