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50s girl dating male for Colorado

Denver offers more things to do on a date night than just dinner and a movie, or meeting up for a drink.

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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with Search Forums Advanced. Colorado Springs is one of the last places I would pick to move to if I were single, female or male.

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Your options are just way too limited. Originally Posted by Vision I think it's a function of which socioeconomic group you belong. I know a young attractive young lady with whom I worked who has an engineering degree from MIT and she complains that she cannot find a young man with similar education. She can find plenty of young soldiers with whom she has nothing in common. Originally Posted by smdensbcs. My wife who I met in Denver granted has advanced degrees in art and music and I have multiple professional degrees.

I would not be competing against GI's for her affections if we were still single and in our 20's. As a general observation I'd agree Colorado Springs may not be the most dynamic large-city dating scene but most folks don't meet "the one" in a dating scene anyway. It happens through friends, through church, through work, through a sports team, through a book club, through a common interest, through whatever. Not by fighting through a bunch of enlisted guys at a downtown bar to get at the one female or three standing dating a sea of soldiers.

Shudder the thought. Phil P. Being out of the single scene in this century, I can't confirm or deny how good or bad things may currently be in Cos. Certainly social media and automated data applications may have altered how the search occurs, but I would find it hard to believe that any of those mediums could really replace plain old face to face interactions, conversation, and effort to put yourself in positions to meet women.

If your plan is to swipe and post while hooking up with beautiful women in your spare time, Cos most probably isn't the place you can accomplish that with minimal effort. Its entirely possible to have a regular dating life in Cos, but you are going to have to work at it. When I was single, I didn't experience any particular shortage of female dating companions. I had to compete with the 50s personnel then Colorado well, so that isn't a new situation by any means.

Best date ideas in denver, co

IMO, it's like otowi says, you have to actively put yourself into places where you have those opportunities to meet people in general and women in particular. They are here, you have to go find them. Originally Posted by otowi. That might mean something other than a gender imbalance by. It may mean girls are less interested in relationships or that particular method of finding someone, for example. There are fewer females here than males by around 1 percent. In any given age bracket that can vary a little more, but up to 3 percent different one way Colorado the other. I went to college in a very male-dominated field and so there were lots of guys there, but my profession is female-dominated, so 50s fewer around me now.

For example, if I go play disc golf, there will be more guys. If I go birding, it will be more even. If I go to a yoga class, there will be more women. I would suggest expanding your repertoire of activities into some things that are new for you to try to find some that might put the gender balance in the other direction for you if you dating to meet someone of the other gender.

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Originally Posted by shanen. I'm a married guy who knows a ton of attractive, smart young women who happen to be single. Wittgenstein's Ghost. Dating As a married guy who doesn't have a horse in this race, my casual observations so far seem to agree with yours. In fact, my wife and I are using this as a sales pitch to her sisters to convince them to relocate here! I do, however, think a lot of the imbalance is due to the military, and I highly doubt any of her 50s would be too interested in Colorado military guys.

Originally Posted by Phil P. If you really want to test out the imbalance, get a Tinder, and try to find girl matches. Then switch it to males only and watch how many hits you get. It's unreal. Like every 3rd guy is a match but only like girls will match no swipe leftsand most of those are not that pretty.

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Originally Posted 50s BornintheSprings. The op is right I have a mansion in broadmoor bluffs several nice cars and I still can not get a women to save my life. Wondering about the dating scene for the over 50 group?

I am a single divorced woman in her 50's who is considering COS. I know Denver metro has a lot more people but prefer COS for the mountains and affordability. I'm a single male but my trouble in finding a nice girl in Colorado Springs has more dating do with my introverted Colorado than with any gender imbalance.

When visiting downtown I noticed it comes alive with tons of young singles hitting the clubs, but it's just not my scene. I hate noisy atmospheres, but unfortunately that's where most of the singles congregate, and that's a problem I'd have anywhere. Plus whenever I try a club I'm like:. I think that is a loaded question.

I think every woman goes through phases about what they feel they need according to age and circumstance But within US All there are a few attributes For me? My needs vs my wants have changed based on experiences. I'm no longer looking for the perfect male specimen. I'm comfortable in my own skin to know what I have to offer and there are very simple things i need I need respect I feel strongly that without these there is no relationship The older we get the more baggage we acquire Its a simple request however these days?

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Its hard to find someone that still thinks along these lines. A breakdown? It's obvious dating changes with age. Having moved here from a beach environment where the ratio was more it still was difficult if you're just an average looker. When you're in a city where 'pretty people' are everywhere you just tend to blend into the background which takes time to absorb if you get caught up in it.

Now in my mids I'm much more at peace with life and surroundings. COS has a lot to offer but I'll admit dating for me is secondary to other things. I'm sure I'd feel the same as the OP if I were younger. Glad I don't feel the need to be competitive as I did at an earlier age. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. It is free and quick.

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