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This compact was deed to serve as a tool to demonstrate the cooperation between school, parents and students towards building a successful partnership to help ensure children are participating in a safe, nurturing and challenging academic environment.

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Full Calendar. Upon successful completion of the first year of medical school, the student is granted the BS or BA degree in the chosen undergraduate major from TCNJ. The M. Approved undergraduate majors currently include biology, biomedical engineering, chemistry, computer science, economics, engineering science, mathematics, English, history, philosophy, physics, and Spanish. Upon successful completion of the first year of medical school year fourthe student is granted the BS or BA degree in the chosen undergraduate major from TCNJ.

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Answer: The Application Deadline is November 1st. The Application Completion Deadline all materials must be received by is December 1st. Answer: Yes, a supplemental application link will be sent to qualified candidates and must be completed within two weeks of receipt, or by December 7th whichever comes first.

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Those candidates with strong supplemental applications will be offered a TCNJ interview from mid-December through the 3rd week of February. Answer: Yes, but with certain qualifications: The AP credit and college course s must be deemed equivalent to courses required by the college or major; the credit equivalency is applied to introductory, entry-level courses only with the exception of Foundations of Biological Inquirywhich cannot be exempted by AP credit ; and at least 8 classes of approved science coursework are completed at TCNJ.

For Biology majors, the only course taken earlier than normal is Biology Seminar, a 4-credit, journal-based course usually populated by seniors. No summer classes are needed as long as the curriculum is followed. There is a required summer research program at NJMS or another research university to be completed no later than the summer immediately prior to the first year of medical school summer of year three in the 7-Year program.

Answer: No it is not!

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For over 30 years our graduating seniors have been successfully admitted to a wide variety of US medical schools. Our mission is not only to prepare the pre-med for success in the application process, but, more importantly, to prepare our students for success in medical school and beyond.

Additionally, the student may want to indicate regular admittance to a four-year program of study at TCNJ as a second choice, should the student not be selected for the Seven-Year program. School Status upon admissions : Applicant must be a high school senior. It is not possible to transfer into this program from other colleges or from other 3 or 4-year programs within The College of New Jersey. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you will be eligible to be interviewed for the Seven-Year program. The first interview is with a Medical Career Advisor at TCNJ telephone interviews are available only for applicants living distantly in another state.

7 year medical program

Assuming this interview is favorable, you will then be considered for a later interview with a New Jersey Medical School Admissions representative in Newark, New Jersey. This interview must be done in-person, regardless of home location.

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The final admission determination is made by New Jersey Medical School. There is no early decision process for the Seven-Year Medical program. There is, however, an early decision process for the college please contact admissions for that application deadline.


Admittance to Program : The admission process is not finalized until the first week in April. Please attempt to submit your application when all standardized test scores have been taken. Your application must be postmarked by the November 1 deadline. State of residence has NO bearing on your admissions to the Seven-Year program. You must however, be a U.

Please contact these departments for further information. You will be considered for admittance to the major of your choice, financial aid and all other offerings. Either site will direct you to the Campus Tours link, maps, directions and other important information. Answer: You are free to withdraw from the Seven-Year program at any time during your three years at the College of New Jersey.

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The medical school, of course, will then withdraw its guarantee. During your fourth year at TCNJ, you may apply to any medical school you wish. Your medical school acceptance will be based on the regular criteria: cumulative GPA, MCAT scores, letters of recommendation, medical school interviews and experience. The MCAC also hosts an informative advising website, mcac. The AMSA chapter sponsors presentations by health career students and practitioners, and tours of area health professional schools, engages in charity fund-raising, and offers peer and faculty advisement on all phases of pre-medical preparation.

Note: Students formerly in the Seven-year program with good MCAT scores and grades have successfully applied to other medical schools during their junior year i.

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Admissions Office: Financial Aid Office: Student Housing Office: Program Director: Dr. Dennis Shevlin, shevlin tcnj. Returning phone calls and e-mail messages often takes a week or more during this period. Biology School of Science.

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Search Search. Question: What is the deadline for applying to this program? Question: Is there a Supplemental Application involved? Question: During the 3-year undergraduate program at TCNJ, is the credit load per semester greater than in normal 4-year undergraduate programs, and are summer courses required? Question: What is the retention criterion for the 7-Year program?

Answer: To remain in the program, students must: Complete the three-year undergraduate curriculum at TCNJ in an approved major, and earn a 3.

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There is no minimum score required; and If you are not a U. No exceptions will be made. The test may be taken more than once, but the combined score must be from one sitting. However, if the SAT is taken, this score will also be considered. You should have participated in school, community or other activities that demonstrate service and leadership. Answer: of students who apply of students academically eligible to interview of students who receive an interview at TCNJ of students who receive an interview at NJMS 80 of students who are accepted into the Seven-Year Program 40 of students who enter program Fall semester 20 Recent average SAT of accepted students Recent average GPA of accepted students Unweighted 4.

What are the pertinent phone s and addresses concerning premedical education at TCNJ?