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Article 1. General Provisions.

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Article 2. Unified Development Code Organizations and Officers.

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Article 3. Development Review Procedures. Article 4. Base Zoning Districts Table of Contents. Article 5. Use Regulations.

Article 6. Special Zoning Districts. Article 7. General Development Standards Table of Contents.

Article 8. Subdivision De and Improvements. Article 9. Article This Unified Development Code is adopted with reasonable consideration, among other things, to each character of the zoning districts and its peculiar suitability for particular uses, and with a view to conserving the value and encouraging the most appropriate use of buildings and land throughout the City.

Whenever a local code or ordinance, or a state or federal statute cited by this Unified Development Code is later amended or superseded, the citation shall be deemed to refer to the amended statute or the statute that most closely corresponds to the superseded statute. The provisions of this Unified Development Code shall be held to be the minimum requirements for the promotion of the public health, safety or general welfare.

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Except as otherwise provided in this Unified Development Code, the minimum yardsoff-street parkingparking, loading and stacking spaces, and open spaces required by this Unified Development Code for any use or structure shall not be encroached upon or Corpus as required minimum yardparking, loading and stacking spaces or open space for any other use or structurenor shall any Christi area be reduced below the requirements of this Unified Development Code.

Every structure hereafter erected or structurally altered shall be located on a lot defined in Article 1 and, except as provided in this Unified Development Code, in no case shall there be more than one blossom structure on one single-family or two-family residential lot.

The approval of any development application in accordance with the requirements of this Unified Development Code shall not relieve the recipient from the responsibility of complying with all other applicable requirements of any other local state or federal agency having jurisdiction over the structures or land uses for which the agency was issued. If any provision of this Unified Development Code shall be judged invalid or held unconstitutional, such judgment shall not affect the validity of the entirety or any provision of this Unified Development Code other than the part judged to be invalid or unconstitutional.

The following general rules of dating construction shall be applied when interpreting this Unified Development Code. In constructing this Unified Development Code, all provisions shall be given equal weight, unless the context clearly demands otherwise.

Any violation of the zoning and platting ordinances and other ly existing development regulations shall continue to be a violation under this Unified Development Code and shall be subject to penalties and enforcement under Article 10unless the use, development, construction or other activity is consistent with the express terms of this Unified Development Code, in which case enforcement action shall cease, except to the extent of collecting penalties for violations that occurred before the effective date of this Unified Development Code.

Any application of an initial permit that was not subject to an expiration date and that was approved or filed before July 1,under the predecessor zoning or platting ordinances, shall expire on the effective date of this Unified Development Code. The owner of the land subject to an initial permit that expires under paragraph 1. C above may petition the Planning Commission to reinstate such initial permit by filing a written petition within days of the effective date of this Unified Development Code.

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The petition shall clearly state the grounds for reinstatement, and shall be accompanied by documentation of one of the following events had occurred by July 1, The Planning Commission may take one of the following actions:.

Members of the boards and commissions on the effective date of this Unified Development Code shall continue to serve as members of said boards and commissions until their respective terms expire.

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Zoning districts in the City are renamed as shown in Table 1. The new standards set forth in this Unified Development Code for the renamed zoning districts shall apply to all properties within such zoning districts. Refer to Section 3. Undefined words in this UDC shall have their normal dictionary definition. Other terms shall be defined as set forth below, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning.

Abutting : Having a common border with, or being separated from such a common border by a right-of-way or easement. Accessory Structure : A structure devoted to an accessory use that is separate from the principal structure and located on the same lot. Accessory Use : A use that is clearly incidental, subordinate to or customarily found in connection with, the principal use of the premises. Acreage Fee : The fee required to be paid by the applicant based on the acreage in the development, including parks, streets, and drainage dedications. The current acreage fee is published in the Development Services fee schedule contained in Chapter 14, Municipal Code.

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Adult Day Care Facility : A nonresidential, state-d facility that agency care or supervision for five blossom more persons 18 years of age or older who are not related by blood, marriage, or adoption to the owner or operator of the facility, whether or not the dating is operated for profit or charges for the services it offers. Airport, Helipad, Heliport or Landing Field : Any area of land or water used Corpus the landing and take-off of aircraft, including all necessary facilities for the housing and maintenance of aircraft. Alley : A public or private way which is to be used only as a secondary means of access to or solid waste collection from abutting property.

Alteration or Alter : Any construction or material change in the architectural or natural features of a structure, including but not limited to erection of s, installation or removal of trees or shrubs, a change or removal of roofing, siding materials, doors, windows, shutters, fences, s, other ornamentation, porches, balconies, or paint color. This does not include ordinary repair and maintenance, removal, demolition, or new construction. Amenity : A landscaped area that is available to the general public that is outdoors and adjacent to and integral to a residential or nonresidential structure, including, but is not limited to, seating, shade, artwork, a water Christi and sanitary facilities.

Animal Shelter : A facility used to house stray, abandoned or unwanted animals and that is owned, operated or maintained by a public body, an established humane society or other nonprofit organization devoted to the welfare, protection and humane treatment of animals.

