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Single Shot ShotgunThis is for an older model Stevens 20 gauge single shot shotgun with no model name serial While known mainly for their rimfire rifles, Stevens produced a of fine American shotguns as well, with two models being put into US military use. A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. ed Mar 4, We are looking for dating info on Winchester 94AE after or serial ed guns. Does anybody have website to find out.

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Can anybody lead me to this info ed Feb 12, I would suggest calling Winchester's customer service dept with the full SN. Rangr44 I want to thank you for you help earlier Where's the pics? My wife called Winchester Service at 1 and asked when this gun was made. They said it was made in and was a Walmart made specifically for walmart.

We have put about 8 rounds through it and it works fine. The gun is in very good condition.

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However in shipping the rear sight blade was broken in two and bent just a little on the rear sight base, so week can only shot somewhat wild at back stop. Does anybody have a info on the Walmart thing That said, Walmart generally specifies a price point that would limit their interest.

Ergo, the vast majority of selling manufacturers of whatever will do whatever it takes to meet WalMart's low price point. Most of the firearms carried by Wal-Mart stores are the lowest grade available from the manufacturers, and many are "Wal-Mart Specials.

Unlike the shotguns and rifles that Sears had manufactured for their stores by Winchester, et al, which had a lot of extra "bells and whistles," Wal-Mart specials are little more than barreled actions fitted to a cheap stock with even some standard features omitted. I would expect that a Wal-Mart gun have a non-walnut hardwood stock, less metal polish prior to bluing, and iron sights of lower quality than regular production.

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Homestead website shows this e. The gun is blued, the barrel will be round, the stock plain walnut, and the buttplate will be carbine style. The forearm is with a single barrel band and plain. ed Dec 17, My DOM list shows a date of manufacture as beingalso.

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Shooters Forum. A forum community dedicated to Sport shooters, owners and enthusiasts.

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Come the discussion about optics, hand casting bullets, hunting, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! Explore Our Forums. Recommended Communities.

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Ruger Forum. Nio Car Club. now to ask and comment!

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