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Glassbox CoffeeS. University Ave.

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Thanks be to coffee, the sweet life-sustaining stimulant. Following a berry bush snack break, his herd was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as ever and he wanted in on the bliss. After sampling some berries, Kaldi, too, took a turn for the chipper.

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He then prescribed his energizing remedy to a narcoleptic monk who often dozed off during services. The monk got creative, brewing the berries into liquid form and soon swore by their pious properties. Word travelled fast, and the caffeinated creation quickly became a staple for the devout and pagan alike … and so it remains. After brainstorming a new career path and rekindling with a friend who had failed in his coffee venture, Myers finally decides to pursue the business of beans and brews.

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They soon outgrow the compact coffeehouse and decide to relocate to an open space just down the street. Fast forward a year, and Mighty Good Coffee is born.

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As current co-owner, a title he shares with longtime friend Jim Levinsohn, Myers spends most of his days focused on the coffee itself — where to buy and from whom. During his most recent business trip, Myers and a barista travelled to Colombia and visited 11 farms over a few days. The duo toured farms by Jeep, foot and even horseback for an inside look at coffee production. According to Myers, the mill buys the best coffee from surrounding farms in the area. Two to three times per year, Myers attends events hosted by the Specialty Coffee Association of America SCAA where he educates newbies and connoisseurs alike on the craft.

Myers also routinely attends Barista Camps — events hosted four times per year, during which baristas from around the country exchange tricks of the trade.

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We make that all from scratch; everything we make here is from scratch. Among their scratch creations are slow jams, butters and apple compote.

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Other gourmet innovations include their unique adaptations of nitro cold brew and continually trending toast bars — my personal recommendation is the brie and apple compote toast; upon first bite I was weak, in love, crying, etc. Mighty Good aims to provide as many local ingredients as possible. Despite offering a diverse food menu, Myers regards the noms as secondary to the coffee.

She presented her ideas to Myers, the staff chose five of them to sample and eventually narrowed it down to a few, which remain behind the bar. The team-inclusive menu amendments typically occur with the changing of the seasons.

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The honey lavender latte, for example, was a springtime addition. Besides the fueling function of caffeine, Myers stays motivated by the creativity of the coffee industry, one that harkens back his memories of art school. He missed the artistic craftsmanship that once seemed a relic of a bygone era, but rediscovered it through the medium of coffee.

Artisan coffee shop and juice bar opens in downtown ann arbor

The pace of everything compressed, so your output was more important than the craft of what you were doing and I missed that. What were once spreheet business goals as part of a year plan quickly became realities within a few years. How can I maintain our core business and not screw that up?

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How can I do more community involvement? Maybe it was his passion for the work talking, or the fact that his wife was working alongside him that day, but Myers divulged the best way to take your coffee. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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