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It was a Friday night. Two friends and I were at a restaurant in Buckhead, filled with well-heeled Millennials and Gen Xers.

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A year-old black woman, she's already a prosecuting attorney in Atlanta and running for state court judge. Personable yet direct, Marchand isn't the kind of woman you find standing by passively on the sidelines of life. But you would find her, for example, at the Georgia Dome, cheering on the Atlanta Falcons pro football team. You've heard of a man's man. Marchand is the quintessential man's woman: She appears to have it all.

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October 22, I adore the LOVE episode not just because it was the first we conceived and recorded, but also because we created it during a vulnerable, introspective moment in my life, not long after I left my then more-than-two-decades-long marriage. I was thinking a lot about, well, love and dating and where I fit into it all after almost a quarter century of being off the market. A quarter century. That kinda makes me feel a little, um, extra seasoned. Be clear, it makes for the best meals. To kick off the first episode of Speakeasy with Denene, I invited two of my besties, Ida and Joyce, to do what we do: eat good food and laugh heartily and talk stuff.

'i was thinking, "what happened?"'

I made gumbo for my friends Joyce and Ida. Cooking for them is my love language. Every ingredient is added to the pot with love and served in my finest dishes to show them respect. They get my best because they deserve my best. I gather in my kitchen with Joyce middle and Ida right. I wanted to know why Tayari chose to tell that story, why she made the choices she made in the storytelling, and what her premise says about love in the era of inequities in the judicial and criminal justice system and high-profile cases, like the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

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Finally, to round off what I think are fascinating conversations, I invited one of my fav singers and songwriters to talk about what it takes to write a love song when so much of the music these days is all about the hit it and quit it. I talk with her and her husband, Dana Johnson, about writing love songs.

And her voice?

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I so enjoyed talking to her about her love, her passion, her music and her gift. Speakeasy with Denene is truly a gift from my heart to the topic that has, and always will be, near and dear to my heart: blackness.

Dating while black

It is what I love. It is who I love.

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It is how I love. Black and strong and sweet and everylasting. New York Times best-selling author Denene Millner is an award-winning journalist renowned in the entertainment, parenting, social media and book publishing industries. GPB is committed to bringing you comprehensive news coverage from Georgia, across the country and around the world. Your support makes this possible.

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Please consider making a gift today to support this vital public service. Host Denene Millner offers a glimpse of some of the people and things that bring sunshine in her life. We spend the whole show with Atlanta-based rapper, Killer Mike. He tells host Denene Millner that freedom weighs heavily on him everyday. Host Denene Millner shares some of her favorite books, music, movies, and makeup of that relate to episodes from this season's Speakeasy with Denene.

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I used to think being from atlanta and from georgia were different. they’re not.

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Denene Millner. Bottom Content. Support GPB. More from Speakeasy More posts from Speakeasy. January 22, January 8, December 25,

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