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Internet sex crimes are increasingly a focus of prosecution in Illinois. The agency has immense resources and powerful tools at its disposal.

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Their notoriety is a lot because pimping is strongly identified with "ghetto life" and "black hustling". Since the 17th century "pimp" has commonly been defined as a person who arranges opportunities for sexual intercourse.

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We live in a very "word oppressive" society. Words make people and we are all victims of the words we are fed that form our attitudes and perceptions about things, including pimping. Often times the oppressiveness of words can prevent understanding the true essence of the transactions between thoughts and the reality.

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The image of pimping in America is usually depicted as a picture of black males who, either by deceit, persuasion or intimidation, employs females usually considered to be of low morals and promiscuous to engage in sexual acts. These females are described as prostitutes.

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When these activities are engaged by white males or white females, pimping is not referred to as "pimping". Also, the word "pimp" is often replaced by such titles as: "cadet"; "pander" and "procurer".

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And in the case of a white female pimp she may well be described by a term of dignity and respect as: "Madam" or "Madame". And the people paying for the sexual services are referred to as clients, rather than as tricks or johns. While "black" females working as prostitutes are referred to as "whores" and bitches" and white females are referred to as "poor white trash", Prostitutes working for an Escort Service are consider "Fancy Women"; or "Massage Therapist" if working for a massage parlor or " Adult Service Provider" when working for an Adult Modeling operation.

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