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A residency questionnaire must be submitted to determine eligibility. Holistic review is a thorough, individualized, and complete assessment of your application file.

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Please contact the center nearest you to learn more about admissions, financial aid, academic programs and student services. Visit the website admissions. McAllen, TX Admissions Customer Service 1 John J. The admission guidelines presented here are for admission to the Spring, Summer or Fall semester.

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While they are the best guide available, admission criteria are subject to change. An applicant who has enrolled in a post-secondary institution since high school graduation, with or without credit earned, must apply as a transfer applicant. Please see the Readmission, Post-baccalaureate or Non-degree sections for other items required to complete the transfer application for those types of admission. An application is reviewed to make a decision about admission after all items listed below have been received.

The items must be received by the appropriate closing date to qualify for consideration for admission. In addition, freshman applicants must show proof of meeting the State of Texas Uniform Admission Policy to qualify for review. If you attend an out-of-state high school or are a home schooled student, you are exempt from the Uniform Admission Policy. Students must certify their eligibility on the application.

Checking the fee waiver box on the application will not satisfy the fee waiver requirement. To qualify, you must include one of the following with the application:. Note: If you have applied for adjustment of status to Lawful Permanent Residency and have not received your LPR card or Notice of Action that says Notice Type: Approval Notice, you are considered an international student once you are admitted to the University. There are certain requirements that international students must fulfill upon enrollment.

Please contact International Student Services at iss tamu. Please allow at least two weeks to process credentials.

College specific information

The Office of Admissions will make every effort to inform applicants of incomplete files through AIS. If incomplete credentials are received within one month of the closing date, there may not be sufficient time for the Office of Admissions to notify applicants. All items necessary to complete an admission file must be received by the Office of Admissions by the closing date not postmarked to assure consideration for admission.

The high school curriculum should be noted on the official high school transcript.

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Topic A on the application is required. Applicants to the College of Engineering will be asked to answer an engineering specific short answer question as part of the application. Admission decisions are made beginning September 1 and continue throughout the application period. A final decision may not be announced until early December for spring admission or late March for summer or fall admission.

In all instances of disciplinary action, the application fee is non-refundable. For prospective undergraduate students admitted but not enrolledthe initial determination of whether an individual has submitted a fraudulent application will be made by the Director of Admissions Operations, with a right of appeal to the Executive Director of Admissions.

All appeals will be considered by the Admissions Decisions Appeals Committee and a recommendation made to the Executive Director of Admissions. For prospective graduate students, initial appeals will be made to the Dean of the Graduate and Professional School.

Enrolled students suspected of violating Student Rules will be reported to the Student Conduct Office. Any University official who suspects that a prospective student or enrolled student has submitted a fraudulent admission application must notify the Executive Director of Admissions. In all cases, a minimum of 12 of these level and higher semester hours must be in the major. See this catalog pertaining to your major for the specific science.

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Choice available for transfer applicants only. Nursing and Dental Hygiene applicants must have completed or be enrolled in pre-requisite courses at the time of application. Courses may be completed at any accredited college or university.

The curriculum leading to a professional degree in Architecture begins in the four-year undergraduate Environmental De Architectural Studies degree program. This degree provides entry to the Master of Architecture program.

All students seeking elementary teacher certification will complete a baccalaureate degree in Education. There is no major in Secondary Teacher Education. All students seeking secondary certification except those preparing to teach physical education or health will major in an academic discipline other than Education i.

If you plan to apply to the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine DVM program, you should select a major that would be a good vocational choice if you do not later enter the DVM program. Any major may be selected; however, some curricula more closely parallel courses that must be completed before applying to the DVM program than others.

Students must comply with the established change of curriculum procedures and requirements of their desired major, department, and college, and space must be available. Final approval is granted by the academic dean or departmental advisor for that major. Students are strongly encouraged to follow the guidelines and complete both the required and recommended courses as outlined on the Transfer Course Sheets and in the catalog.

Students desiring admission to Business or Engineering are encouraged to select a second choice major of interest due to the limited enrollment capacity in these colleges.

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Transfer admission requirements vary for the different academic programs offered by the College. Transfer admission decisions are made by major and are competitive. Most majors have required and recommended coursework to be completed by the student prior to application.

It is highly recommended that prospective students contact the academic advisor for the major of interest to inquire about specific transfer admission requirements. Also, note that transfer admission GPA requirements vary by major and several exceed the minimum 2. Completion of the essay indicating why the major was selected and how a degree in this major will help meet career goals is required.

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For more information on transfer guidelines, coursework and contact information for all academic advisors, refer to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences website. Applicants must have completed 24 hours of transferable coursework at the time of application, and it is recommended that these courses be selected from the degree program electives described elsewhere in this catalog. The essay is an important component in the review process and should explain why the applicant is interested in either the Construction Science, Environmental De Architectural Studies, Landscape Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning or Visualization program.

Depending on the program of interest, applicants with less than a 3. For more information, visit the College of Architecture website. Additionally, there are eight sequential studios in those degree programs which make it difficult for students that transfer with more than 36 hours. Mays Business School offers transfer admission to the most competitive applicants. The transfer admission process identifies applications that evidence outstanding accomplishments, including academic credentials using the following guidelines.

Transfer admission to Mays generally requires excellence in the following set of ten specific courses. Applicants desiring to major in business are encouraged to plan early, and incorporate this entire body of coursework into their curriculum prior to applying. It is especially important to have credit for both required math courses before applying. Mays admits transfer applicants for summer or fall admission. No spring transfer admission is available. Applicants are expected to have completed and excelled in substantially all of the 30 credit hours of Required Coursework.

Applicants need a grade of A in most courses and a high overall GPA to be competitive.

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The entire record is reviewed for consistency in coursework and grades. Successful applicants include carefully written essays that demonstrate clarity of purpose, creativity, and an advanced writing style. Applicants who have special circumstances they wish to have considered are urged to share all pertinent information, with appropriate documentation, in their essay s. There is a nationwide demand for teachers. In particular, the College is seeking students interested in high-need teaching fields: math, science, special education, bilingual, English as a Second Language, and foreign language.

The College also offers a variety of non-certification programs. To be competitive for admission, an applicant should, dates the time of application, have a minimum 2. Students specifically interested in Allied Health or Kinesiology Exercise Science should complete both review and both science courses with a grade of B or better and maintain a cumulative 3. Students interested in certification at grades 8—12 should complete a baccalaureate degree in a discipline area and contact the College regarding certification. The College of Education and Human Development does not consider second-choice majors.

Recommended Courses. Prospective transfer students should refer to the College of Education and Human Development website to identify additional courses that will satisfy degree requirements. Any student applying for a degree in Allied Health or Kinesiology is encouraged to apply with under 60 total hours of transfer credit. Applicants should refer to the College website for more information. The College of Education and Human Development evaluates performances in all courses and considers all parts of the application.

Repeatedly dropping or withdrawing from courses or taking courses that do first apply to the Core Curriculum or your major, may negatively Station a student's evaluation for admission. The college has identified the following 28 hours of coursework as transferable for all CEHD majors:. Students specifically interested in Allied Health should complete both math courses with grades of B or better and at least two of College available science courses listed with grades of B or better.

It is preferred that these students also maintain a minimum 3. Kinesiology—Exercise Science. Students in this program are encouraged to complete at least 24 hours of the science coursework prior to the 60 completed hours. Students should complete both math courses with grades of B or better and at least two of the available science courses listed with grades of B or better.

Kinesiology—Physical Education Teacher Certification. Sport Management. Check with the Office of Admissions for specific courses that may meet this requirement.