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You will get easy to read and understand sexually transmitted infections test when you test with us.

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If you're looking free cheap std testing clinics in the Fontana area to get a HIV, Herpes, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis or Hepatitis screening for yourself or your partner, you can get tested today by selecting an option below to find an affordable std test clinic near you.

Same day std testing locations also available with in days. Learn more here. Fontana, California is the second-most populous city in San Bernardino County. By starting a task force they Fontana to increase the of people getting screened for preventable diseases. They encourage all sexually active residents of the Fontana area to get tested. San Bernardino County reported large increases in both gonorrhea and chlamydia back in with 60 percent of all new STDs coming from teens and young adults ages After no cases of congenital syphilis inthat jumped to 20 in and continues to rise.

Pregnant women with untreated infections risk their infants being born prematurely or even stillborn. There they have a Planned Parenthood where you can get tested for HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis, hepatitis C, and hepatitis B —no appointments necessary. They offer the same tests as Planned Parenthood except herpes condoms hepatitis C and you may be eligible for free testing or low-cost services. To find the best services and location for you, use our search tools below to compare location features across Fontana clinics with our easy-to-read chart.

Apply Filter Here. These location types are best for: Privacy and convenience. Description: Order online and receive a doctor's order to visit this lab to get tested in as little as 15 mins. Get your privately within business days and speak with a doctor over the phone if your test come back positive. Doctors may prescribe treatment or refer you to a specialist if needed. Description: Getting an STD test at a clinic near you has never been easier.

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When you choose this location, you can get a doctor's requisition to get tested in as little as 15 minutes. Following your test, you receive your privately within 2 business days, and can speak to a doctor over the phone with confidence, should come back as positive. Description: Why go to a public clinic? Order online and visit this lab the same day for a quick 15 min test. Get your online within business days, and view them privately.

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Guaranteed doctor consultation over the phone, should come back as positive. Need to enroll as a patient. Free condom distribution: Do not need to get medical services to receive free condoms. Condoms located in the lobby in a basket. Call or visit website for updates. HIV testing free for those eligible for Family P.

All persons age 12 years and older are eligible for confidential STD testing.

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Children under the age of 12 must have parental consent. Description: CVS Partner. Please visit the website or call for eligibility requirements. Trichomoniasis testing available as part of STD testing services. Please call or visit Web site for eligibility for free or low cost services.

What are the sti test options in fontana,ca?

Description: Social Service Organization. If you are uninsured, you may qualify for a state-funded program or a lower fee scale. Please bring the following documents: photo ID. Fees for services are based on your household income. You will not be turned away because of your inability to pay. It has gotten severe enough for a task force to be formed to start working on methods that will hopefully begin lowering infectious disease rates.

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What is causing the alarm? One step they are taking is to offer testing at the majority of their clinics. There are three in the county that do so, right now. Testing is done by a qualified technicians and experienced counselors are also on hand. You should expect to wait up to a week before learning your STD status. Testing isn't free, but they do accept insurance and Medicaid. During your phone call the staff can help you apply for financial assistance if you need it and don't have any yet.

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Anyone over 14 can come in. The fees are often on a sliding scale.

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If you need help paying, ask before you go in. Some diagnosis can be made during your initial exam.

Confidential std testing

If this happens, medication may be prescribed to you. A physician will explain yourin terms that are easily understandable. They can also aid you in finding additional care, if your diagnosis requires that. Check the wait time online and go in at your convenience. They also have ample free parking, if you choose to drive.

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They have a close partnership with an accredited lab so you won't have to wait long for from your test. It is almost impossible to at least not be familiar with the name Planned Parenthood. They are leaders in research concerning sexual health care. Some may think they only perform one service but nothing is further from the truth.

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You can easily get tested for sexually transmitted infections here. You also have the advantage of having a counselor to talk to when are in. If you call ahead you might be able to get in that day. You can also go online and look through their availability calendar and find a time that is best for you. Anyone over 14 can get an appointment. Calling ahead can also get you enrolled in a plan that will help cover testing expenses.

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Treatment is limited to infections not viruses that are often transmitted sexually. This means that you can get antibiotics for some STDs and they will go away. Some however, will need to be managed over a lifetime. These viruses cannot be treated at Planned Parenthood. They send your records to a specialist of your choosing.

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They will also help you find one. Free condoms are also available for men and women.

Which one is right for you?

After all these years, the organization is still at the forefront when it comes to protecting your sexual health. One of the methods that is being used to help combat the impending health crisis is the prevalence of clinics and centers. Some are public, but there are move private ones and this could be an advantage for you.

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You just have to locate the one where you want to go. Community Health Systems serves most of the county, and they do more than just see if you have a sexually transmitted infection. Overall wellness and dental clinics are at most of their locations, so be prepared to sit for a while. Payments can be deferred, but only for some. You also have to enroll if you need anything other than condoms.

They do so much more than just checking for STIs.

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They work with most insurances, and also have a sliding fee policy. They have centers throughout the county, so you will be able to find an office nearby. Fees can be dismissed, but you need to let them know your financial restraints when you call. This must be arranged before your screening, otherwise you could be responsible for the full fee.

Hours can be different depending on the location so check before just appearing in their waiting room. It never went away, and when the spotlight on it was removed rates started soaring through the proverbial roof. It is not a virus that just affects drug addicts and gays, it will infect anyone regardless of sexual or lifestyle choices.

If you are using a private lab ask for a conventional or rapid test, most have both. Early detection is crucial if you do test positive.


Riverside University Health Care Clinics are here to serve the underprivileged. Anyone under 12, will need parental consent before accessing any health services. They do concentrate solely on Native Americans, and their families, but if you are they do rapid testing at their lab.