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We may earn a commission from affiliate links. Whether you're interested in history, love relaxing at the beach, or are looking for interesting things to do with kids, you'll find it in South Carolina's many engaging tourist attractions. Take your pick from high-quality stage shows, golf, and water parks in Myrtle Beach, or relax at the fashionable holiday resorts on Hilton Head Island. Explore the atmospheric streets of Charleston on a romantic carriage ride, or tour some of the south's most beautiful plantation homes nearby. You can visit the fort in Charleston harbor, where the Civil War began, or revel in the breathtaking views and quiet trails of Caesars Head State Park.

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Other hobbies: Drawing

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Spend just a few minutes talking with a South Carolinian and any visitor will notice one thing: The natives have a way with words. It's not just the honey-rich drawls or sincere friendliness, either. You'll notice pretty quickly that South Carolinians are natural poets. They play with words and invent new ones as the needs arise.

They are funny without meaning to be, soulful without being maudlin, all while just getting you checked in to your hotel or serving your lunch.

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Maybe it's because the cadence of speech is slower here than much of the rest of the country. It gives folks more time to come up with a lovely or witty turn of phrase. Maybe it's because South Carolinians are just naturally funny people.

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But the distinctive speech patterns and phrases aren't just humorous and poetic. They're also the incredibly useful and precise, if you know what they mean. In any event, conversations with locals on your South Carolina vacation will be a highlight of your visit. And if you need a little cheat sheet, we've included one here:. Y'all: Truly the most useful word you'll hear in South Carolina, it's the plural "you" that the English language is lacking.

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But "y'all"-so concise, so exact and rolls right off the tongue. It's the word you didn't know you needed until you start using it.

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Bet y'all start using it without even knowing it before you go home. Hey: Second in ubiquity to "y'all" and deeply connected to it is "hey.

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Nice to see you: When you meet a South Carolinian, they'll say, "It's nice to see you! It's entirely possible you haven't.

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South Carolinians are always happy to see you, not meet you. Maybe it's because they already think of you as a friend.

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Might could: Another really helpful phrase invented, "might could" means "that could be a possibility but I don't have enough information right now to decide. It's a way for the speaker to hedge her bets, or manage your expectations, without letting you down. Listen for might could's kissing cousins, "might should" and "might ought to. Bless your heart: You've no doubt heard this one already.

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Sometimes it's an expression of deepest sympathy, concern and compassion. And sometimes, well, sometimes it's the most cutting thing a South Carolinian can say.

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How to tell the difference? It's all about the context, y'all. Some more Southernisms: So these aren't phrases or parts of speech that need defining. No, they're just straight fun.

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They're the poetry of South Carolina and are peppered in conversations. Some have been around forever, and some are made up on the fly. That's why that drawl and slow cadence are so helpful. More time to think. Here are some favorites:.

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And the insults. Oh, the insults. Nobody can fling an insult as hilariously and passive-aggressively as a South Carolinian:. Not sure whether a saying is an insult or not?

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Well, that's the genius of South Carolina. It might could be. It just depends. So when y'all come to see South Carolina's breathtaking natural beauty, explore the rich history and dine on the best Southern dishes, don't forget to listen for the lilting, lovely, rich, humorous and surprisingly precise South Carolina sayings.

You'll be able to bless everyone's heart when you get back home.

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Known as the "Holy City", for its long tolerance for religions of all types, Charleston is the state's most beautiful and historic treasure Columbia combines all the graces of the rich past with the vibrance of the emerging Sun Belt. It's the state capital and home to a major university Situated in the heart of the Upcountry, Greenville is known as the Textile Center of the World and offers great shopping, entertainment, historic, Hilton Head Island is famous for its mile stretch of glistening sands.

But a visit to Hilton Head is more than just a day at the beach.

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Myrtle Beach, the busy hub of fun-in-the-sun in the middle of the Grand Strand's 60 miles of gorgeous wide beaches, offers a dazzling varierty of How to Speak South Carolinian. Kerry Egan.

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Discover writers share all of the places, activities and adventure that South Carolina has to offer. Related Articles Itineraries.

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Must Eats in South Carolina. Just What is Frogmore Stew?

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