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Turks Collins Fort packers to dating

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Mike, Spoff, Wes and Hod, I knew you were putting out too much content for there to be just two of you.

Inbox: the diamonds are out there

This explains it. It's amazing what we can accomplish when we all put our he together. Good morning! Would it make sense to get a high-quality FA and think of him as your first-round pick, and then think of pick No. If that's the way you want to look at it, the Packers had like five or six first-round picks last year…and then Elgton Jenkins as a true second-rounder.

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Not a bad haul. With multiple teams at the top of the draft willing to entertain offers, do the Packers gamble and trade several picks to move up to get a stud or play it safe? If I learned anything from Gutekunst's first two drafts as GM, it's to stay alert in the first round. Anything's possible, at all times.

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I think drafting a WR instead of a run-stopper in the first round would be a mistake. A DL could impact the game far more than a WR. ML likes to run half the time. AR targets DA about a third of the passing plays. For me, it's more about getting a young, promising receiver in the pipeline than looking for a Pro Bowler in Year 1. As I've said before, I think it would be very beneficial to have a prospect come in the door and learn from Davante Adams at the peak of his powers. You can't go wrong either way, though. I see the upside to drafting a defensive lineman, too.

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Who will be the most important Packers player next season? Is Aaron Jones now the face of the franchise? That may be a tad strong but I imagine Jones will be on his share of covers of fantasy football magazines and season previews in He's a playmaker and a pro. His time is here. The Packers last used a first-rounder on a QB in In the first round, what other quarterbacks have the Packers selected since the Bart Starr era plus years ago?

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In Tuesday's II, Spoff explains why packaged picks in Rounds are rare by saying "on Day 3, most GMs are inclined to take more swings at the plate to try to find a hit. The GM giving up the Day 3 picks would lose a few swings, but that's what he wants. The other GM would gain the extra swings he wants. You need multiple fifth-rounders to move back into the fourth round, though.

Sixths and sevenths aren't worth much on most draft-value charts. The value of picks drops off considerably after the fourth round.

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There still are a lot of good prospects out there but GMs often have to cast a wider net to find them. In response to Randy from Trophy Club, there is value in those late-round picks.

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The two that come to mind are Driver and Mark Tauscher. Both were seventh-round picks. I would say they were pretty good. Can you recall any others? Oh, absolutely. The diamonds are out there. You just need to know where to look. I was appalled at how many teams' media outlets track mock drafts. What a waste of time for these outlets to track pointless guessing!

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Thank you for you guys and the entire packers. I tip my cap to all the folks out there who spill ink with mock drafts but that's just not my world. Frankly, there doesn't seem to be much interest in most prospects until Green Bay drafts them or there's a tangible Packers connection.

My goal is to put butts in virtual seats; not to pontificate to a sparse arena on subjects fans don't care to hear about.

Championship rosters are built in the later rounds

So, if Mason Crosby plays three more years with the Packers he can actually break Brett Favre's consecutive games record he would get to game in the last game of the season. That's almost unthinkable. What a testament to his talent and longevity! I can't think of anyone more deserving of the opportunity.

I have a lot of respect for the way Crosby goes about his business. He takes care of his body and isn't afraid to drop a shoulder when he needs to on special teams. Now that Mason Crosby has ed up for three more years, is there even a remote possibility that he could approach the longevity and success of Jason Hanson Lions?

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It's possible but how about we just get through first? Speaking of longevity, this year Aaron Rodgers will move into a tie with Brett Favre and Bart Starr for most seasons with the Packers He also has a chance to be the first Packers player to play 20 seasons with the club.

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That's something to watch over the next five years. Here's some fun s involving Mason Crosby: He has 22 career tackles including a forced fumble and a fumble packers. With exactly PATs in 13 seasons, that means the Packers have averaged about 46 touchdowns per season since The most underrated part of Crosby's game is his proficiency on onside kicks, especially in the era. He's a wizard. Since Aaron Rodgers became the starter inthe Packers have the same quarterback and the same kicker in Mason Crosby, 12 years later.

Does any other team in the league even come close to challenging Green Bay for least turnover at these two crucial positions for the same duration of time? It seems like that city gets more than its fair share of college and professional events. It's a nice place, but let's spread the wealth. Indianapolis has played home to the combine since It's also not a huge spectator event, so no real reason to move it around like the NFL Draft. A Packers victory would have given the Packers a second home playoff game during the divisional weekend.

As a season-ticket holder two home playoff games is better than one. If the Packers win the first game, it would inject an extra home game into the area's Fort. But you also run the dating of getting bounced right off the bat. From my conservative perspective, the bird in the divisional round is worth two in the wild card…or something. I Googled the same question and didn't see anything. It would be interesting to get II's viewpoint of a particular player or result.

The bench press, for instance, looked on NFL Network like it was in full view of anybody in the area. Bench press is in the same area as the interviews, so media are permitted to watch that. They watch the Collins of the on-field drills like all of you, though. How would a future NFL expansion work? How would a 17th game work? An extra interconference game? I have no idea how future NFL expansion would work and I don't want to know. It should stay at 32 teams. Mark Murphy told reporters after the NFL Competition Committee meeting on Monday that the league would have to figure out how a 17th game would work.