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More massive than most planets but not quite heavy enough to ignite like stars, brown dwarfs are cosmic in-betweeners. In a study appearing in the Astronomical Journalthe team that made the new speed measurements argue that these three rapid rotators could be approaching a spin speed limit for all brown dwarfs, beyond which they would break apart.

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The faster a brown dwarf spins, the narrower the different-colored atmospheric bands on it likely become, as shown in this illustration. Some brown dwarfs glow in visible light, but they are typically brightest in infrared wavelengths, which are longer than what human eyes can see. Pasadena, CA — NASA reports that for the first time, a wayward comet-like object has been spotted near the family of ancient asteroids.

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After traveling several billion miles toward the Sun, a wayward young comet-like object orbiting among the giant planets has found a temporary parking place along the way. The object has settled near a family of captured ancient asteroids, called Trojans, that are orbiting the Sun alongside Jupiter.

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This is the first time a comet-like object has been spotted near the Trojan population. Located about 40 light-years away, these seven rocky siblings provide an example of the tremendous variety of planetary systems that likely fill the universe. That could mean they all contain about the same ratio of materials thought to compose most rocky planets, like iron, oxygen, magnesium, and silicon.

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Measuring the mass and diameter of a planet reveals its density, which can give scientists clues about its composition. Scientists now know the density of the seven TRAPPIST-1 planets with a higher precision than any other planets in the universe, other than those in our own solar system.

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Washington, D. Scientists have gotten closer to answering this question, thanks to the NASA-funded Backyard Worlds: Planet 9 project, a citizen science collaboration between professional scientists and members of the public. Scientists tapped into the worldwide network ofvolunteers using Backyard Worlds: Planet 9 to find new examples of brown dwarfs.

So the team nicknamed it the Blue Ring Nebula. Over the next 16 years, they studied it with multiple Earth- and space-based telescopes, but the more they learned, the more mysterious it seemed.

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The Blue Ring Nebula consists of two expanding cones of gas ejected into space by a stellar merger. As the gas cools, it forms hydrogen molecules that collide with particles in interstellar space, causing them to radiate far-ultraviolet light. Invisible to the human eye, it is shown here as blue. It circles this stellar cinder every 34 hours, more than 60 times faster than Mercury orbits our Sun. WD b, a potential planet the size of Jupiter, orbits its dim white dwarf star every 36 hours and is about seven times larger.

Located about 17, light-years from Earth, in the direction of the constellation Aquila in the night sky, W51 is about light-years — or about 2 quadrillion miles — across. It is almost invisible to telescopes that collect visible light the kind human eyes detectbecause that light is blocked by interstellar dust clouds that lie between W51 and Earth.

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In a new study, astronomers report the discovery of 95 objects known as brown dwarfs, many within a few dozen light-years of the Sun. This collection represents some dating the coldest known examples of these objects, which are between the sizes of planets and stars. In this illustration, the small white orb represents a white dwarf a remnant of a long-dead Sun-like starwhile the foreground object is its newly dwarfs brown dwarf Clarksville, spotted by citizen scientists working with a NASA-funded project called Backyard Worlds: Planet 9. This decision is based on a recently completed schedule risk assessment of the remaining integration and test activities prior to launch.

ly, Webb was targeted to launch in March Pasadena, CA — For more than a decade, astronomers have searched for planets orbiting AU Microscopii, a nearby star still surrounded by a disk of debris left over from its formation.

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The system, known as AU Mic for short, provides a one-of-kind laboratory for studying how planets and their atmospheres form, evolve and interact with their stars. The faint band of light encircling the pair is a disk of gas and dust from which both the star and the planet formed.

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