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Birth certificates began being filed with the Office July 1, Some Delayed Certificates of Birth are on file with dates of birth dating back to the 's.

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If the is active there is a free online verification at www. Employment Verifications contain thenurse name, profession, original issue date, expiration date and alert code if one exists for the. Fax a request for a verification of a Temporary Work Permit to us on employer letterhead at We will fax the response back within three business days. Your Kansas nursing expires on the last day of the month you were born, in odd or even years based upon which you were born in.

All CNE must be completed and approved prior to submitting your renewal. Once you receive your approved IOA form you may complete your online or paper renewal application. As of July 1, we discontinued printing cards for renewals. List specifically what information you need and mail the form to our office. A fee may be applied. Prior to your expiration date, print the Renewal Application from the Forms section of our website. You will NOT receive a card and you will need to renew your Inactive status again in two years.

You will NOT receive a card and you will need to renew your Exempt status again in two years. The advance practice s will be renewed automatically with the RN. Your canceled check or credit card statement may serve as a receipt for payment of your renewal.

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You must create a UserID and Password. Click Register a Person and follow online instructions. A new system was implemented in March of This new system gives you control over your own information. Make sure you last name correctly. Also make sure you date of birth and social security as the examples show. If you continue to be unable to renew your please contact KSBN at Some browsers do not recognize the encrypted security certificate. This is the same site used by all state agencies for various business transactions.

You have the option to file a paper renewal. Some browsers can not read our java script and therefore can not process your payment. You may renew by using a different browser or completing a paper renewal. When you renew online there may be some processing that will take place. Unresolved issues may delay the licensing process. Keep checking your expiration date online.

Here wherever you are, whenever you need us.

Print and complete the Reinstatement Application from the Forms section. If you DO NOT have your 30 hours of continuing nursing education you can apply for a temporary permit which will allow you days to meet the requirements. You are allowed to work with the Temporary Permit as long as long as it is active. Yes, when requested on the application with appropriate fee, unless you have disqualifying factors. The granting of Temporary Permits is discretionary. Any applicant whose Kansas has lapsed for more than five years beyond its expiration date may reinstate the by submitting evidence of:.

This may mean we are waiting on the background check information from the fingerprints you submitted. It does not necessarily mean there have been legal issues discovered. Please refer to our website, www. A expires every two years. Refer to our Verification Database at www. The instructions are available at the KSBN website. You should answer no. If it has been more then 30 months and you have completed approved CNE you should answer yes.

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If it has been less than 9 months since reinstatement or endorsement, you are not required to obtain CNE. If it has been more then 9 months and you have completed approved CNE you should answer yes. Any course not approved by a recognized CNE provider must go through the individual offering approval process.

This would include all college courses and all courses provided by other health care providers. Please retain your certificates in the event you are selected for an audit. If you are audited you must submit original certificates. Thirty 30 hours of approved Continuing Nursing Education are required every 2 years. You must have completed your CNE before submitting the renewal application. College courses acceptable for CNE with an IOA may include any of the following: any college courses in science, psychology, sociology, or statistics that are prerequisites for a nursing degree.

Contact hours shall not be recognized by the board for any of the following: an incomplete or failed college course or any college course in literature and composition, public speaking, basic math, algebra, humanities, or other general education requirements unless the course meets the definition of CNE. Please note if you have successfully completed a college course within your renewal period and the course meets the definition of CNE, you must submit the course for official approval by IOA to the Board PRIOR to renewal of your nursing.

Definition of CNE: K. No, you must mail the original IOA form along with a self addressed stamped envelope and other items as noted in the instructions for completing the IOA form. One contact hour is equal to 50 clock minutes.

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If approved, a college class will be worth 15 contact hours of CNE for every one semester credit that was earned for the college class. An original transcript is necessary to prove completion of the class, along with a syllabus, the IOA form and a self addressed, stamped envelope. Nothing in the Kansas Nurse Practice Act prevents a nurse from receiving a physicians order through an und person. The Healing Arts Act does not preclude a physician from relaying an order through an und person.

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As a rule the Kansas Nurse Practice Act requires that an individual must be d to supervise the nursing process. A non-nurse could not supervise nursing practice. However a non-nurse could supervise basic employment issues ie: cleanliness, appearance, time issues, etc.

Making asments involves the nursing process and judgment regarding patient acuity and staff skill mix.

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If these three criteria are met an LPN may engage in care, nursing diagnosis, treatment, counsel and health teachingsupervision, administration, teaching of the nursing process and execution of the medical regimen. Any post basic education obtained can be considered and should meet the industry standard.

The general rule of law K. See above answer. There are some exceptions to this answer and they are found at K. They include but are not limited to; gratuitous nursing by friends or family, domestic servants, und people who have had a nursing action delegated to them by a nurse, etc. The Healing Arts Act allows physicians to delegate the practice of medicine to anyone the physician deems qualified.

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Qualified could mean by education, licensure, or on the job training. When a physician delegates it must be appropriate ie; a specific task for a specific patient.

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It is the education level and content most common to all individuals that perform the same activity. Example; a phlebotomist receives basic education on anatomy, tube selection for tests required, blood drawing procedure. The level of education required is not set by statute or regulation but is industry driven.

Look to see what most facilities or liability carriers require. But it must be done correctly or one will be guilty of falsifying a patient record. First, the information must be truthful. Example One cannot go back and make up vital s and fill-in blanks because a clerk says no payment will occur without them.

Second, check the facility policy and procedure and follow those directions on late entries. Third, if there is no policy or procedure it is probably most correct to identify the actual time of information addition and circle the time of the actual nursing act to show it is a late entry.

It is not uncommon for a nurse to forget to record something, remember it later and on return to work make a late entry. It is the normal course of business. One should never go back and change something on the original writing. A nurse is bound by the facility policy and procedure. You must know and follow your facility policy and procedures unless you believe it is clearly substandard.

The Board of Nursing strongly encourages all individuals with a criminal or discipline history to be fully prepared with information regarding their background and to start the application process early. The accessKansas website receives the Kansas State Board of Nursing information directly from the Kansas State Board of Nursing database and is protected from alteration by unauthorized individuals by using encryption technology.

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