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Hi folks, this is Ravi Krishna here to narrate a wonderful and amazing fucking session which happened two days before. So to the new readers, about me, I am Ravikrishna aged 21 doing my engineering final year in a reputed college in Bangalore.

Years old: 46
Tint of my iris: I’ve got warm gray-green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
My hair: I've got red hair
What I prefer to listen: Electronic
My hobbies: Yoga
Smoker: No

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Home » Couple » Salem Girl Sanjana. I Am a huge fan of Indian Sex Stories from my college time. I will be fantasizing in my dreams after reading the stories from Indian Sex Stories site.

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Please send your comments and feedback about my sex story on [ protected]. Myself Sanjana with a height of 5. My body stats are I have a voluptuous body shape from my childhood. Due to this lots of boys and men will stare at my body. Basically, I am from Chennai who had settled in Salem before 2 years. I am a virgin girl until I got married.

I will be always proud of my body shape. I got lots of love proposals from my seniors, classmates, and juniors in college. But I spoke friendly with everyone and never crossed my limits.

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As you all know, lots of girls lose their virginity at their college time. Even my friends lost their virginity to their loved ones.

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Every girl likes to lose their virginity to a guy who makes them feel comfortable, safe and secure. I had lots of sexual desires, dreams, and fantasies but I love to lose my virginity only to my husband.

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Finally, I got married with lots of dreams to my husband who was generous, humble and sweet. On my first night, I was expecting lots of things from my husband. I entered the bedroom with a glass of milk. We both drank the milk. After that, he removed my saree, petticoat, and underwear.

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I was completely nude before him. I felt shy and covered my body with the blanket. Then, we had our first sex, he inserted his dick and broke my hymen blood started oozing out.

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Tears were rolling down from my eyes, after a few minutes fucking, he released his cum on my pussy and slept. After 2 days, we planned to have sex.

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I asked my husband to lick my pussy and suck my boobs but he ignored me. As I said before, my husband will just fuck me and fills my pussy with his sperm. He will not allow me to suck his dick. At last, I got frustrated with my sex life. Whenever he likes to have sex with me, I will lie in the bed like a prostitute with no feelings on my body.

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He hunts me like an animal and satisfies his sex hunger but I never get satisfied in my sex life. One year four months, my sex life was like a prostitute to my husband. After that, I met a guy on online named Aadhi who stays in Salem. First, we both were chatting normally and came to know each other very well. I trusted him a lot and expressed my sexual feelings to him. He knows how my husband treats me like a hell.

Then, we started having sex chats and conversations.

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At last, we were planning to have real sex. One fine day, I called him to my home, as my husband was out of the station.

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I just locked the door and started kissing his lips. He started pressing my back and boobs.

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I was breathing heavily after 20 mins of kissing we both separated. Then, I took Aadhi to my bedroom. First, he removed my saree, petticoat, and underwear. I was completely nude before him but he was admiring my beauty. My face got red due to shyness. Then, I removed his dress and made him completely nude.

My old friends from salem

I lied on the bed Aadhi came upon me and started kissing my forehead, nose, cheeks, and lips. Then he kissed in between my boobs. I had never felt the pleasure like this before. Then he kissed my navel and went down to my heavenly pussy. The first time I felt a guy licking my pussy. I closed my eyes in pleasure and started breathing heavingly.

He started licking my pussy deeper. Without my knowledge, I started moaning ahhhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh hmm hmm come on lick my pussy deeper and deeper. Then, I pulled Aadhi to lick my pussy deeper and deeper. He licked my pussy for almost 15mins.

After a great licking by Aadhi, I came in his mouth. I never felt that sort of pleasure after marriage but Aadhi made my sex life more enjoyable. Aadhi got tired and lied on the bed after licking my pussy. Now my turn to give him pleasure. Then, I took his cock and started shaking with my smooth palm.

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His dick became very huge and slowly the precum started oozing out from his cock. I kept my tongue on the tip of his cock and licked the precum. Then, I took his cock into my mouth and started giving him a hard blowjob within mins he splashed a heavy load of semen on my mouth. First, he inserted his middle finger in my pussy. I hugged him tightly in pain slowly he inserted two fingers and then three fingers.

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He was finger fucking my pussy for lubrication. When half of his cock enters my pussy, I started feeling the pain. The pain was turning into the pleasure, he was fucking my pussy harder and harder. I was pressing his ass and my nails were scratching his body. I started kissing him while fucking. My moanings were very loud ahhhhh ahhhhhh grrrrrrrr yeahhhhh yeahhhh yesssss yessss come on Aadhi tear my pussy. At last, he loaded his cum on my pussy. The whole day, we were fucking in different positions like missionary, armchair, doggy, eagle, star, rider, amazon, Indian handstand etc.

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Still, now we both were having lots of sexual fantasies. I feel he is the safest sex partner for me. All your comments and feedbacks about my sex story are welcomed [ protected]. Please send your comments and feedback about my sex story on [ protected] Myself Sanjana with a height of 5. What did you think of this story??

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