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Huntington am distance female that frenchman scars

Curtiss won them the opportunity. By bringing home air racing's first important award—the Gordon Bennett Trophy—Curtiss also won the right for his country to host the next international air meet.

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Liceasay Branch, Huntington negro family.

How the first u.s. air race launched an aviation tradition.

The two children were burned to death Wednesday of last week, Jan. The bodies of the two were brought to Fort Gay, this county, for burial following funeral services in Huntington. The mother, Helen Branch, had a baby less than two weeks old and was unable to attend the funeral and burial services of her children.

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The parents and four brothers and sisters survive. Helen Branch, the mother of the tots, both of them girls, who was ill in her bed in an ading room with a two-weeks-old baby, narrowly escaped the fate of her two children, when she, clutching the infant to her breast, was forced to climb through a window to a narrow roof to escape the licking flames. The bodies of the children, Natilie, 2, and Norma May, 3, were found half-way under their bed, where they had sought to escape the flames and terrific heat.

Two men were killed and several others severely shaken up in one of the worst explosions that ever happened in Wayne County on last Friday, Jan. The exact cause of the explosion is not known. The plant employed thirty people. Buddy Robinson, 23, still operator, and Floyd McCracken, 28 still fireman, were killed, and Roger Caldwell, 24, mechanic was burned about the face and neck and was suffering from shock.

Caldwell was later removed to his home from the Rife-Ferguson Hospital. The concussion was so great in Catlettsburg, directly west of the Refinery across Big Sandy River, that one of the windows was broken out of the offices of County Clerk John S. Secrest in the Boyd County court house. Many homes in Hampton City were badly shaken when the blast let go.

Caught beneath sheets of flaming oil which splattered a distance of a hundred feet an instant after the explosion, Robinson was burned almost beyond recognition.

McCracken, who died two hours later in the Rife-Ferguson hospital at Kenova from injuries, and Caldwell were both working a short distance from the settling tank, in which the residue of the large cracking plant is pumped, they being hurled a distance of approximately feet by the force.

McCracken covered with burns was picked up after his body had been blown over a railroad sidetrack in the plant and lodged against an automobile parked near the offices of the refinery. Miss Gretus Jordon, an office employe, was more seriously injured than others who were in the office building when the blast occurred.

Miss Jordon, it is reported, was thrown across a table in the office against a wall of the building.

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She was removed to her home in Westmoreland, where her condition was reported favorable. Manz, assistant Superintendent, who was cut about the face by flying glass and burned by the spray of oil, and Miss Jordan were treated in the offices of Dr. Roscoe Stotts in Kenova.

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Manz collapsed from shock in the offices of the physician. Lambert, mechanic, was hurled to the ground but not injured.

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With the exact cause of the explosion still a mystery, preparations are being made to install an entirely new process of refining gasoline to eliminate the possibility of the recurrence of such an explosion, Commander C. Davidson, president announced this week. Davidson said that the explosion was similar to others which have occurred in other parts of the country, caused by chemical reactions from the temperature of the crude oil. Technically the accident remains a mystery, Mr. Davidson explained, stating that "all we know is that it happened.


Under this heading Wayne County News is publishing from time to time interesting bits of local history. We shall appreciate accurate contributions for this column from ore loaders. A of interesting facts are contained in the following historical sketch about Wayne County which appears in the newest edition of the West Virginia Bluebook.

The following sketch is particularly enlightening about some of the things of interest in the life of General Anthony Wayne, the man for whom our county was named:.

Wayne County takes its name from General Anthony Wayne, who won fame in the Revolution and glory at the battle of Fallen Timbers, where he broke the Indian Confederacy and saved the Virginia border from hostile incursions of the red tribesmen. His service to the western settlers was recognized and rewarded by the bestowal of his name upon this important county.

He was educated in Philadelphia, and later opened a surveyor's office in his native town. He was sent to Nova Scotia in to locate a grant of land from the crown to a company of Pennsylvanians, and was made superintendent of this settlement. He held this place two years, when he returned and d his profession. In he was appointed a representative to the general assembly of his state, and quitted the council for the field inwhen he was appointed a colonel in the Continental Army.

His first duty was service in Canada with General Thomas, and at the close of the campaign there, inhe was appointed a brigadier general.

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He was the commander in chief at Germantown, Brandywine and Monmouth, in all of which engagements he was distinguished for his valor. The storming and capture of Stoney Point raised him to the highest mark in the admiration of his countrymen. He went to the south with the Pennsylvania line in and cooperated with Lafayette in the Virginia campaign, culminating in the surrender of General Cornwallis distance his army at Yorktown. After this campaign he operated in Georgia with his troops and with such success that the Legislature of Georgia paid him the compliment of endowing him with a valuable farm.

