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We know that moving is stressful, so our company has spent more than 25 years learning how to make relocating easier for you. Our services range from residential to commerciallocal to long-distance. Call,or fill out a short form to speak to one of our moving experts right away.

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Lunch specials are served Monday through Friday 11am — 3pm at our Murfreesboro, Lebanon, and Hendersonville locations. Ours began in when, at the age of 9, Jim Demos began working with his father Pete in their small family owned restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama.

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As a Greek immigrant family, the Demos family knew the importance of offering exceptional food with authentic ingredients at quality prices. We have won multiple Top Workplace awards from The Tennessean, as voted on by our employees. We invite you to learn more about how you can grow personally and professionally by ing our family of restaurants.

Deed by Wax Eloquent. The top two questions I get about the soup is who created the recipe and what is the recipe. In the process, he added one extra ingredient by mistake, and the soup was amazing after that. If you poll the Demos family, you will find that collectively Meat Sauce Spaghetti is our most favorite sauce. My father had a friend from Sicily who gave him the recipe, and he knew from the beginning that he wanted to use this in a restaurant eventually…but for decades, we ate this at home on a regular basis.

When his friend died, my father suggested to an old business partner to put this recipe in another restaurant, and he was laughed and told that no one would buy spaghetti outside of an Italian restaurant.

For years, there were only two people that knew the spices that went into the meat sauce spaghetti, my father and myself and we would make all the sauces for the two locations we had at the time. We currently sell over 5, gallons in the stores and ship more through Demosfamilykitchen.

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All these years later, we still get tickled that an idea that was laughed at by others has become not only our family favorite but a favorite of many of our customers as well. My mother did not know how to cook before she met my father.

However, as she learned how to cook, she started really liking cookbooks, and she would collect many of them to cook at home. My father would come home and modify almost every recipe.

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He originally had the idea to add the chicken salad scoop to a cantaloupe half, however he did not like the flavor profile. The secret: it has to be a Gold pineapple—not a yellow one! Now he had his dish. This is one of those quick pick up lunches that the family grabs all the time. We just get a scoop in a go cup and eat it at our desk in the office or in the car better than texting.

One of these was our lasagna.

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He wanted a lasagna on the menu, but outside of eating it in other restaurants, we never ate it at home. He had no idea how to make the lasagna. He figured he would figure it out in time to get open. However, due to having to learn how to run a full- service restaurant, which he never operated before, handling construction issues, and working with staff on training them to cook product which he had never made in a commercial environment before, he could never get the lasagna recipe right. Each one he made was not good, or at best, not quite right.

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With training happening, and no good recipe in sight, he panicked and ordered hundreds of frozen store-bought lasagnas to serve in the meantime. However, shortly before we opened, he was able to perfect the recipe and we were able to serve our lasagna and never had to use the frozen store-bought lasagnas.

Now Serving Curbside.

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Authentic Family…. We have the cure for what ails ya!

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Family Value. See Full Menu. Specials Calendar.

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Happy Hour. See Bar Menu.

Daily Lunch Specials. Up to Receive Lunch Specials. Family Recipes. Click your favorite to hear the story behind the recipe, straight from Owner, Peter Demos!

Chicken Salad Creamy chicken salad served in pineapple. Meat Sauce Spaghetti Blend of meat, olive oil, herbs and spices. Homemade Baked Lasagna oven-baked pork and beef, ricotta, Parmesan, Romano, mozzarella. Family Memories.

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Read our Story. Our Family. Learn More. Murfreesboro, TN Get Directions. Location Murfreesboro Hendersonville Nashville Lebanon. We listen to your feedback and invite you to share your experience with us. Testimonials Ownership Purpose.


Our Family Tradition to Yours. Ingredients: Go to the Internet. Recipe: Log on to www. Alternative: Order online from your favorite location Drive to said location Pick it up and take it home Serve. We just get a scoop in a go cup and eat it at our desk in the office or in the car better than texting Some people eat the pineapple with it and others do not. Which type of person are you?