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There are a variety of sexual identities in this world and each individual has his or her own sexual identity.

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Alice has never really been in love with anyone else but Bob. Not even porn can do it for Alice unless Bob is in the porn. If Bob turns into a girlAlice will still be hot for her.

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If Bob is technically more than one personAlice will love all of them, to the exclusion of everyone else that does not inhabit Bob's body. The only way you can describe Alice's sexuality is "Bob-sexual". Sometimes a serious character type, sometimes a dating said by Charles to describe Alice's infatuation with Bob. Sometimes it gets to the point where Alice becomes a Stalker with a Crush or something similar. Uninterest in attractive people of appropriate gender, other than one's love interest, is commonly shown as an indication of being deeply in love; whether this is Truth in Television varies between couples.

Many shippers tend to believe their One True Pairing is affected by this. This trope is when someone's only attracted to one person at all. If the person is a sole exception to someone's normal sexual preferences, it's If It's You, It's Okaybeing hetero- or homosexual plus one, rather than asexual demisexual one.

See One True Love. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. He's not homosexual, he's Prince-sexual. Belldandy of Ah! My Goddess is Keiichi-sexual. Especially applicable in that Keiichi was once gender-flipped into a woman, and Belldandy didn't care a whit except caring in that Keichii himself was somewhat dismayed.

Guy and Iason from Ai no Kusabi are this for Riki. However, Iason is quite literally Riki-sexual. All of the other Elites are asexual Yuma for him who develops lust and then love for Riki.

Demisexual identity

The manga Ai Kora appears to be this series' main plot, as the main character Hachibei Maeda only finds attraction in women who have his "Ideal Parts". He shows no interest in women who do not have these parts.

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Naoi from Angel Beats! Also Sister is very much Maria-sexual. Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan seems to be strictly Eren-sexual. From all indications, Firo from Baccano! Though they're both immortal and have plenty of time, there's still something to be said for the fact that Firo waited fifty years for her to agree to marriage, and though they're now living together hasn't tried anything.

Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts : Shouko is Yuji-sexual, and goes to completely ridiculous extremes to ensure that Yuji doesn't pay any attention to any girl but her. Kubo is Akihisa-sexual. Unfortunately, Akihisa is an idiot who Oblivious to Loveand these two girls have odd ways of showing their affections toward him.

Minami's little sister has a Precocious Crush on him, Akihisa's sister loves teasing himand the Kinoshita twins, Hideyoshi and Yuko are implied to like him as well.

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Subverted in Beastarswhere a carnivore having an "exception" for an herbivore is a very bad. As Gouhin explains to Legosi, when a carnivore is attracted to herbivores in general, having a thing for one is just normal attraction.

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But when a carnivore only fixates on a single herbivore, what they're actually doing is subconsciously rationalizing their Horror Hunger for an herbivore they've befriended and misinterpreting it as romantic feelings, which usually ends in the carnivore eating their "exception" and convincing themselves the herbivore wanted to be eaten. Thankfully, Legosi's thing for Haru turns out to be the former.

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Riz's feelings towards Tem, on the other hand B Gata H Kei is filled with many characters who have this. Guts of Berserk Hates Being Touched due to a very traumatic childhood experience and is never shown to have any sexual or romantic interest in anyone except Casca. Technically there is one time in the very first of the manga where Guts has sex with a Literal Man Eater Apostle in order to kill her, demisexual this is dismissed by most fans as Early Installment Weirdness and has been omitted from every adaptation. The fact that the pretty girl he fell in love with is now reincarnated into a male body does nothing to discourage him in his unfailing loyalty and devotion.

The bifauxnen protagonist of the one-shot manga Bianca claims that she's not interested in boys, because she's in love with another girl she met Yuma middle school, whom she considers her "one and only". However, she also states that she's not exactly into girls either, and when it is revealed that the girl she fell in love with was actually a boy who had been Dragged into Dragshe agrees to go out with him, even dolling herself up when she finally accepts his confession. Kyo of Black Bird is a Misao-sexual. After making an agreement to marry her when he was 8 and she was 5, he devoted the next ten years of his life to taking over his clan from his brother, an action leading to countless deaths, including his own mother'sbecause that was the only way to secure a marriage dating her.

He never once met Misao over those ten years and never once showed any interest in any other woman despite that.

Am i demisexual?

He has since married Misao and does not hide the fact that he really cares about nothing but her, being willing to see anyone die if it means he stays with her, even his entire clan. In turn, Misao is an entirely Kyo-sexual, who even after having all her memories of their childhood sealed away, was still in love with Kyo when she met him again.

