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I dating seeking male expat loves columbia

About seven years ago, the economy was going through a slump. I was working for myself when I decided to move to South Korea.

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Be prepared for some flakiness and perhaps a few gold diggers. Generally girls don't go out clubbing to meet guys here. Learn at least some basic Spanish and try to meet girls during the day or through others. Again, this might be a Cartagena only thing but expect some late arrivals to dates, you have to decide where to draw the line there.

How old am I: 27
Nationality: Italian
Sexual identity: Hetero
Eye tint: Misty hazel
What is my Zodiac sign: Leo
What is my figure features: My figure features is strong
Favourite drink: Absinthe
I have tattoo: None

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Thanks Cafetero. I would be lying if I said the women scene wasn't a pretty damn big reason that Medellin, Colombia gets my vote for the place I want to live over Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

I've seen the Paisa girls, and how they roll. I have a question, which sounds snarky but I swear to God it's not. I've been meaning to ask this for a little while now: how much of the dating fun is attributable to "Oh that gringo has money! Like if an American dude were there, average looks, decent personality, and a Medellin girl agreed to hang with him, and then it turned out the gringo lived in a modest apartment, with fairly modest means, how would the average woman take that?

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Get a Quote. Often times, the fact that a lot of us bring this to the table should not just be swept under the rug or pretend that the elephant is not in the room. As I mentioned before, do you really think that there area no attractive, good men in Colombia and that she was waiting for someone to come along. It was a brilliant move on her part to choose a Gringo for the above reasons and other reasons not mentioned.

Trust me she knows exactly where your assets are. Just ask the guy who is paying with the shirt off their backs.

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I'm fairly young retiree if there is such a thing. One of my first cultural shocks here was how fluid women were with relationships.

Dating in colombia

One month a woman would be telling me how deeply in love she was with her man and then within a matter of months she was with another person. There is no doubt that this might be the minority and not the majority but somewhere or somehow this has been normalized into their way of looking at relationships. Perhaps, this is why quick divorces are very popular here. One of the biggest errors that I see men make here when they meet a seductive female is that we have the rescuer mentality.

Dating the right way in medellin colombia | paisa gringo conversation

Wow, she can't afford that but I can. Let me buy it for her. You become vested rather quickly and she, of course, will enjoy the attention and fruits of the relationship. Let's turn this around and have her buy you things and treat you like the the king that you are. I would suspect that the excuses would fall like heavy rain. I agree with you on one point there are some good women here.

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However, Colombia is full of jungles that you have to circumvent to find something long term. And yes, please do not navigate to the mall as this scenario is too common here for Gringos. Each girl, each guy and each situation is different. Sure, there are some gold diggers out there, but they are fairly easy to spot.

Should you become a colombian expat?

I live below my means intentionally for that very reason. You said it yourself, if you are decently dressed, well mannered, decent looks, and can speak their language the girls will want to hang out with you. If I sense a woman is judging me for my possessions or is sizing me up for a green card or whatever I simply stop hanging with her and move on to the next one. I personally like the girl-next-door type woman who has a bit of tomboy. That type woman seems to be more natural and appropriate for me, and they seem far less likely to be in it for the money.

Thanks guys.

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And yeah, beautiful girl in t shirt and jeans has always driven me far crazier than beautiful girl in mini skirt and heels. Great topic. You are right, Colombian girls are skinnier, prettier, nicer, more healthy AND, there is not much stigma with age discrepancy here. It's so much fun to date here and the stress is minimal compared to that of an American girl.

Medellin is man's paradise! Yeah yeah I get it, they have hard lives, don't have much, the bus is hot, they have a kid, the daddy is a loser, and taxista's heckle them all day long - BUT - just IMAGINE what a smile would do for them, or, could do for them from time to time, if that smile was directed at the right man.

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A smile goes a long way. If a Colombiana doesn't smile when I smile at her because "XYZ" etc in her life, I will NEVER strike up a convo with her and she just missed an opportunity with me and most likely other potential good men. Not saying I am anything special but I could be for her. I could be her soulmate for all we know. Never know. I am not saying none of them smile at a stranger walking by but it's few and far between. If I am on my phone speaking English, they def look more interested as I pass that's for damn sure.

Anyway, a smile could be the difference in the world between staying in the miserable rut they are in and a Gringo being Moses and taking her to the promise land!!!

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Lastly, American women IMO make their own lives more difficult when it comes to dating and therefore very difficult for men to date them. It's as though they don't have room in their minds for a man. So your comment about having reasons not to date a man is, well IMO, man-made, or "woman-made" I should say. They make their own lives more complicated and seemingly have no clue they are doing so.

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Imagine a typical 24 year old girl posting on FB her having a glass of wine with a 45 year old man lol. They won't do it. Too bad for them.

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They can continue bartending and having Billy Jack pick them up from work at 3am in his pick up truck. In my opinion, from my own experiences and the experiences I have witnessed, the biggest issue seen and experienced is that the USA expat woman not the bartender type I just mentioned wants to be recognized and equal to a man, YET, man still has to buy dinner?

BUT what about the overall size of American women now? They are gigantic with broad shoulders, 5'9" and wear heels, making them 5'10, 5'11, 6'0. Like Bigfoot. I am sure we can all agree there's nothing quite like these girls of Medellin, 5'0 - 5'5, large breasts, long jet black hair. God I love em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have nightmares about dating Bigfoot. The girls here from my experience and from what I learned from this forum can be vicious too but not to the extent of an American girl. Columbia have to be careful here as they nickel and dime you on a much smaller scale. Just my two cents.

Go to any dating site and one finds profiles that are so intimidating in their demands it feels like getting into Harvard. Smart, funny. I love a thick head of hair to run my fingers through. You have to be financially well off. You must love sports and hiking, but also love just staying in and watching a movie. And you should be a great cook, because I will NOT be doing all the cooking.

Rugged, and you MUST have a beautiful smile. You should be tall,and tan. You should be Christian but not too serious about it. Great taste in decor and classic films also dating must. Message me if this is you.