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Do you know the whole application process, the exam date, the rules, and how to proceed once you have sat the IMAT? If you want to study medicine in Italy in English, the application is not always straightforward and can at times be confusing. All of us at MEDschool. The official decree for admission in is now released, so this article provides a sum-up of the application timeline with the exact dates. Piece of cake.

If you have double citizenshipyour European or Italian passport automatically prevails for the application.

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It mainly consists of obtaining a Dichiarazione di Valore Declaration of Value, also DVwhich is a document confirming that your graduation diploma is sufficient and compatible for studying in a medical school in Italy. Remember, this is not the IMAT exam enrollment procedure yet see below.

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Where and how? It is sufficient to contact your nearest Italian consulate or embassy and tell them that you want the necessary paperwork for studying medicine in Italy in English. What should you do? Download and fill out Form A.

Search the consulate website near you or call them directly to ask for the papers they need for pre-enrollment only for medical schools in Italy in English in order to obtain a Dichiarazione di Valore. They will tell you which documents you need and you will need to have them translated, but fortunately, they usually indicate their trusted translators.

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When doing the pre-enrollment, ask also which documents you are required to prepare and translate for a student visa after you do the IMAT in September; better be ready in advance, so that when the time comes you can simply focus on the organizational aspects of the enrollment procedure. This is the most important thing: pre-enrollment will be open until August! If you want to apply for IMAT which is going to take place on September 9thyou need to pre-enroll and get the Declaration of Value first!

The only difference is that they will accept your demand to apply for medical schools in Italy on the condition that you pass your final high school examination.

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Wrapping everything up, practically there are three things you need to do before the end of August:. They are Turin, Pavia, and Messinaeach having slightly different requirements and deadlines. The application may be relevant to both Eu and Non-Eu candidates, depending on the University. Keep in mind the deadlines are nearing some applications close in Juneothers in Julyso hurry up and check out the entire pre-registration process to find out the exact deadlines and if they apply to you. No, now you must wait.

Applications are, as usual, open for the first 3 weeks of July.

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There is a dedicated website for this: www. As a matter of fact, yes! A key fact is that, when you perform this step, you also have to declare the International Medical School of first choice and your IMAT test center! Furthermore, you have to pay a small subscription fee around euros for the test itself. Bare in mind that you need to make sure you received your payment receipt and keep it until the test day! We have here on MEDschool.

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Check it out! Chances are your family will have to start submitting to you written MCQs to ask you what you want to eat for dinner. Note it is not the student visa that all non-EU will need to enroll in the University after passing the exam.

The IMAT must be sat in person not online.

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It takes place in several test centers around the world. Test locations tend to remain the same every year, any updates are likely to be published in August. Last year there were 19 test centers around the world but those in Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Azerbaijan were closed due to the pandemic. Bear in mind that in case you chose to take the exam in any of the additional italian test centers in Italy, you are obligated to sit the IMAT in the location of your first choice preference! On the day of the test, you need to arrive at the selected location well in advance prior to the official time stated.

The IMAT is over, you hand in your paper and go home. You put the books back on their shelves and take a well-deserved break for a couple of days. At that point you start stressing out because the test are going to come out soon! The preliminary IMAT will be published just a few days after the end of the test, on September 23rd It means that your days looking at the calendar are not over.

These are anonymous, which means you can see what scores IMAT takers obtained but not the names of the candidates. On October 1stin your reserved area in the Universitaly portal, your IMAT score will be publishedtogether with a scan of your actual dates sheet. At this stage, make sure you have all the documents to apply for Haven student visa non-EU only as if the moment comes when you have to enroll in a University, the timing is very short and you should definitely be ready beforehand.

To issue the visa, you will need to show the embassy that you have been accepted to the University first.

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On October 6th the national ranking will be published, which will show whether you got accepted on the first round of the ranking. This is the official IMAT ranking list of all candidates ordered by examso you will finally know if those italian hours spent studying for the test will have been enough to be admitted to an Italian medical school.

Before you dive into med school, scalpel in your hand, ready to perform your first surgery, there is one last formality. Students who ranked highly and obtained a place will receive an and will need to proceed with the enrollment to an International Medical Dates in Italy. When that happens, you will need to arrive to your University with all the required papers within 4 days including the day when the ranking comes out, so technically 3 days!

You then have to personally enroll in the university and Haven the first tuition fee. After this, the deadline is a bit further out with respect to EU students, as you will get days including the day of the publication of the ranking and the weekend to formally complete your enrollment.

As said above, if you do not hand in all your papers before the established date, you will lose your seat, which will be re-ased to another student in the following weeks. Have patience.

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Not all the students who were accepted to an International Medical School in the first round finalize their enrollment to the university, so some of the seats will become available. The scrolling starts one week after the ranking on October 13th and is repeated periodically every weak with a short break around Christmas until all the seats are taken. Cross your fingers and keep checking the IMAT rankings. Did you make it?

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We hope you are ready and that this step-by-step guide has helped you a little bit with pre-enrollment, IMAT exam dates, and figuring out all the deadlines. What do you think? Remember that there is always our Facebook group where you will find other prospective students of international medical schools in Italy, and some actual medical students too! As a final note, classes start late in Octoberso you have just a few days to pack all your things and begin your new life after passing the IMAT. In front of you, there are six years of hard work. The secret to passing the IMAT is to provide yourself with sufficient time for the preparation and include enough practice on old questions and past papers.

Imat exam dates and application deadlines [step-by-step guide]

On average, students need a minimum of 3 months of full-time studying to go over the basic material, but that is the bare minimum. Our advice is to start studying for the IMAT as soon as you can, and be consistent with your study.

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Disclaimer: The information presented on this is updated as soon as the news are released from the Italian Ministry of Education. To receive the most relevant pieces of information directly on your as fast as possible, remember to subscribe to our newsletter. You can cancel anytime. We value your privacy.

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Facebook Instagram. Have fun reading! What about Non-EU then? Finally, what are the pre-enrollment dates in ? Not sure what medical school to choose? Author Recent Posts. Alex Ochakovski Pavia. Latest posts by Alex Ochakovski Pavia see all.

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Reserve your place. LAST places left for ! IMAT Intensive course. Find out more. Slide books - copy - copy.