He even leaves his wife after meeting Ciel. Creed from Black Cat is Train-sexual, and creepily so. Black Jack : The only one Black Jack has ever loved is Kisaragi Megumi, but he has to give up on her because she got a cancer that required her uterus to be removed, and she could no longer live as a woman. They were forced to be apart as this was Japan in the 80s.

As for Megumi, Black Jack is also the only one for her, and even after deciding to live as a man and thinking of himself as a man as wellhe still loves Black Jack. However, both eventually moved on at the end of the second season. Soifon from Bleach has eyes only for her Yoruichi-sama.

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Orihime once said that if she were reincarnated five times and lived five different lives, she'd fall in love with Ichigo every time. She and Ichigo are Happily Married at the end. Asta from Black Clover is so deeply infatuated with Sister Lily, so much that he refuses to peep on other girls at the hot springs and is completely oblivious to the fact that Noelle, Mimosa, and Rebecca all have a crush on him. Bloom Into You : Touko has received countless love confessions from both males and females but she turned all of them down because she wasn't in love with any of them.

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It isn't until she meets Yuu that she becomes romantically interested in someone for the first time in her life. Yuu Yuma feels no attraction to anyone, not even to a kind boy who confessed to her or to Touko who spends almost the entire series pining after her, until she gets to know Touko better and slowly starts to reciprocate her feelings.

It's quite possible that she's demisexual, i. Romio and Juliet from Boarding School Juliet are devoted to each other at the cost of being Oblivious to Love from anyone else. Romio is Not Distracted by the Sexy by anyone aside from Juliet herself that tries to charm him, while Juliet bowed out of a dance party in her honor and declines to enter a beauty ant because the only one she wants to dance with, and the only one who she wants to see her at her best, is Romio.

Tomoyo in Cardcaptor Sakura is deemed Sakura-sexual by the fandom. Most characters in the series have more than one crush over its course usually one of each gender but Tomoyo only has eyes for Sakura. It might dating more accurate to say that she's Misaka-sexual since she also thought Mikoto's mother who is basically just Mikoto all grown up was a hottie.

Case in point, he's entirely unaffected when he interacts with Freyja, the Goddess of Beauty. In Code Geass Mao is C. Even if he wasn't, his Geass would make it impossible to form demisexual working relationship with anybody else. Naruse from the yaoi manga Cute Devil and its sequel is definitely Akiyoshi-sexual to Yandere levels. Misa from Death Note can be described as Kira-sexual or Light-sexual. Although if she had to choose one or the other, she'd choose Light. Chikane from Destiny of the Shrine Maiden is Himeko-sexual.

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Even after finding out her Meido is in love with her, Chikane has eyes only for Himeko, to the point of absolute creepiness. Both are fairly popular with the opposite sex, but they only have eyes for one another. Even if they bicker when they're actually near each other. This trope turns out to be very important for Ninzaburou Shiratori.

He's been in love almost all of his life with a girl he met years ago : he chases after Sato because he thinks she's "the girl of destiny"but once he actually finds her in Kobayashi-sensei, he becomes sincerely and unconditionally devoted to her. Devilman : Akira is the only person Ryo loves. Dragon Ball Super : Toriyama himself admits to not being one of romance. The explicit straight characters so Yuma have been Bulma and Krillin.

Vegeta explains that Saiyans are explicitly attracted to strong-willed people, which explains why Goku and Vegeta stick to their respective wives, Chichi and Bulma. It's most certainly the same deal with Gohan and both versions of Trunks. Goten and Paris are each other's first dates. Gohan has proven to be strictly Videl-sexual and pays no attention to anyone else attracted to him, be it one-shot filler characters, or popular idols.

Videl is the same way and rejects Sharpner's feelings for her. Tien and Lunch initially are asexual characters. They only ever had eyes for each other. Chichi has demisexual Goku-sexual since day one, and she's succeeded in marrying him and having two kids. The only other person she's attracted to was Yamcha. The parents of Goku, Bardock and Gine, are this to each other. We may not know much about Gine, but she must have a strong will if she can soften a battle-hardened warrior like Bardock enough to get to care for his sons.

Doctor Slump : Obotchaman is Arale-sexual, he has never shown interest in any other girl, even when some consider him cute he just thinks of Arale. In the future, he will marry and have a robot child with her. Celty, for her part, is worried that he might be Dullahan - sexualand dre another one showing up and stealing him away. Mikado is clearly Anri-sexual since he hasn't been shown to be dating to anyone else in the series.