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The team has won six of their past seven games, dating back to November, and currently holds a record. Although they came up short against Kutztown, the Leopards put up a fight against the best team in the division. It was a slow start for both teams as the first period ended with a scoreless tie.

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When the NYU News team put the call out on our social media channels for alumni couples who'd met during their time studying here, we weren't quite prepared for the flood of enthusiastic responses we'd receive. We heard from newlyweds and couples who'd been together for decades; from gr of almost every school and college; and from soulmates who fell in love under the Washington Square Park arch or connected while studying away in Paris or Madrid. The message for this Valentine's Day? You never know where you might find violet-tinted love.

Couples met in class or at their residence halls, in clubs and choirs, or through campus jobs. A surprising of pairs reported having crossed paths during their very first days on campus, while others didn't bump into each other until they were literally on their way to graduation.

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Amy: He came down to the Square when the Heights campus was sold—in We both sang in the Choral Arts Society, and it was friendship, then dating. The Education Building and Frederic Loewe Theater, where we spent a lot of time rehearsing and performing choral concerts.

We were accquaintances and became friends when we had a class together in our last semester. At that time, the All-University Commencement was in Washington Square Park and each student was limited to two tickets. I asked in class if anyone could spare any extra. He offered his—and asked me to dinner.

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We've been having dinner together ever since! One of our favorite places to go while we dated was Bar Pitti Avenue of the Americas. In fact, he was the first person I met while unpacking my bags in what was then Hayden Hall now Lipton Hall. I was in my tiny room trying to decide how to decorate and who would get which desk and dresser, and he and his roommate knocked on my door to introduce themselves.

I was impressed that they had ventured out so quickly.

We went out that first night to explore the Village. Violet pride runs deep in our family! Hayden Hall is where we met and fell in love. We got to know each other over many, many meals in the Hayden cafeteria. Then a year went by. We graduated. The day before Commencement we bumped into each other at Grad Alley, recognized each other from La Pietra, and exchanged land line phone s on an old receipt. Three weeks later he called.

I went over to his apartment for dinner and never left.

Very long walks down Broadway and over the Brooklyn Bridge. Suhaly: We met during freshman orientation in We were 17! We first saw each other on the 8th floor of the Silver building. Naiema even remembers what I was wearing an all green outfit down to the belt. Bobst Library. We used to meet there to study and never got any work done all 4 years too busy staring at each other and laughing until our stomachs hurt!

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Chen: Ethan and I met the first week of law school, when the various student groups were holding their welcome parties. Ethan and I both got some food and happened to sit down in the same circle, across from one another. As law students, we spent a lot of our time in the library.

Almost every day before we started dating, we would meet in the library and study—or so I thought! Once we actually started dating, he stopped showing up at the library!

Our first official date was on Broadway—we went to see the Phantom of the Opera. Very little anxiety or nerves. We knew each other, and it was a natural next step. Raebekah was the cutest women in class.

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Little did I know, she thought I was the cutest guy in class. She even took the seat right next to me. One day I mustered up the courage to say something to her.

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I complimented her work. After a few more small more like tiny! We saw The Departed together on our first date thank you, Martin Scorsese! And when all else failed: Third North Dining Hall. Johanna: We met as Ph. We were in a cohort of four people, which I think is romantic and not at all lame!

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We used to meet up in Washington Square Park during lunch, taking a break from our research jobs to sit and enjoy being in the middle of New York City. We've been together since our junior year in Gould Plaza is our special location because we always used to meet there after Evan's Stern classes—and he also proposed there in August We both happened to be in the Student Affairs Office the day we met. A mutual friend called me over and asked me to give Catherine a hand with a box of books that she needed to carry to an event. Thus began our love story. We started planning events together and spending more and more time with each other—while she was applying to law school and I was applying to medical school.

The 7th floor of Kimmel was our meeting location and will always be special to us. Catherine also worked at the SRC, and when I first learned this, I came up with things to print every day just to get an chance to see her. Our first date was at La Nacional on 14th Street and 8th Avenue.

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We returned multiple times since, including on the day we got engaged. The lecture hall where we met—Silverif I remember correctly. I also remember meeting Ezra after work at the Cantor Film Center. Mei: We met inour sophomore year, through a friend at Stuyvesant Town, and just got engaged this past Christmas!

I feel so lucky to have met my ificant other at NYU. The Quantum Leap on Thompson Street!

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Perfect for casual chatting—plus great vegetarian food and considerate service. Feb 14, Campus and Community. Wedding date: August 22, Now, 42 years later, our family includes three sons, one of whom got his degree from Steinhardt and married his sweetie who graduated from there, too—they've been married almost 10 years now!

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Where on campus sparks flew: The Education Building and Frederic Loewe Theater, where we spent a lot of time rehearsing and performing choral concerts. Nostalgic neighborhood date spot: The Cookery for food and jazz gone now, but was on the corner of 8th St. Wedding date: June 12, Nostalgic neighborhood date spot: One of our favorite places to go while we dated was Bar Pitti Avenue of the Americas. Wedding date: May 2, We got to know each other at orientation events Metropolis and Rocky Horror Picture Show at Loeb Student Center, games with our RAs, sitting by the fountain in Washington Square Park and over many, many meals at the Hayden Hall cafeteria, where Sylvia, the cafeteria lady, would serenade us every time we swiped our meal plan cards.

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Where on campus sparks flew: Hayden Hall is where we met and fell in love. Nostalgic neighborhood date spot: Corner Bistro or Caffe Reggio. Wedding date: June 28, Wedding date: September 12, Where on campus sparks flew: Bobst Library.

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Wedding date: August 1, I was impressed immediately after he started to speak Chinese to me he taught himself Chinese when he was in college. We then spent the next two months getting to know each other before we actually went on a date! How NYU played matchmaker: Chen: Ethan and I met the first week of law school, when the various student groups were holding their welcome parties.