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Starting October 4,child support orders will be calculated with a new formula.

In all its forms, culture is essential to the health and vitality of the commonwealth.

If you have a court hearing October 4th or later, you will have to recalculate your child support with a new calculator before your hearing. You can find a beta version it may still have bugs of the new calculator at October 4, Massachusetts Child Support Calculator. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have about divorce mediation or uncontested divorce. You can try the most user-friendly MA alimony calculator here.

If you find that changing childcare and health care costs affects the overall child support amount in strange ways, you might consider consulting the Deviation Calculator. Enter a name for your spouse fake name is fine :.

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Enter the of children you have together who i have turned 18 but not yet turned 23 and ii live with you or are supported by you. If is still attending high school, treat the child as under Choose the one that is closest to your situation.

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Less common There is more than one child covered by the order, and each parent provides a primary residence for at least one child different children have different primary residences. You have indicated that 1 or more children primarily reside with Petitioner A and 1 or more children primarily reside with Petitioner B. Gross weekly income Enter the gross weekly income for each parent.

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Child Care cost each week Enter the weekly amount paid by each spouse for child care. Health Insurance cost each week Enter the amount paid by each spouse for family and for individual health care insurance each week. It can be difficult to separate this out from family vision and dental, since it is typically paid together.

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Enter any of the following information that you would like to appear on the Worksheet. Case Name:. Docket :.

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Name of Preparer:. The ing and description of each line below come directly from the Massachusetts Probate Court's June 15, Child Support Guidelines Worksheet.

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Below are the calculations that lead to the child support amount. The first one calculates child support as if had most of the parenting time, and the second one calculates child support as if had most of the parenting time. The actual presumptive "expected" payment in this custody situation is the mathematical difference between the two calculated amounts, with the higher income spouse typically paying this difference.

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This calculation is shown at the bottom of the. of children who may be eligible to be covered by this order. The box that applies to the children listed in 1 a. of children 18 years or older who may be eligible to be covered by this order.

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Total of children to be covered by this order. Combined Available Income. Adjustment for and ages of children covered by this order.

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Adjustment percentage for the ages of the children listed in 1 d and 1 e. Adjustments for children 18 years or older.

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Parent A Bob. Parent B Jennifer. Other parent's adjusted share of support.