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Whether it's your first date or you've been dating for a while, there are plenty of places to go for a little romance in College Station, Texas. So if you're an Aggie looking for your next fun date idea, I've got you covered.

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All of this and more is located within a radius of just around ten miles.

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14 best things to do in college station, texas

Public Service Forums. Post Reply 1 of 1. Last 1. Fun things to do on a date in College Station.

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You must be a subscriber to. ed: Oct 18, Posts: 6, User Profile Private Message.

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How long do you want to ignore this user? I've been living here for a while now but I would like to hear your opinions on the best things to do on a date with your girlfriend.

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I'm wanting to take my girlfriend out on a nice date sometime soon. The truth is after 4 years with her I am beginning to slack a little. Mostly because I'm a poor college kid thats always watching every dime I spend. I need to do something with her that shows I haven't become a boring guy and that I can still show her a great time. I also need to show her that I'm still crazy about her. The whole dinner and a movie thing is just boring. Im wanting to do something that is fun, but has a little romance to it.

Any idea's would be much appreciated. Reply Quote 0. ed: Nov 10, Posts: Well, what type of stuff does she like?

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What kind of things do talk enjoy? ed: Sep 27, Posts: 2, Texas Hall of Fame, Ren Fest, take a class together like white water rafting, Bonfire, there are also lots of musical composers and groups that play around town. This time a couple years ago I went to a christmas related one with my friend in my music class.

It was fun.

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ed: Sep 2, Posts: 10, Christmas lights will be up soon at Central park. You could maybe have dinner and then take her to the park to see the lights. Pack a bottle of wine with glasses, cheese and fruit in a basket or wine and desert, then toss a blanket in the grass somewhere amongst the holiday lights for a romantic evening picnic Maybe under one of the lit trees ed: Nov 23, It is really nice. Bring your guitar. Reply Quote. ed: Sep 1, Sometimes the local theatre company has a play going on.

Have not seen one advertised lately but they are always fun and cheap.

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Posts: 30, MSC Opas has some great things coming up. ed: Mar 12, Posts: 38, Time for a road trip.

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Cotton gin in Burton. A slice of pie at Roger's Cafe at Round Top. Smell the flowers at the Antique Rose Emporium.

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Window shop in downtown Brenham. Visit the birth place of Texas at the Star of Texas Museum. Meant Royers Cafe. Darn phone. ed: Nov 5, Whatever you decide to do, I think you should make sure you tell her the way you feel about her. She will appreciate that very much! Oh, and going for an evening stroll around Wolf Pen or Central is always free and nice.

ed: Feb 27, ed: Jun 19, As for fun, could be ice skating or bowling. Could be going to the aggie basketball game tonight. Could be going to the Shipwreck game watching party or the mult-band concert at the Hall tomorrow night. There's lots to do - just pick one that you know she'll like. ed: Dec 6, Posts: 1, Is Fantasy no longer a sponsor on here or what happened to them? I was going to say take her there and let her pick out something nice, could make for a great date. I really appreciate all of your idea's.

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We've already got plans set up for next Thursday. She, two of her friends, my two roommates, and I are going to go to Texas Hall of Fame for a night of dancing, a little drinking, and who knows what else. I set it up today and she is really excited about it.

After that though I am going to start taking a bunch of your idea's you have given me for dates that are just she and I. Im pretty excited myself cause I've been in this stick in the mud funk lately and I need to get out of it. Thank you for the help. ed: Oct 9, Posts: 74, You know her better than anybody! I've always enjoyed HS football games for dates. Going to the shooting range. Road trips - get dinner in one town, dessert in another, go see a historical marker in another, have a beer in a local tavern in another, etc etc.

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A relaxing afternoon fishing casually as long as it's still warm. Go to goodwill and buy entire outfits for each other - make them as funny as possible. Take a stroll through campus at night. Camping - I prefer this when it's cold. There's that Paint Pottery place.

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