He served in the Pennsylvania convention that ratified the Federated Constitution then removed to his Georgia farm and was honored by that state by election to Congress and served from March 4, to March 21, He again entered dating service of the United States Army as a major general, and general-in-chief of the army, and personally took command of the troops sent against the western Indians, who had destroyed the army of St.

Clair and other troops sent against them. He set about his campaign slowly but surely, and in the battle of Fallen Timbers, fought in August, frenchman, he completely overwhelmed and crushed the hostile tribes. The frontier was relieved from ever-present dread of the recurring Indian raids, and a great empire was open to the settlement of the Whites. General Wayne concluded Huntington treaty with the Indians one year later, and while engaged in public service, returning from a trip to the west, fell ill and died in a hut at Presque Isle on December 15, General Wayne was one of the outstanding military leaders of the Revolution, he led his troops against odds when others feared to move.

He it was who remarked to the commander-in-chief that "he would storm hades if you Washington will only plan it. The death of Congressman James A. Hughes last Sunday afternoon, Mar. The citizens of Wayne County have particular reason to mourn the passing of this illustrious man as the loss of a loyal friend. For many years the life of Mr. Hughes has been closely identified with Wayne County interests.

He had ably represented this county in Congress; much of the campaigning of his early years was on Wayne County soil; he had lived in Wayne County and at his death was an extensive property owner here; his widow, Mrs. Belle Vinson Hughes, is a native Wayne County woman. All of which causes our people to keenly share the wide-spread bereavement which the news of his death has brought. As a public official Mr. Hughes was unselfish and public-spirited to a high degree; as a citizen and a business man he was progressive, energetic, broadminded; as a friend to thousands, regardless of race, religion or politics, he was loyal, sympathetic, thoughtful, always possessing a rare capacity for friendship for the man or woman who needed his assistance.

Hughes was one of the most dependable and aggressive supporters of the Republican party in the State, yet he was never partisan to the extent that he would not befriend a man of opposite political beliefs quite as readily as one of his own political faith.

Indeed he lived that virtue in a remarkable manner. Those whose privilege it was to know him intimately, and that is legion, knew Mr. Hughes to be a Christian gentleman, a faithful and honorable public servant and a man who valued his personal friendship as his greatest asset in life. And no better eulogy could be paid to any man than that.

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His career of nearly throe score and ten years is crowded with noteworthy achievements and kindnesses which cause him to be highly respected and affectionately remembered by a great army of people in every walk of life. In the last conversation which the writer enjoyed with Mr. Hughes he expressed a sentiment revealing his fine character by saying that after all man's only excuse for existence in the world is the good he can do for his fellowman. In the room of the writer hangs a framed expression of this same philosophy under the title "The Love of Friends.

But when he nears the end of life And looks back o'er the years of strife, He finds that Happiness depends On none of these,—but love of friends. Hughes comfort and solace may be had in this sad hour by reflection upon the life he lived and the friends he made. Truly, he found his happiness in life in the love of friends and in their hearts he still lives m loving memory.

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One of the most welcomed items of Wayne County good ro news that has been received here in a long time is the following official notice from the State Road Commission which provides for the immediate grading and gravel surfacing of the road between Wayne and East Lynn, a distance of approximately seven miles. The road is already well graded except for a few minor changes.

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It will be recalled by our readers that in our issue of January 30th we published a news story telling of the State Road Commission deating as a State Highway the road from Wayne by way of East Lynn, Stiltner, Kiahsville, Cove Gap and Lincoln county, affording direct connection between Wayne county and the Logan county coal fields.

Wiles participated. Sam W. Perry, East Lynn coal operator, has been one of the moving spirits behind the project to surface the road between Wayne and East Lynn and when appraised of the fact that the project is to be let to contract on April 1st, Mr. Perry expressed much satisfaction and again pointed out the advantages that the people of Stonewall and Grant districts will gain from this section by the State Road Commission.

Following is a copy of the official Notice to Contractors as issued by the Road Commission this week, in which it is announced that the East Lynn road will be let April 1st:. Projects 51 and -- Wayne County -- 7. Proposals will be received only upon State standard forms, in accordance with plans, specifications and estimates of quantities therefor, which forms, specifications and estimates may be obtained from the office of the State Road Commission in Charleston or from the office of Senior Assistant Engineer S. Bradley in Huntington, at both of which place plans for projects may be examined.

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Five other road projects are to be awarded in the Huntington division on the same date, 2 in Mingo, 1 each in Putnam, Mercer and Mason counties.