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The ultimate criterion for admission is applicant potential for attaining an advanced degree at CSU. However, the resources of CSU are limited and not all applicants who possess this potential can be admitted. CSU does not set quotas for people possessing particular ethnic, gender, or racial characteristics.

However, the vitality of CSU and the quality of the educational experience to be enjoyed by all students depend in part on the existence of a diverse student population. Thus, CSU actively seeks applicants from many backgrounds and with diverse characteristics. The institution is committed to a truly heterogeneous University community. Students apply online. In addition to the online application, a non-refundable application fee must be electronically submitted. The on-line application will be electronically submitted to the Office of Graduate Admissions and then forwarded to the appropriate academic departments.

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With this system, most documents are ed directly by the applicant. Regarding letters of recommendation, recommenders will be notified and prompted to provide a recommendation letter through the online system. The letter of recommendation will be automatically processed and submitted to the student's online file.

Regardless of citizenship, applicants may be required to demonstrate proof of English language proficiency, if they do not have a degree from an institution where the primary language of instruction is English. The application fee is not refundable even if the application is withdrawn or admission denied, nor is it applied to tuition and fees if the applicant subsequently enrolls. The non-refundable application fee must be paid, waived, or deferred before the application can be reviewed. Degrees from schools which do not possess overall, institutional accreditation or which have only specialized accreditation cannot be accepted.

An undergraduate grade point average of 3. Departments may petition the Graduate School to waive the 3. Applicants must present strong countervailing evidence that successful completion of a degree program is likely. Examples of the kinds of evidence that might be considered are explanation of extenuating circumstances that affected the undergraduate GPA and how circumstances have changed to favor success as a graduate student, a grade of B or better in graduate-level courses taken elsewhere or at CSU as a guest, high scores on standardized tests required by the programexcellent letters of recommendation, relevant professional experience, and other indicators of exceptional motivation and performance.

A positive recommendation by the department is required in such cases. Some departments may waive their specific requirements under similarly exceptional and compelling circumstances. However, they are not required to do so and many cannot, due to space and resource considerations. If the minimum GPA requirement is waived and the applicant is accepted by the Graduate School, the applicant will be provisionally admitted and placed immediately on academic probation. The student must achieve a term GPA of 3. This policy applies to all provisionally admitted graduate students.

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Departments may have requirements in addition to or more stringent than those of the Graduate School. Applicants are strongly urged to contact the department in which they intend to study.

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Meeting the minimum CSU or department standards does not entitle an applicant to admission. Meeting such standards only insures consideration of the application. Since CSU cannot accommodate all who meet the minimum standards, it reserves the right to select individuals for admission on the basis of merit in such a way as to promote the best interests of CSU and the society as a whole and to maximize the potential for individual accomplishment.

Admissions decisions are made by the Graduate School after strong consideration of recommendations made by academic departments. Decisions made by the Graduate School to deny admission are final and not subject to appeal by the applicant. Among departments where the of admitted students is capped each year, the selection of admitted students not only considers the qualifications discussed above, but the competitiveness of the applicant pool and available resources of the department.

Persons not seeking advanced degrees may be recommended for admission as non-degree students if space permits and if they meet the academic admission requirements.

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Advanced course work, research experience, teacher recertification, and specialized training are among the objectives of students requesting admission in this category. Students who have not been admitted to graduate study but who take courses on some other basis have no assurance that such courses will be acceptable in a degree program. Courses taken by CSU undergraduates may, under certain circumstances, be subsequently credited toward graduate degrees at CSU. Students cannot exclude any courses below the level under this policy.

Courses at the level are automatically excluded from use for an undergraduate degree. A written request for exclusion must be filed with the Degree and Transfer Evaluation Unit of the Office of the Registrar, Centennial Hall, Roomno later than the end of the schedule change period of the term in which the excluded course is taken, or for Accelerated Master's Program AMP students, excluded courses must appear on the formal program of study GS form 6 filed during the first semester after Graduate School admission.

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Both departmental and Graduate School approval is required at the time dating filing the formal program of study. Individuals seeking professional certification in other areas must contact the departments concerned. The submission of any false information or fraudulent documents in connection with the application process is grounds for rejection of the application or dismissal from the Graduate School regardless of the nature of other credentials. Track II admissions are available only to individuals who have at least five years of appropriate professional experience following the award of a baccalaureate degree and whose undergraduate GPA is below 3.

The on-line application will be electronically submitted to the Office of Admissions and then forwarded to the appropriate academic departments. In addition to the on-line application and a non-refundable application fee that must be submitted, the following must be sent directly to the department in which the student plans to study refer to the addresses in the Directory for Department and Program Contact Persons.

Application procedures are similar to Collins for U. Refer to U. Citizens or Permanent Residents information for instructions. These items are not required for the application review process, but will be required if officially admitted. The following materials must be sent directly to the department in which the applicant plans to study see Programs and Degrees web for the mailing address. Departmental requirements for additional materials such as standardized tests e. Regulations regarding students and application fees are likewise the same as for U.

Information on application deadlines and application fees is contained in the U. Citizens or Permanent Residents section. The U. Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services requires CSU to have proof of financial support before immigration documentation can be issued. Immigration documentation is needed to obtain a visa. All international students and their accompanying dependents are required to maintain adequate health insurance during their stay at CSU. Only persons with degrees equivalent service U. Further, it is a CSU regulation that international applicants should be among the top students in their classes.

Contact the Graduate School for guidance on interpreting paper-based exam scores. Official scores, taken within two years prior to admission, must be submitted directly from the testing agency. After receiving conditional admission, the student must satisfactorily complete the Intensive English Program offered through the Office of International Programs.

Enrollment in regular CSU academic courses is at the discretion of the admitting department and the Intensive English Program.

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Approval of both the department and the Graduate School is necessary for conditional admission. The individual departments may have requirements or standards in addition to or more stringent than those of CSU. Students must contact the department in which they intend to study for additional information.

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The paragraphs in the preceding section on U. Citizens or Permanent Residents on academic requirements, how students are selected for admission, non-degree study, undergraduate work at Colorado State, certification, and the consequences of presenting any materials that are not genuine, also apply to international students.

English is the language of instruction at CSU. Adequate knowledge of that language is expected. The various departments generally evaluate students in this regard, and they may require students to secure remedial instruction if necessary. Students whose native language is not English must demonstrate capability through the TOEFL examinations or other means see above.

Some departments may require a knowledge of one or more foreign languages for advanced degrees.

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For information the student should contact the department. Individual degree programs establish their own application deadline dates for Graduate School and financial aid support. Please consult the degree program or department website for exact deadline dates. Applications completed later than published deadlines may be considered depending on space and resources available. Late applications that cannot be considered may be updated by the applicant or the department to a later semester or term; otherwise the application will be withdrawn.

Except for Accelerated Master's Program AMP admissions, applications cannot be accepted more than fifteen months in advance of the term in which study is to begin.

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Students who wish to be considered for fellowships, assistantships, or other forms of merit- or competency-based financial support may be subject to earlier deadlines. See Application for Financial Support. The Social Security is maintained as a secure data element in the student information system and is not accessible as directory information or to unauthorized persons. International students are encouraged to file for a Social Security although they are not eligible for Social Security benefits.

Graduate students enrolled in a degree or certificate program are required to be continuously enrolled. If there is an interruption in successive semester-to-semester registration in a degree program, enrollment will lapse and graduate students will need to reapply for admission. This applies to all graduate students, on-campus resident instruction or on-line.