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Rent Format, Prime Video streaming online video. Description: These are two top-notch actors - one British, one Australian - who are utterly at home in this most American of genres. He hits stagecoaches, particularly if they're carrying money for the railroad, and he kills without thinking twice.

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A true story about one of my many adventures as a biker. This was my first trip to the West Coast on a bike, It was memorable! This incident happened in on my first trip to the West Coast on a motorcycle. I had traveled into Mexico, and stayed there for a few days. When I arrived, I found a little motel that was almost completely empty and checked-in at 4 pm. My plans were to head to San Diego the next morning before daylight. I showered and went across the street and picked up some fast-food. When I returned to the room, I was sapped from the heat.

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I jumped into shower and took a long, hot shower. I crawled into bed to watch some TV before falling asleep. I was abruptly awakened by a loud noise. I set up in the bed half-ass asleep and disoriented. I set their a second to see if I heard it again and sure enough, I hear a loud knocking on my door. I got out of the bed and moved to the door and peered through the peephole.

A very attractive Hispanic lady, that I assumed was Mexican, was standing at the door.

I made sure the safety chain was on the door as I eased the door open slightly. My caution was a result of my concern that it could have been a setup to rob me. Here I am, alone in Yuma, in an almost empty hotel.

I thought for a moment and quickly came up with a plan. As I peeked through the crack in the door, I realized that this lady was very attractive.

I was in my mid 20s and she looked to be pushing mid 30s. She had on a very classy blue dress, that hit her brown legs just above her knees. The neckline dipped low, revealing a very nice cleavage. The dress accentuated her large, well rounded breast. She had on a pair of matching three inch heels. I was still concerned that there could be a couple of guys standing on either side of the door with baseball bats. I was wearing a pair of boxers, and she reached through the door and palmed my stiffening cock. As she was rubbing my cock, she explained to me that her husband was a physician and he had pissed her off at a cocktail party an hour earlier.

I noticed the car behind her was a nice Mercedes.

I was still apprehensive that this was a set-up for a mugging, so I told her to hold on a second. I shut and locked the door and retrieved my 9mm from my leather vest. I immediately returned to the door to find her still waiting. I had my 9mm in my right hand as I eased the door open. She stepped in and I immediately shut and locked the door.

She never saw my firearm and I eased it back into my vest without her seeing it. I am just under six foot in height and she was much shorter and as hot as the Sonoran Desert that I had just traveled through.

She immediately kicked her high heels off and dropped to her knees. She pulled my boxers down and grabbed my cock with one hand and wrapped her sexy red lips around its head. She seemed to be hungry for some dick, and was starved for a little affection.

She continued sucking my cock for a couple of minutes and I reached down and grabbed her by the hair and lifted her to a standing position.

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I pushed her back on the bed and pushed her dress upward to the point I realized she was not wearing panties. This was the time before the waxed pussy was the norm, but it was well groomed. I immediately flipped her over on her stomach, and positioned her on her all fours.

Her ass was in the air and her face was buried in a pillow. I spread her ass cheeks and spit on her asshole and pussy. I knew that Spanish word well, so I started rubbing her dripping cunt.

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I concentrated on her clit for a couple of minutes and she was moaning and groaning. I slipped my index finger into her waiting pussy and curved it downward, to that spot that most women love. She began moving her hips back and forth in rhythm with my fingers. I knew this was going to be a short encounter. I slipped my shorts completely off and grabbed her ass, thrusting my cock deep into needy cunt.

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Every stroke I made was to the hilt. She reached between her legs and cupped my balls. This caused me to plunge my cock into her deeper and faster. Her pussy was wet and dripping. I could feel her pussy clinching around my cock with every stroke. I knew she was getting close, so I put my thumb in my mouth to get it moist, and immediately began circling her asshole.

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She knew it was coming and had no problem when I rammed it into her waiting asshole. This sent her over the edge. Damn, this was the best quickie I had ever experienced. I came so hard and filled her with hot, creamy cum.

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