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Our friendly customer service representatives are always happy to help! DeVNull by Myra Hand feeding a finch isn't easy for anyone but it's something I really need to consider carefully myself. I am physically disabled with childhood onset Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis which has left me quite crippled.

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This morning. Of course it wasn't "Giant" at all, Maybe 6 or seven inches in length, but compared to the little Anna's, it looked pretty BIG on those little perches! Don't quote me at all. I am leaning towards an Oriole, because of the black spot under its chin and atop his forehead. And he sings like an Oriole. He guarded that feeder all day long today. Chased some red-breasted house finches away from getting too close to it. So the little Hummers did fine. I know the Orioles and the Warblers will eat berries and fruit. In any case. I did see a Scotts Oriole here one day last Spring. That was most exciting.

Anyone else ever experience other birds drinking out of the HB feeders? Please let me know!! And all the visits from the migrating birds!!

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Someone share with me!! Check Out These Magazines! A Perfect Gift Idea. Absolutely, Robins, Catbirds, Cardinals and many other fruit eating birds will come to grape jelly.

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So will squirrels. Jun 30, Unusually located raiders by: Aestus I'm here in Missouri, and perhaps because of the heat We've been visited by a pretty persistent black and white bird I seem to have identified as either a ladder-backed woodpecker most likely or a nuttall's woodpecker less likely. Only thing is they're not even supposed to be in this area. The little jerk has been pulling off the little protectors that narrow the hole to keep out wasps and other birds.

It seems to be scaring off all the hummingbirds so I've glued the protectors back on for good.

It's an interesting and rather goofy bird but it's being a real hog. Jun 27, Just a Hummingbird feeder? Today I also saw a female Goldfinch drinking from it. Jun 25, I have the same birds by: Anonymous I have 3 of the same type of bird eating from my feeder for a week now.

I am guessing that the more colorful one is the male, and the other 2 less colorful are females. I just refilled the feeders and he was not shy to eat from one while I was cleaning and refilling the others. I got a close up view, Beautiful birds!

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Going to attempt to get some pics. Jun 25, yellow nector drinking bird by: Anonymous Yes! I live in Palmdale, the high desert, and I have a frequent yellow visitor using the hummingbird feeders hahaha. Glad to know what it is. Very alussive and can't get a pic. Thanx Cindy Jun 25, Chickadees!!! Guess I need to put a couple of more feeders out there!!! The chickas have claimed this one! Jun 19, Woodie loves sugar! I have fed the hummers for years in CT and Maine and never had a different visitor! What fun the birds are!! Jun 17, House finches by: Kathy I live in northern Indiana.

I have a pair of house finches that sit on my hummingbird feeder every day and drink the nectar. I have watched hummingbirds come up and fly away when they see the finches. We are having a near drought finch now and I think perhaps the flirt are really thirsty. I am going to finch out a small bird bath to see if that helps. I have been backyard bird watching and feeding for over 30 years, and this was a first.

I rubbed my eyes, looked again, and they were Henderson there. I have never seen either of those things occur, ever! I flirt it up to global warming. I have never seen it either! I don't know whether to shoo them away or let them enjoy. It is making a mess on the deck! Jun 04, red finches by: Leann This is the first year i've ever had red finches on my hb feeder. I thought it was because i'm out of thistle. It's funny to see. Jun 02, Hummingbird by: Anonymous I can't seem to get the hummingbird nesting in the tree in front of my window Henderson come drink from the feeder I bought.

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I would appreciate any tips. Also do blackbirds or ravens actually attack hummingbirds? May 27, Finches using hummingbird feeder by: Anonymous This is the second year I have had what I think are house finches eating from my humming bird feeder.

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It's so funny to see such a big bird upside down sipping on the nectar. My Hummers aren't too willing to share but he's a lot bigger than they are so they just fly around complaining and fighting with each other waiting for him to leave. I had a female goldfinch drinking out of my hummingbird feeder.

I called our local Wild Birds Unlimitted store and she did state that several species of birds will do this. I never heard of it before! We are in Washington state near the Puget Sound.

May 18, Nectar feeders!! So much fun to see all the different birds that will actually visit the H. This is a picture of a young "Hooded Oriole". Keep watching! You will probably see that "Ladder-backed Woodpecker" on the feeder yet! You will probably see some of them on yours!! May 18, Same non-humminbird feeding at my feeder! I knew something larger was visiting as it often causes it to swing and I find tell-tale pink spills below it on the concrete after it has visited for a treat.

Just a hummingbird feeder? part two!

I, too, was quite excited by it and wondering what it was; it was hard to get a good look without startling it, but its beak was quite long and curved--which is what enables it to utilize the HB feeder I guess. When I put the description in the search box your site came up.

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Thank you for your posting, as it is quite fun to figure out who my new backyard addition is! I also saw someone mentioned seeing a ladder woodpecker on it too.

I have seen the ladder woodpecker on my tree on rare occasions and he is beautiful too. I have quite a flock of the beautiful little yellow and black birds--identical to the one atop this too, and find them all amazingly fun to watch!!

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I think he might be a Bullock's Oriole. He is a beautiful bright yellow with black on his head and wings. We have 3 large feeders with 4 female and 2 male Hummers that always come by, but they stay out of the oriole's way when he is here.

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May 04, Just happened here Sure enough, male and female house finches having supper! I have never seen another bird on my HB feeder. Was kinda weird as well since I just filled ALL the feeders today. Seed, corn, sunflowers, cardinal blend, oriole feeders with grape jelly, oranges and nectar, etc The finches must have wanted a bit of sweetness.

Jan 05, i have been experiencing the same thing! It is more brown than yellow though.