Unified development code

Antenna : A structure or device used to collect or radiate electromagnetic waves, including directional antennas, such as panels, wireless cable and satellite dishes, and omni- directional antennas, such as whips, but not including satellite earth stations. Antenna, Amateur Radio : An antenna used by an amateur radio operator that is less than 50 feet in height and whip antennas less than 4 inches in diameter and less than 10 feet in height. Antenna Array : An arrangement of antennas and their supporting structure. Antenna, Panel : An antenna which receives or transmits als in a directional pattern.

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Antenna, Stealth : A telecommunications antenna that is camouflaged or concealed. Antenna, Telecommunications : An antenna used to provide a telecommunications service. This excludes lightning rods, private mobile radio systems, amateur radio antennas less than 50 feet in height, whip antennas less than 4 inches in diameter and less than 10 feet in height, and radio and television broadcast antennas.

Antenna, Whip : An omni-directional dipole antenna of cylindrical shape which is no more than 6 inches in diameter.

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Applicant: A person who applies for a development review procedure as described in Article 3. Archeological Site : The physical site, location, or context in which the material remains of past life or activities of cultural or historical ificance are found.

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Architectural Screen : A durable, wood fence or masonry wall which screens the view from the street to off-street parking and or other areas. Area Development Plan : An element of the Comprehensive Plan that addresses planning for multiple services including but not limited to future land use, transportation, water, wastewater or parks for an area of the City.

Arterial Transmission Main : That portion of a transmission main, or its branches, lying within a distribution area used to supply the grid system within that particular area.

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Auto Rental : A use engaged in the leasing or rental of automobiles, motorcycles or other light vehicles. Awning or Marquee : A permanent, roof-like structure that projects from the wall of a building or structure and overhangs a private or public way. A bar, tavern, or pub may include entertainment providing such entertainment is enclosed within the building. Basement : That portion of a building between floor and ceiling which is wholly or partly below grade, having more than one-half of its height below grade.

Bed and breakfast home : A private, owner-occupied residence that offers sleeping accommodations to not more than 10 lodgers.

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A bed and breakfast home is not a single-family house. Berm : Raised earthen mound. Soil must be stabilized by using terracing, soil stabilizing mats with ground cover or solid turf. Bicycle or Watercraft Rental : A use engaged in the leasing or rental of bicycles or watercraft.

Block : A group of lots surrounded by public or private streets or ro.

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Boat Storage : A use where boats are kept for more than 24 consecutive hours. Bridge : Any structure usually referred to as a concrete box culvert or clear span bridge excluding culvert crossings or other crossings utilizing reinforced concrete or corrugated metal pipe. Buffer : A specified land area, located parallel to and within the outer perimeter of a lot and extending to the lot line, together with the planting and landscaping required on the land.

Building : Any structure having a roof supported by columns or walls for the housing or enclosure of persons or property of any kind. Building Frontage : The linear measurement from outer wall to outer wall of the side of the building which fronts on a street.

Generally the building frontage contains the primary entrance of the building. Building or structurally-mounted units may not exceed 10 kW in manufacturer rated power. Caliper : Diameter of the tree trunk except for palms, measured 6 inches above the ground for trees up to and including 4 inch caliper size. To determine the caliper of a multiple-trunked tree: 1 square the diameters of each trunk; 2 multiply each of the s from step 1 by 0.

Car Wash : A use engaged in the washing and cleaning of passenger vehicles, recreational vehicles or other light vehicles.

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Caretakers Quarters : A primary or accessory dwelling unit occupied only by a caretaker or guard employed on the premises. Cemetery, Columbaria, Crematorium, Mausoleum or Memorial Park : Land used for burial or cremation of the dead, whether human or animal. Certificate of Appropriateness : The official Landmark Commission stamp that is placed upon approved construction plans and required permits. Such stamp shall include the ature of the Chair or a deated Commission member and the date action was taken.

Certified Nursery Professional : One who is identified as having a high level of professional ability and knowledge of plant pathology, plant culture, merchandising, landscape de, and plant identification in the nursery business as recognized by the Texas Association of Nursery Professionals. Cladding : The building materials covering the exterior of a structure. Collection Line: A wastewater line of less than 15" diameter that conveys wastewater. Commercial Vehicle : A vehicle d as commercial, has a Texas Department of Licensing and Regulationsor has a permanently-affixed commercial logo.

Community Home: A place where food, shelter, personal guidance, care, habilitation services and supervision are provided to not more than six persons with a disability and meets the requirements and limitations of the Community Homes for Disabled Persons Location Act, ChapterTexas Human Resources Code.

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Condominium : A form of property ownership providing for individual ownership of residential, industrial, commercial, or office space in a structure on such real property, together with an undivided interest in the land or other parts of the structure in common e. Construction, New : A structure deed, intended, constructed, erected, or moved for the structures first occupant or tenant.

Contractor : Any person, firm, association or corporation engaged in the business of constructing buildings, either residences or commercial structures, including but not limited to any plumbing, heating, roofing, remodeling, excavating, paving, highway, infrastructure, and utility construction. This term shall also include those who represent themselves to be engaged in the business whether or not actually doing the work.

Cross access agreement or easements : an area intended to promote better vehicular access and circulation to and from the parcel with a dedicated drive aisle. Curb : A vertical or sloping structure located along the edge of the roadway, normally constructed integrally with the gutter, which strengthens and protects the pavement edge and clearly defines the pavement edge to vehicle operators.