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Girl like dating femme who With scars

Her sister will talk about what your future kids will look like, and her mother will be planning the wedding that you may or may not ever have.

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I pay attention to free and everything going around me. Loving honest caring serving blessed Age 31 From Odenville, Alabama. Mingling with single Alabama farmers online? We are bringing dating for farmers to a new level. Your dating for the best farmers dating site in Alabama is over.

Years: 52
Tone of my iris: Lively gray-green eyes
I have piercing: None

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You can usually find us in Bible study on Wednesday nights or worshipping Sunday morning. We write scriptures on everything and we decorate our rooms and homes with them as well. We build our lives around our faith. Whether we're cheering on our hometown team or the college team of our choice War Eagle, ya'llwe center our fall and winter around the football schedule. We have t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, hoodies, purses, and so on decked out in our favorite team's colors. Whether it be working hard or playing hard, we aren't afraid of dirt.

In fact, when it comes to playing hard, we welcome it. Muddin' is one of our favorite activities. We could be on a four-wheeler or in a jacked up pickup truck; either way we'll be slinging that mud and come home covered in it. Not down here.

2. order a bud light.

Us Alabama girls have our own rod and reels, tackle, shotguns and rifles. We don't need a man to take us either. We'll go alone or a group of us will go together. We know songs by the legends like Reba, Cash, Hank and Loretta. We also know the tunes by the newbies, such as Luke, Kenny, Miranda and Carrie. If you take us to a concert, we'll sing and dance our hearts out and never miss a beat! We love the sun, sand and salty air. We don't care what time of the year it is, a trip to the beach is always good.

A summer without the beach would be like a day without sun. We love to eat and we aren't ashamed of it. We also love to cook. We know our grandma's fudge recipe and exactly how to make our momma's biscuits. Fun can be anything from hanging out by a bonfire on Friday nights to spending a day hiking to riding down a backroad with the windows down. We're always up for anything. We spend as much time as we can with our loved ones.

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We never miss a birthday or a holiday. We make sure we stop by and visit with our granny. Sitting around, fellowshipping with everybody warms our hearts. We work hard for everything in life. We know nothing comes easy and we aren't afraid to work our butts off to get what we want. Alabama girls know exactly what they will and will not put up with. We know what we want and we know what we deserve. We can be incredibly sweet but if it comes down to it, we can hold our own. We aren't afraid to prove it to anybody, either.

It's the way our daddy's taught us. We have pair in just about every single color. Since Alabama has a short span of cold weather, we pretty much wear them year round. Patriotism runs through our veins down here.

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We are thankful and blessed to live in the USA-- especially the southern part. We salute the flag and always stand for The National Anthem. Plus, we make sure to thank our soldiers for their service. If we're not at the beach during the summer, we're at the lake.

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We may be just soaking up the sun on the deck or we may be flying across the water, hanging onto a tube for dear life. You will find at least one camouflage article of clothing in our wardrobe. We'll wear it even if we aren't going hunting. The jacket of choice is usually camouflage colored. Dogs, cats, horses, bunnies, chickens-- you name it. We love and care for our animals.

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They're like part of the family. Last month, the Atlanta-area shooting that included six Asian women highlighted stark anti-Asian racism that must be put to rest once and for all.

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Members of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community have spoken out that this isn't the first event in the past year that has caused fear in their community. Yet, the Asian community cannot do it alone, and while they publicly grieve the attacks that demonstrate just how deeply the issues of anti-Asian racism run, it's time for the public to take part. One way that you can help you community, your friends, and your coworkers right now is to take action against anti-Asian racism in the workplace.

If you're fortunate enough to have to learn about the racism that exists in the world, take a moment and check your privilege. The very first step as an ally is acknowledging that anti-Asian racism exists. Learn more about the model minority myth and how the economic advancement of some Asian Americans has been used to erase the discrimination that have faced throughout history.

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Include an online diversity training to integrate awareness and inclusion. The more you understand the issues they're facing, the better you can help support them. Just know that asking, "How are you feeling? In fact, it can place an undue burden on the other person and make them feel as if they need to respond ot your offer. Instead, show support by offering to take a meeting off their plate, extending a deadline if needed, or simply asking what you can do for them.

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Be mindful that some people actually dive into work and become more productive when they're grieving, so you don't need to automatically extend deadlines if the person doesn't express the need. Just be open to the conversation and ready to show you're aware of what's going on. If you're not able to directly show support or get involved by volunteering your time, send money.

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Check out these organizations and pick one to support. If possible, choose one that impacts your own community and continue to seek ways that you can help your AAPI peers locally. If possible, check with your company to see if they'll match any donations given to approved AAPI organizations.

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This is a great way that businesses can demonstrate their support of anti-racist causes. Part of being an ally and helping to confront racism at work is starting the conversation and checking in with your colleagues.

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But this isn't the only step you need to take. Make sure you get out in your community and support causes either through activism or donations. Together, we can denounce anti-Asian violence, create real change, and build a better future for all. The Bible clearly states that though the world and times may change, God's word endures forever.

It cannot be argued that our God is the same from beginning to end and his message about love, repentance, and salvation will never change.

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Nevertheless, how we approach people and spread the word of God definitely needs a revamp. Knocking on people's doors and asking them if they've been saved is not really the most enticing method anymore. A good message from the church pulpit might do the trick sometimes, but how many of us can deliver an inspiring sermon? And above all, is our target audience a church-going crowd in the first place?

We live in a fast-paced world where people have very little time to think for themselves, let alone hear the word of God every Sunday from a preachy old person who stands upon the pulpit. We require more subtle, but effective methods and a good way to do your fair share of sharing the message is by putting it on a t-shirt. Christian T-Shirts are the latest tool in the objective of sharing God's word.

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They are much more convenient and definitely have a better reach than your average bible meeting or seminar. Fashion and clothing are something most people like, especially the younger generation. So, a neatly deed t-shirt can serve as a great conversation starter, providing you with a unique opportunity to share your faith. It not only allows you to witness your true identity as a Christian but opens up doors to someone who might be curious to know more about the faith.

When they see you wearing My Christian T-shirts, they can very well deduce that you're a proud Christian who is willing to have a discussion about your beliefs.

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Also, since, not all of us are social butterflies; a nice Christian t-shirt de can help you share a message without you even having to talk to the other person.