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Did you know that the feast days of saints are traditionally the days that the person died and was born into eternal life? Paraphrasing, he writes that the moment when we meet Him was planned by God billions of years ago. God sent His Son into the world to suffer, die, resurrect and ascend into heaven so that He could be there to greet us in death.

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Keep a watch over us down here and help keep us safe. God bless your family, friends and fellow officers.

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You are remembered by many many people who have never met you and are a constant reminder of what can happen while on watch. Rest in peace brother in blue. My beautiful boy, One month and one day, hard to believe you have been away from us that long. I wanted so bad to talk to you yesterday. I visited this site probably 5 times yesterday, knowing what I wanted to say but just not finding the right way to put it into words. I miss you terribly Jon and so does everyone else. It is just still so unreal, everytime we are all together it is always expected that you will be walking in that door with that beautiful smile and then reality hits and we know it will not happen, which will never be fully excepted.

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Larry and I talk about you mainly laugh about you all of the time, just the other day we were talking about how it still seems as if you are here with us. We will never let your spirit and love leave us. You are still alive in our hearts and always will be. I have to be honest, I still worry about Larry and the rest of the guys, I know how hard it is for me to not have you in my life, I cannot imagine how they feel.

I try to find him comfort but I don't know if I succeed, I hope you will help him themthey still need you so much.

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Thinking back to last month, seeing all of these strong men break down like babies, then seeing them come together for each other and for us wives, fiance's and girlfriends is just incredible The brotherhood that is shared is truly a God's sent. I am honored to have known you Jon, as you have already seen, you have made such an impact on so many lives. Our kids ask about you all of the time, which gives us the opportunity to talk about you even more. Well, handsome, I guess I will say Bye for now and will visit you again soon!! You are always in my thoughts.

I love you and I miss you so! For the last month I look all around Joliet and see the impact that Officer Walsh's death has had on our community. It is plain to see how much this man was loved by those who knew him and has come to be loved by those who didn't. Rest in peace, Officer Walsh. Job well done.

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It has been a month today since we lost you. It breaks my heart still to come to this and see a Joliet badge on it Reading the words "Officer Walsh was killed I think about you everyday and hope that you are looking down on all of us - I'm sure that you are, and I'm sure I not alone when I say that I can feel your presence everywhere.

You are so terribly missed by everyone, and our hearts break a little more every time we find ourselves in a moment when we say "I wish Jon were here", or "I wish I could tell Walsh about this one! But I think it was said best in a reflection that said "we could all do much worse that to ask ourselves "what would Officer Walsh do here?

I miss you very much and I love you.

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And though I'd rather have you here, I'm sure that Heaven's much more fun with you there I can only imagine! Keep watching over all of us! It must be quite a task! Dear Hollywood, I am really sad you had to go. Why did you ha ve to go.

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We miss you very much, we know you are here on vacation with us. The last time you drove by my house I was so happy to see you. You had that one million dollar smile on just like mommy and daddy always say about you. My Aunt Kristin died on November 1,I hope you met her and became friends. I love you so much and wish you were here.

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Love, Riley Bear. Jon - I can not believe that it has been a month since you left us. I feel like the last time I saw you was so long ago. I miss your smile and laughter, and all the jokes you used to play. I visit this sight often because it brings me so much peace as I read the wonderful things everyone has to say about you. You touched so many people's lives, and I am proud to know that I was one of them. Not a day goes by that I do not think of you. I have shed a lot of tears, but I also have so much to be joyful for as I think of the great times we had together.

I always looked forward to talking to you because no matter what, you always had me laughing about something. You have been such an inspiration to me Jon, and I love you for it. Thank you for being such a sweet man and for bringing so much happiness into to my life. This last month has not been easy, but I know that you will give us the strength to get through it.

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You would be so proud if you could hear all of the wonderful memories being shared amongst your friends and loved ones. Everyone has such great things to say about you, that one can not help but smile.

Always remembered

I miss you Jon, but I know someday we will meet again. Jon it's been a month since everyone who knew you lives have changed forever. As I look outside I see the ocean and my family having a great time on vacation and I can't help to think how Blessed I am not just for my life but being able say you are a part of it. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. It would be a honor to be known as half the man you were,because you my friend are the best of the best. Love you,miss you.

We are deeply saddened at Jonathan's loss. You did your job, now you can rest.

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Your comrades now can cover your post as you take your place with the Heavenly Host. We all have a new star in our skies. One to dream on, gaze at, or just wish upon My thoughts and prayers go out to Jon's family, friends and co-workers. He's smiling face, nice hair, and let the good times roll attitude, will be missed but never forgotten. I know he is in a better place, watching over us.

Family, friends & fellow officers remember

Until we met again. You and your family are in my prayers. I was working at my department the night that you died. It brought back all of our memories that our department went through the night that we lost one of our own died and continue to go through. Rest in peace. Keep watch over us.

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I only met you a couple of times and i have to say i never saw someone smile as much as you. My dad talked very highly about you. My family and friends will never forget July 31st the day every one got to meet you at the party. So just do me one favor keep an eye out for my dad and all the other officers. You will always be missed. Jon you and your family will always be in my prayers.