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Dark spots. Call it what you want, but these unwelcome marks are stamping their way across faces daily. North Texans are especially susceptible to the condition, with warmer temperatures and more days with sunny skies. I think about it every day. The simple act of brushing my teeth brings me face-to-face with my dark splotches. Just the other day a friend texted to ask if I knew any treatments for melasma.

That riddle is hard to crack, so we consulted with some Dallas skin experts to get to the bottom of the melasma mystery. It affects all skin shades and genders, but is most common in women. A combination of sun, hormones and personal susceptibility are the culprits.

Melasma often appears on cheeks in a butterfly pattern, on the forehead and upper lip. And speaking from experience, the upper lip location is embarrassing.

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Alvarez soon embarked on her own hunt to shrink the appearance of her pregnancy-induced melasma. And it depends on how deep the discoloration has penetrated the skin. Skin bleaching agents are a popular topical option.

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Jagwani cautions that many treatments are not recommended during pregnancy, so moms often come back for treatment after each delivery. Max Adler, a board-certified dermatologist and medical director at TruDerm, a dermatology practice in Plano and Allen.

The cost varies, depending on the procedures and extent of the skin damage.

Patients may spend several hundred dollars on skin peels and creams. More lengthy and extensive treatments such as laser therapy can run in the thousands. Medical treatments, including bleaching creams and pills, may be covered by your insurance.

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But the procedure approaches, such as lasers and peels, are almost always considered cosmetic and are rarely covered. Adler recommends strict sun avoidance, daily use of sunblock with SPF 50 or higher and wearing hats with broad brims. Each skin expert we interviewed recommended skin-brightening topical agents.

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Adler says prescription-strength retinoid skin cream with bleach is an effective way to address the condition, along with chemical peels. After dead end after dead end with over-the-counter attempts to rid her face of melasma, Alvarez turned to medical professionals at Vitalize Medical Spa in Plano. She was told it would be a process and not an overnight, quick fix.

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After two years of treatment, Alvarez has little to no appearance of melasma on her face. She focused on chemical peels in the cooler months, since patients need to avoid the sun after a peel, and treatment with special facials and a brightening serum booster in the summer.

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Some patients opt for laser treatments that penetrate the skin deeper. It can be a long-term solution, but can have its own drawbacks. A relatively new approach is treating melasma orally with tranexamic acid, which Jagwani calls a breakthrough. Historically, the medication has been used for hemorrhage prevention, but doctors found it also helps minimize the appearance of melasma.

Kimber Westphall is a Dallas freelance writer focusing on dating, fitness and travel topics. She first experienced melasma seven years ago, and has been on a skincare quest to find the best remedy ever since. Kimber Westphall Special Contributor.

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Get alerts on breaking news stories as soon as they happen. Stand with us in our mission to discover and uncover the story of North Texas. More from Home. What will trigger a campus closure for Dallas-area schools?

Summer is over, but the unwelcome skin discoloration is still taking its toll on dallas complexions.

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The big question is: How do we erase these spots? What is melasma?

What is melasma?

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