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Will the world ever forget the utter masterpiece that was Friends? Probably, but hopefully, not.

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Your job's a joke, you're broke.

Your love life's D. Of course, if you had a friend like Chandler Bing he would certainly point that all out. Indeed, he's sarcastic and witty. In fact, he's the best boyfriend ever. As Chandler would say, "Could I be more wrong? It's safe to say that Friends wouldn't be the same without him. He's a good friend, roommate, and neighbor. He always tries his best to be a good friend but isn't always a good boyfriend. As a matter of fact, he's pretty bad a dating at first. At one point it seems like he'll be alone forever.

Well, he'd always have Joey. He's not perfect and has many flaws. To be fair, he does end up in a few serious relationships. In fact, he dates Monica and later marries her. Turns out she can put up with all the non-stop jokes. On the other hand, he's been difficult at times. He can be immature and needy. He lacks confidence but does well on the dating scene. Of course, there have been times when he's romantic and charming.

He does know how to sweep a woman off her feet. He also knows how to screw it up and watch it blow up in his face. It's time to take a closer looks at Chandler and his dating history.

Chandler has many great talents. He's funny, creative and can find the smallest detail wrong in a person. In fact, he's superficial and very into looks. He ended many relationships for petty reasons.

Indeed, he broke up with women for gaining weight. In fact, he even mocked a teen Monica for being overweight. He also finds the need to play games. For instance, he doesn't call the next day because he doesn't want to seem needy. Then he waits by the phone for the girl to call him. At first, Chandler hates his job and hopes to find his passion.

Of course, he doesn't quit for several seasons to try advertising. Instead, he stays in a job he hates and nobody can remember. At the same time, he often abused his position of authority. For example, he attempted to fire an employee that wasn't good at her job.

In fact, he was about to fire her until he saw her. He instantly liked Nina and didn't care that she's a subpar worker. Instead, he promotes her and starts dating her.

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Clearly, this is a bad idea but he does it anyway. Chandler is good at so many things. However, talking to women isn't one of them He often claims that he's too afraid to approach women. That's because they always turn him down.

Regardless, he still tries to talk to women in public. In fact, for a guy that's not good at it, he's often successful. Women turn him down all the time but he still tries. To be honest, that's a great attitude to have.

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No matter how many times he hears 'no,' he doesn't give up. Clearly, this isn't about Chandler's dating history. His has a unique relationship with his boss, Doug. He's often seeking approval but doesn't want too much. In addition, he acts like a completely different person around his boss.

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For instance, he often laughs at his boss' lame jokes that don't always make sense. In fact, Monica's not impressed with how he acts. She doesn't like work Chandler.

He wants his boss to like him so much that he acts like another person. Of course, Monica agrees with him in the end. Chandler and Phoebe are good friends but have had their moments. In fact, Chandler kissed her once.

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In addition, Phoebe flirts with Chandler to force him to come clean about dating Monica. That's the closest they ever got to being a couple. However, Phoebe makes it pretty clear that she doesn't find him attractive.

Chandler bing

She's into both Ross and Joey but Chandler's not her type of guy. As a matter of fact, she has no problem letting him know that. She finds him attractive in an unattractive kind of way. It's no surprise that Chandler's not great at making a first impression. This even comes up when he's preparing for a job interview. Chandler and Ross have been friends since college. He did not impress the Gellers the first time he met them.

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In fact, they didn't like Chandler for years. They thought he was a bad influence on Ross.

Turns out that Ross is the bad influence. Regardless, Monica's parents didn't think he would propose and often mock him.

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It's always nice to get along with the in-laws. Chandler and his parents have a tough time getting along. His parents told him they were separating on Thanksgiving, which is why he hates it.

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His father then ran off to Las Vegas to become a performer. Chandler had a tough time accepting his dad and didn't speak to him for years. In fact, he would avoid seeing his father anytime he came to New York. Chandler didn't invite his father to his and Monica's wedding either.

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Chandler just wanted to avoid the situation. In the end, he invites his father to the wedding.

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However, his father pretty much disappears after that. Of course, the jokes about his father continue.

In college, Chandler and Ross weren't the coolest guys on campus. In fact, they were two huge dorks. Of course, they didn't know that. They often talked about approaching girls but usually just ran away.

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Regardless, college girls were turning them down all the time.