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You are not alone in your frustration. Others panic and decline a date only to regret it later on. A recent article about dating in Miami made some interesting points which got me thinking about the dating rut in Miami that single young professionals find themselves in, and more importantly, how to get them out of it.

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Home » Dating » Apps » U. When you can drive 10 minutes and be at the beach, drive another 10 minutes and be in the middle of the country, and drive 10 minutes more and be in a happening big city, it counts as unique. What cities are the strongest for singles? Recently, our team conducted a study on the largest cities in America to see where things shook out. For Florida, five cities made rankings with two cities in the top 20, two more in the top 30, and the lowest city scoring 42nd. Want to learn a bit more about the Florida singles world?

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Unlike other states, Florida does not prohibit dating other people while your divorce is pending. However, from a legal perspective, doing so may not be the smartest decision.

Your date might just be into you for paperwork

It is understandable, for someone who has been exclusive with his or her spouse or partner for years or decades, the temptation to jump back into the dating pool may be too strong. But is dating while going through a divorce legal in Florida?

Yes, dating while separated is not unlawful in Florida, but just because it is not prohibited does not necessarily make it a good idea to start seeing other people soon after the divorce papers are filed. In fact, dating while the divorce is ongoing could negatively impact the outcome of your divorce or even your child custody case. From a legal standpoint, seeing other people while your divorce is pending may cause animosity between parties and prolong the proceedings.

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In the worst-case scenario, dating while separated may cause you to receive less time with your children under a time-sharing plan. In the era of social media, your soon-to-be-former-spouse will quickly find out about your new relationship, so lying about this fact is not an option either.

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You should consider these three things if you are thinking about dating while your divorce is ongoing:. Jumping back into the dating pool before your divorce is final can increase animosity between parties. Even though both parties realize that their marriage is about to come to an end — not to mention that their feelings have subsided — jealousy may flare up if one party starts a new relationship.

In the worst-case scenario, that spouse may begin suspecting that their partner was unfaithful during the marriage. Although adultery does not impact the outcome of the divorce in Florida, the feeling of jealousy and increased tensions between spouses can make it more difficult to negotiate or use mediation to finalize a divorce.

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If you started dating while separated, the other parent might argue that your new relationship is negatively affecting your children or that you are exposing your kids to inappropriate situations, especially if the new partner spends nights or even moved into the house where the children are present. In other cases, the other parent may argue that your new romantic partner treats your children poorly. If the judge sides with your spouse and agrees that your new relationship is adversely affecting your children or your parenting abilities, the other parent may get more time with the kids.

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Also, a new relationship could negatively impact your decision-making abilities during the divorce. The new relationship can feel too exciting to the point where you are eager to agree to anything simply to get the divorce finalized.

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The problem is that the decisions you make during the divorce process carry long-lasting consequences, and most of them cannot be modified later on. That is why you should be smart during your divorce proceedings.

Speak with our Orlando divorce attorneys to become more intelligent and ensure that your post-separation decisions do not have a negative impact on the outcome of your divorce. Contact Donna Hung Law Group to discuss your circumstances. Call at to receive a consultation. They behave like leaders in the industry.

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And I can see why they are so highly valued and sought after from reviewers. Thank you guys!!

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You will not find a better firm to represent you and your interests in Orlando. I could not be more grateful that I chose Donna to represent me during one of the toughest times in my life. I highly recommend Donna and her team!! You will not be disappointed. She and her team are the ultimate professionals. Throughout the process, Donna and her team consistently kept me informed of the status of my case.

My divorce process had lots of potential to become very messy but incredibly she was able to help me set up a fair proposal for an uncontested divorce.

Key takeaways of dating in florida

She was compassionate and caring and with a lot of patience we were able to obtain what we wanted. She listened to me and helped through a very challenging situation. She really cared about helping me get my life back. This is the ONLY office you need for your family law case!

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Thank you! Attorney Hung has a perfect demeanor for legal counsel and representation: she is even-keeled and empathetic, while also assertive, skillful and downright sharp. She provided me She saw my case, learned what she needed to know about me and fought for me with the utmost confidence all while doing her best to help me to stay calm and collective. She is highly competent and outstanding in her work.

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I am pleased to know that Lawyers of her Caliber exist in our community. Donna Hung made me feel confident that my divorce would be handled in a proficient and professional manner.

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Close Menu. Menu Call Search. for more information. Bad Decision-Making Abilities Also, a new relationship could negatively impact your decision-making abilities during the divorce.