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Thanks for contacting us. We've received your submission. On June 7,the Mets, picking seventh overall in the annual amateur draft, selected right-handed pitcher Matt Harvey out of the University of North Carolina. As a junior inhe would be eligible once more for the draft. Bryan Lambe, special assistant to Minaya : He was solidly built. Good delivery. Good arm action. He checked all the boxes.

Minaya : That year, there were a couple of other guys that were kind of in the mix for us.

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When I saw him, he got beat around in the first inning, but I stayed and watched it, and he just became more dominant as the game went on. He was a bulldog. He had an aggressive personality and good secondary stuff. I loved his competitiveness. I thought he was the right pick at hervey time. Josh Byrnes, Diamondbacks general manager in a : We did consider [Harvey]. Obviously, we should have done more than consider him. The Mets drafted Harvey and, on the Aug. I saw this big, good-looking kid Connecticut in our bullpen with a black suit, white shirt, very thin tie — very GQ-ish, as he always was.

His hair was always perfect. Then you see the ball coming out of his hand and you say. Oh my God, the stuff was off-the-charts good. When the Mets posted a disappointing record, the team relieved both Minaya and manager Jerry Manuel of their duties, hiring Sandy Alderson to take over the baseball operations. Inhis first professional season, Harvey divided his time between Single-A St. Lucie dating Double-A Binghamton.

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He pitched better at the lower level 2. His performance, together with his draft position, gave us some confidence. Harvey spent most of the season at Triple-A Buffalo, totaling innings, making 20 starts and compiling a 3.

On July 26, the Mets summoned him for his major league debut against the Diamondbacks at Chase Field. Dillon Gee, Mets pitcher : When he burst on the scene with a fury, it was fun, man. You had heard about him coming up. When he got here, he was like on a different level. You could tell he was a special talent.

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Harvey spent the rest of the season with the Mets, going with a 2. And that wound up serving as a mere appetizer to what came next. John Buck, Mets catcher : I remember that [] spring when I was there, when I came, he at that time was regarded as a good pitcher. Warthen : I give a lot of credit to John Buck.

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He took Matt under his wing and led him pretty strongly. He was able to tighten his slider in on lefties to make it more like a cutter and open it on righties to make it run a little more.

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He was learning how to pitch at a high speed. It was like he was toying with people with that curveball and changeup, the slider. This is going to be fun.

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Harvey won his first four starts ofputting up an 0. Through May, his ERA stood at 1. The buzz from his arrival exploded into a frenzy.

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I had coached in the playoffs with the Pirates, and I had never witnessed that. The people were into it so much. Warthen : We were a fairly mediocre team at that time. We were trying to get ourselves in the right direction. Gee : The game that stands out to me was against the White Sox [on May 7].

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He knew that he had it. Matt Harvey, Mets pitcher : [I remember] how electric it was. How much support I had from my hometown and New York. I remember after pitching well against the Yankees, going to a nice restaurant in the city with my family and getting a standing ovation. Matt was going to start that game.

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And by the way? The changeup is dynamic. With this overwhelming success came sudden, surging fame. He dove into the Big Apple celebrity scene with similar vigor. He had that personality to be the guy. Alderson : I enjoyed that kind of celebrity. It brings a lot of energy to the team, to the ballpark, to the fans.

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We had some big personalities. Obviously it was a different market with those big personalities. But it was fun. Gee : You could see the media and limelight kind of became part of what he wanted to do. He was the guy. Warthen : I love him. I love his father. In his 26th start ofon Aug. After attempting to rehabilitate the injury for over a month, Harvey relented and underwent Tommy John surgery.

Buck : I went out for the national anthem [on Aug. I put my arm around him. Despite completing his first full major league season a month early, Harvey still placed fourth in the NL Cy Young Award voting. He sat out the entire campaign, then returned in looking sufficiently close to his old self. Through 24 starts and innings, Harvey tallied a 2. Look what happened. We showed him how [Adam] Wainwright had thrown innings 18 months out of Tommy John. Boras : We had doctors make their recommendations.

With Matt, the Mets asked him to pitch. The Mets left it up to the player. The player is always going to want to pitch.