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Meanwhile, nearly 3, people are hospitalized statewide with the illness, and more than 5, new coronavirus cases were reported Wednesday. Get a live look at weather from the beaches to the mountains of North Carolina on our network of webcams, some of which you can control.

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In January, the Police Department announced that it had posted a job listing for a technology specialist to administer the technical aspects of the body camera program. Then, on Feb. Duncan reported that his agency has been using body cameras for a year. Thus, said the sheriff, county taxpayers did not directly fund the purchase of the equipment.

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Release of footage

All the plans he had drafted up to that day suddenly seemed to have overlooked an unsettled future fraught with unanticipated challenges. Those two degrees of temperature change meant greater threats of weather extremes — of torrential rains, devastating floods, and landslides, and of their opposites, extended drought and wildfire. But none of those natural threats holds the potential to forever alter Asheville and its surrounding counties as much as a different one: climate refugees.

Many others are claiming a spot so that they may come here when they feel they need to.

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This region has long attracted residents seeking to enjoy its temperate, year-round climate, its natural beauty, its recreational amenities, its cultural delights, its open spaces and — until recently — its relatively moderate living costs. As its reputation spread, occasional visitors became residents and the population boomed. Between andaccording to U. President Biden has already ranked the need to address climate change at the forefront of his agenda, which is certain to accelerate public concerns.

That total would more than double even the so-called Great Migration of Blacks fleeing racial bigotry in the south in the first half of the 20 th century. Others will come to the Western North Carolina mountains from inland parts of the deep south to escape increasingly suffocating summer temperatures, which may climb above current daily averages by as much as 10 degrees during this century, some scientists say. Experts say the coronavirus pandemic may accelerate this migration because many people have adapted to working over the internet, no longer tethered to a physical office.

Kaplan said he can identify with their concerns, having grown up in a suburb south of Miami. InHurricane Andrew, among the most powerful storms ever to hit the U. He said he retains vivid memories of his father piling mattresses and furniture against the windows and doors.

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Much of his neighborhood was destroyed. With climate change, Kaplan said, storms of such magnitude are certain to happen more often. In a Feb. In addition to estimating that an additional 50, climate migrants would move here in the next 60 years, it forecast a 15 percent increase in the size of the local economy. The list included hurricane, tornado, wildfire, earthquake, sea-level rise, flooding, snowfall, landslide and more.

Among the risks cited in the N. The N. At a glance, potential investors — or climate migrants — could see which counties were safe bets and which ones were risky.

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True to reputations, all counties in western North Carolina ranked better than state and national averages. Buncombe County ranked in the top 88 th percentile of low-risk counties across the country. The most recent North Carolina Climate Science Report foresees Asheville and its surrounding counties experiencing higher temperatures and heavier rain.


This combination triggers more flooding and landslides. Conversely, hotter temperatures can also bring on drought, which impacts agriculture, water supplies and devastating wildfires in tinder-dry forests.

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Summer days may range from unpleasant to insufferable — far different from what mountain residents now enjoy. She noted that flooding like that submerging much of Biltmore Village inwildfires like those ravaging Chimney Rock and Lake Lure inand landslides like those closing nearby stretches of Interstate 40 for several weeks inare harbingers of what increased temperatures are likely to bring. Also, Rogers said, with increased population will come increasing pressure to build in or near forests and on steep slopes, exposing their residents to wildfire and landslides.

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How do we accommodate growth? Do we even want to accommodate growth? Most of the newcomers bring financial resources enabling them to build and purchase homes, and to pay the higher taxes necessary for government to build storm-resistant ro, drainage systems and other infrastructure necessary to defend against climate-induced threats.

Our first webcams were in the mountains

But, Shuford asks, where does that leave current residents who may be displaced by these newcomers as rising prices and rents drive them away from downtown? Science can now tell us many things about how climate change will affect our planet, our ecosystems and even our daily temperature ranges far into the future. But even experts can only guess at how we humans and policy makers will respond.

Asheville Watchdog is a nonprofit news team producing stories that matter to Asheville and Buncombe County.

He can be reached at tfiedler avlwatchdog. The massive amount of tourism dollars could ought to be directed to local needs of individuals, infrastructure and forward thinking public transportation, all in leu of climate change.

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The money can be well managed, well directed and efficiently deployed. Further, get electric power cleaned up, plug in electric vehicles, solar shield parking lots, build efficient vertical affordable housing, plant plants…. Great article. Several things grabbed me here. I tell people not to retire to AVL, as the hospital is now part of one of the worst-rated hospital systems in the US. Second, I can attest to climate change already occurring.

Asheville policy outlined

As anyone who grew up here in the ss can tell you, you absolutely had to wear a light jacket or sweater at the end of the day because nights were always very cool—in the 40s or 50s. No longer.

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At least nights now are still not as hot as daytime temps. But even into the s, summer daytime temperatures above 88 were very rare. And summer nighttime temperatures were rarely above 70 degrees.

Even off-season, ski resorts offer beautiful views!

Again, a thing of the past. Those are very nice places to live. The embedded graph displaying the historical and projected average daily max temperature in Buncombe County is from the Climate Explorer, a free interactive tool that provides graphs and maps of historical and projected climate variables for any county in the contiguous United States plus boroughs in Alaska. We are already seeing the effects of the climate crisis.

Increased s of hurricanes and there intensity, street flooding during high tides and warmer and more humid winters. We are already looking at the North Carolina mountains around Asheville as an escape.


If you do escape, please rehab one of the homes in our wonderful neighborhoods. Asheville and Hendersonville Cold and damp in the winter and spring… Way to much rain…. San Diego. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Image credit: NOAA By coastal communities could experience sea-levels up to 8 feet higher than in A Great Migration Kaplan said he can identify with their concerns, having grown up in a suburb south of Miami.

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Photo credit: NC Department of Transportation Landslides like this closing I north of Asheville may be common as climate change creates heavier rains. More from Economy More posts in Economy ». Black Home Ownership and the Promise of Reparations. More from Environment More posts in Environment ».

Can Asheville become more than beer and bears? More from Housing More posts in Housing ». Holly H. Arghiere March 15, Jan S. March 15, Nina Hall March 15, Al Boush March 16, Raymond Delpapa March 17, Cynthia P Justice March 18, Ronal Patterson April 4, Rock Lord April 6,