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The Fremont City Council has released a statement on the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. We are all concerned by the events unfolding in Afghanistan and our hearts are with our Afghan-American community during this incredibly difficult time. The Fremont Chamber of Commerce and City of Fremont are launching the DineFremont program this September by offering customers of participating restaurants a chance to win restaurant gift cards and one grand prize throughout the month of September.

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Please note this figure does not include travel expenses and per diem for non- POST training. Training is provided to both sworn and non-sworn staff as appropriate. Please refer to the training section on our ability for more information on the types of training offered to our officers.

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In calendar year FPD Dispatch handledFremont calls, of which 85, were emergency calls andwere non-emergency calls, resulting in 21, documented police reports. FPD Dispatch also handled 60, Union City calls, of which 29, were emergency calls and 31, were non-emergency calls. We were concerned by the information and have begun to take a closer look at this research and their methodology. These s do reflect what has occurred, but these s do not include context, situation, or other pertinent factors that led to these incidents. These are some of our additional findings and facts: These incidents were ongoing investigations and responses to calls for service; apart from June 1,which started as a car stop.

Many of these incidents stemmed from our officers engaging offenders who entered our community to commit serious crimes. Many of these incidents involved ongoing investigations, which meant we had investigative le to include identified offenders and evidence that led to these contacts.

Campaign Zero used a subjective scoring system for each agency on deadly force incidents, the proportion of citizen complaints that were found in favor of the complainant, and how the department prioritized investigation of violent crime versus lower level crimes. Fremont had one of the best scores on the site for proportion of complaints found in favor of the complainant, and an excellent score on policing methods:.

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It is a reality that police officers are asked to protect the public from the small percentage of people who are willing to harm others. Unfortunately, when confronting these individuals, sometimes force is required to either take them into custody or defend themselves or others from harm. The 3-year time period assessed provides a data set too small to extract broad conclusions.

The City of Fremont and the Police Department enjoy a very positive relationship with our diverse community and we specifically engage with different minority groups through various measures. Our current Engage Fremont Initiative is an example on how we strive to deepen the dialogue on policing in our community. We will continue to strengthen our relationship with various ethnic groups through both established programs and special events. When schools are in session, we engage our youth population through our Building Bridges program.

Outside of school, we engage our community through a variety of special events and communication channels e. With the recent pandemic, Fremont suspended in-person events, but are beginning to engage our community through virtual events and online meetings. We will also continue to provide our officers with a very robust and comprehensive training program, with topics in cultural diversity and implicit bias, and we will enhance our training in diversity related topics as appropriate.

The City of Fremont has long been a leader in progressive policing practices and is committed to responding to this pivotal moment in our nation by working meet the local community to establish a shared vision of public safety that serves everyone equitably. In Summerthe City launched the Engage Fremont initiative to deepen the dialogue on policing with our community. Through the initiative, Fremont community members are invited to participate in a man of community engagement activities to assist in identifying community priorities and recommended next steps on the topic of policing and race in the City of Fremont.

This broader initiative stems from the Town Hall Meeting held on June 10, that featured the topic of policing in Fremont. During the virtual event, more than community members listened in. People commented and asked questions on a wide variety of issues including social services, homeless services, use of force policies, and police ability and transparency.

City leaders emphasized their desire to continue the dialogue with Fremont community members want their intent to develop a plan for an ongoing conversation, leading to the initiative. Community Partnership has always been one of the core values of Fremont Police and we sincerely value our relationship with the community. Effective policing requires public trust and support. We work to build trust, cooperation and communication with all members of our public. For over twenty years, we have a Community Advisory Group that brings together a representative cross-section of community perspectives to serve in an advisory capacity to the Chief of Police by providing input on policy issues, department direction and prioritization.

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Board members also facilitate two-way communication between the Fremont Police Department and those we serve. The group provides invaluable guidance to us in dealing with complex issues such as immigration, homelessness, and the balance of technology and privacy rights.

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We also have many community programs for adults and kidsas well as special events and charitable projects where we continue to build our trust and partnership with the community. The Mobile Evaluation Team MET was created inin response to an increase in mental health related calls for service.

This team currently consists of one sergeant and one officer trained in mental health issues and crisis intervention. During an emergency, it's important to call so we can dispatch police, fire, and medical assistance as needed and as quickly as possible. Every situation is different and the resources required to resolve the situation is not solely characterized by criminal or non-criminal activities. The City of Fremont also has a several programs and services available to address social issues.

