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I would sex seek For that cruising bites

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ebony lady Aliya

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What is my age: 44
Ethnic: Swiss
I prefer: Hetero
Tone of my iris: I’ve got huge hazel eyes
What is my favourite drink: Rum
My favourite music: Techno
My hobbies: Cooking
Smoker: No

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ebony housewives Cecilia

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Looking for now Looking for later Not looking. Not a member? Most Recent Reviews Posted Nov 1 This place has recently started hiring off duty cops to go after activity.

tight women Gwendolyn

They are intent on cracking down. Posted Jan 12 The last couple of hours before closing are a good time to go. Business travelers staying at the hotel cruise through, and there are often some gym rats looking for action.

house babe Jenesis

Having a hotel room handy m He fingered my asshole while I jacked his dick. Then he fucked me in the hot tub until we both came.

The hotties are at West Club. I went from 1 to 2 pm and was met by a hot guy in the shower who got down on his knees an Find a spot to park in nearby neighborhoods to par Take the bike path through the woods heading west away from the mountains from Taku Lake Park.

Between the park and just past Minnesota Dr. Most Recent Reviews Posted Nov 17 This is a well-equipped health club that caters to hotel guests but also has a local membership crowd, mostly people who work downtown I think. Pool, exercise equipment, etc.

Men's area has a l Too bad as it would be a perfect spot to get some. Guests in the hotel use the athletic club and starting around 8 pm there are always a couple gu Most Recent Reviews Posted Feb 17 Now that the gym has opened up down the hall, lots of hot guys before and after their workout come for a quick blow.

pretty female Evelyn

Peer through the hole and tap your foot. You can hear people coming down the hall Good phone s on the wall, too. Map location is approximate.

Downside is most people stay in their cars and just awkwardly stare you down with no action. Possibly just the types of guys who go here and can't afford t All of these reviews on various sites claim the place is dead. But I'm certain there were at least three other cruisers also just sitting in their vehicles. If no one Went late morning and there was some action going on. The good part is that it keeps all the wheezy trolls out of the action.

The bad part is that nobody goes there anymore. Good during lunch and after work and all day on weekends. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jul 2 The bathroom by the boat landing sees action at lunch and sometimes in the evening.

Anchorage is the largest city in the state of alaska. surrounded by rugged wilderness and snow-capped mountains, anchorage offers a modest gay scene.

I've given head at lunch time during the week to guys on their break. I saw a couple of guys go back in the woods so I ed them. It's usually slow here, but I guess it was my lucky night. Nowadays, there are two or three really mean-spirited twenty something guys, who actively disdain and threaten anyone over the age of twenty-five. Go in and ask for a shower. Peepholes and nice cocks to suck. More people means more fun.

It's usually busy 11 to 4 pm. Most Recent Reviews Posted Feb 8 This was a great place before an electronic key system was installed. Nobody even came in to pee.

sweet babe Ariyah

The peephole between the stalls is useless unless you're a dwarf. It is about two feet off the ground. Bathrooms with double doors for plenty of warning.

Peephole on the third floor. A new restroom is under construction but very close to the tennis courts and ball field, and playground. This place is out. Maybe some action could be found up the hi I've had two awesome blowjobs in the past. If the park is busy great action can be found along the creek in the bushes. Weekend mornings It's best around 8 pm until midnight. If the toilet is busy there are woods available for privacy. Summer months are better than Slow but you can score.

slut moms Madilyn

I got off several times in recent weeks during May. It's a good setup for understall action. Young hard guys drop their lo f Turn right and follow to the intersection with Ward Lake Road; turn right again. Most Recent Reviews Posted Apr 29 A private place but the troopers drive through sometimes so, something to consider. Most Recent Reviews Posted Oct 14 Cruisy sauna with a good of visitors and many straights also.

Best from 7 to 10 pm. Prudhoe Bay. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jul 19 It can be very hot with lots of eye candy here, mostly between 7 and 10 pm on weeknights. You can also see the urinal through a crack in the door.

gorgeous milf Aniyah

No action lately though.