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Show All Answers. If you are involved in a vehicle accident, you should allow approximately 48 hours for the report to be entered into the system before trying to obtain a copy. Or you can also obtain a copy of the report at:.

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Show All Answers. Building Permits for Parish of Caddo. Citizens can use this map to enter their address and find their City Council member or click the council district below to view the map for each district. District A - Tabatha H. All City Council meetings are held at 3 p.

Shreveport, LA Citizens can comment on items on the agenda date the Administrative Conference and the Regular Council meeting. Citizens can comment on agency that are not on the agenda at agency end of the Regular Council meeting. Committee meetings are posted on the city website calendar date least twenty-four hours before the meeting in accordance with state law.

The Mayor is required to submit all budget Shreveport and review materials to the City Council on or before October 1 st of each year. The City Council is required to hold a public hearing regarding the budget on or before November 15 th and to adopt the budget on or before December 15 th of each year. You have to file a motion and order for expungement with the court. The process takes 6 to 8 months. An expungement is for criminal history only, not your drivers.

If you need assistance in filling out your application for expungment, call Shreveport record made or received by the City is pd to be a public record, unless it is subject to an exemption. Public records exempt from disclosure are those that federal, state or local law prohibits the City from disclosing or permits the City to decline to disclose.

Louisiana Public Records Law and its exemptions appear in La. S The most efficient way to make a public records request to the City-Parish is through its address. There is no specific form that must be used to request records, nor is there any language you must use in your request. To expedite processing of your request, please be as specific as possible. Keep in mind that all public records requests must request a record, not ask a question.

Examinations of records must be conducted during regular office or working hours Monday through Friday, 8 a.

In this latter event, the persons deated to represent the custodian during such examination shall be entitled to reasonable compensation to be paid to them by the public body having custody of such record, out of funds provided in advance by the person examining such record in other than regular office or working hours.

There is no fee for the response or to examine records. The Department may charge for the duplication of copies of records. If there is a request of a copy of a record in a format other than paper, then the Department may charge you for the cost of the medium on which the information is duplicated e. In addition, a Department may charge you for the postage of sending the records to the requester.

You should also take these precautions:. What Services do you Provide for the Employer? Participants will be reported failure to comply if they do not comply with any aspect of the program. If this happens, the participant will lose their food date benefits for three 3 months, and will not be able to regain their benefits until they do comply.

The program is deed to be complete within three 3 weeks from the date of orientation. The participant must complete twelve 12 hours of assessment and training. This is done in two 2 to three 3 days depending on the program component asment. The participant must also agency Job Search over the three 3 week period by placing applications with twenty-four 24 companies. At the end of the three 3 week period, the participant Shreveport return to our office for an Exit Interview which normally takes about thirty 30 minutes.

Someone with the LaJET staff will schedule you to complete your missed requirement. You will regain your Food Stamp benefits some time after that. Who should I contact if I have a complaint about program activities or staff?

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What is WIA? Do you have training programs? You can locate a training or educational program that is related to your occupation or field of interest. How do I qualify for training programs? Citizen Selective Service Registered if applicable What is the Application Process? Case manager ased Fill out application Provide proof of citizenship, residency, date of birth and age verification, income verification and any other required documentation.

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What type of financial assistance is available through Community Development? We offer financial assistance through our EDI Program Economic Development Initiative to businesses located in the deated 16 target areas of Shreveport? What is the maximum loan amount one can apply for?

Do I have to put my own money into the business or project? What types of business will the city NOT fund? Businesses involved in illegal, gaming or religious business activities. Also, we will not fund for speculative business or purposes, pyramid sales activities, political campaigns, or investment companies or loan companies. Lastly, we will not fund owners who are incarcerated or on probation or parole. Do I have to live in Shreveport to qualify for loan?

No, the business must be located within the city limits of Shreveport. Can I get a loan to combine all my bills?

What is required of me if I take out a loan with the city? What will my monthly payment be on my loan? The monthly payment will vary, depending on the amount borrowed, the interest rate and the term of the financing.

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What is the interest rate for the business loans? Can anyone apply for the Economic Development Initiative loan? Yes, as long as one has a completed business plan, has been turned down by a local financial institution for the same amount being asked from the city, and meets the job creation requirements.

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I know I have to prepare a business plan, but I do not know where to begin. Where can I get business plan assistance? The internet offers many business plan guidelines and business plan samples; however, if you are seeking personal assistance, you should contact the local Small Business Development Center at LSU-Shreveport.

What is working capital? Monies available for short-term capital needs, typically to fund s receivable and inventory. How often does the Loan Review Committee meet? The Loan Committee is scheduled to meet on the third Thursday of every month, however, they do not meet if there is no business to present.

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If I wanted to make the Loan Committee meeting, what is the deadline to have all my information in to the Business Loan Coordinator? The last day of the month is the deadline; however, if the project is new construction, more time may be necessary. Is it possible for the business loan applicant to make a presentation to the Loan Review Committee during the meeting?

Yes, if the applicant wishes to make a presentation, he or she is allotted approximately minutes to sell their business and, perhaps, themselves, to the committee.

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What is the approximate turn-around time one the loan has been approved? The city makes every effort to close the loan and disperse the funds in timely manner; however, every circumstance is different. Once the applicant, the Loan Coordinator and the attorney are able to coordinate their schedules, the closing takes place and fund are distributed accordingly. Credit must be reasonably good 2.

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Capacity ability to repay 3.