Please visit the Human Services Department for additional information on services offered by the City.

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All sworn personnel are armed while on duty. Professional employees include Community Service Officers CSOs and staff supporting a variety of functions in crimes analysis, records, dispatch, equipment, jail, property and evidence, digital media, public affairs, purchasing, budgeting and finance, and animal services.

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According to CA penal code Chapter 4. Peace Officers [ - Administration and Enforcement [ - ]only sworn peace officers can enforce most moving violations as defined by the California Vehicle Code. This means only a police officer has the legal authority to detain a person for a traffic stop.

Safety is always a top priority during any type of police action or enforcement - this includes both public safety and safety of our staff. As routine as a traffic stop may seem, the situation is a detention and can lead to other aspects, including a possible arrest e. A traffic stop can turn into a serious situation when any s of criminal activity is being discovered.

Every year, a of law enforcement officers are injured or killed during traffic stops. Please refer to the FBI statistics on the of officers killed while on duty.

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Due to the possible danger and potentially deadly consequences of a traffic stop, it's important that only trained officers are performing such action. Some of the most frequently received traffic complaints are related to speeding, not stopping at stop s, and reckless driving. While the City does have a red light camera program to enforce and deter red light violations, other technologies, such as radar speed enforcement or stop enforcement via cameras, are not permitted in California.

There are currently no viable alternatives that can legally substitute traffic enforcement of police officers in the City. Police officers are obliged to enforce traffic laws and investigate traffic collisions, helping to keep our ro safe for the community. Our calls of services are not categorized by service needs.

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Homelessness and mental health issues can be included in all possible call types so it's difficult to define and pin point a call type for this purpose. There is currently no precise calculation for Fremont incidents involving our homeless population. The city issued an official correctionhowever we notice the public continues to reference the incorrect statistic in social media posts. Based on this initially calculation approximately 4.

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However, recognizing that a vast of these calls were not calls for service which required a response from an officer, we excluded some of these call types. These 2, calls include H disturbance calls involving homeless as well as any calls with the specified keywords.

The graph below indicates the of calls received from January — June related to s — individual with mental health issues posting a danger to self or others, and Hs - disturbance involving homeless. MET regularly visits known areas to offer and provide services to those community members as part of its mission. MET has also made numerous referrals to homeless services providers asking for assistance in addressing this population. Finally, MET coordinates with other City of Fremont departments to conduct regular clean ups and abatement.

In the City filled the Homeless Coordinator position to serve as a liaison between the homeless population. City services, and other available resources. City of Fremont balances the needs of both homeless and other community members in enforcing local regulations and conducting clean ups and abatement. Enforcing local regulations with equity and compassion and understanding is a model Fremont Police strives to achieve. MET frequently works with private property owners throughout the City to address homeless issues on their property.

It has been a challenge for MET to address such a wide breadth of responsibilities, however, there have been numerous success stories, and the team has made great inro in building new partnerships with local service providers while strengthening existing collaborative efforts. After years of increases our calls individual with mental health issues posting a danger to self or others have decreased each year after the MET program has launched.

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MET continues to provide compassionate services to our homeless population and also started minor unofficial case management services to address members of the Fremont community who were high utilizers of emergency services Fire, Police, EMS. The goal is to redirect those individuals to appropriate service providers for long term case management services and care whenever possible. It is important to be aware that sometimes individuals are averse to accepting any services.

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Our department closely supervises our sworn personnel and any policy violation would be investigated thoroughly. Our officers are continuously trained in cultural diversity, implicit bias, and anti-discrimination to ensure fair police practices. We take allegations seriously and conduct immediate and thorough investigation on such allegations. We maintain and exceed training standards set forth by POST in this area. SinceFPD completes the training every two years.

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Additional training information can be found in the Training Section of our ability. Our department has policies outlining Guidelines for Conduct, preventing Discriminatory Harassmentand Biased Based Policing training and lesson plan.

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The City has had a records retention policy for decades and went through an update that began in early During our update, the police departments retention policy and practice was aligned with the law. All releasable records that have been requested, have been made available and additional information on this topic can be located on the police department's transparency portal.

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This box of files was out of compliance with our existing records retention policy and should have been purged in accordance years ago. None of the records in the box would have been subject to disclosure under SB These are the minimum qualifications established by law. Diversity is something we value, and the department takes a holistic approach to hiring.

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We often look for additional traits and qualifications beyond those that are minimally required by law.