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Archived Flag Flying Tributes are organized alphabetically by recipient's last name. Month and year of the tribute can be found at the bottom of each .

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They had a vision and followed their dreams with determination and triumph. The MAHOF is committed to recognizing these enshrinees as role models, as they inspire today's youth to follow their own vision and achieve excellence, no matter what their field of choice. His lifelong interests in aviation centered on experimental aircraft, commercial airline services and aerial photography.

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He left the airline industry and founded Abrams Aerial Survey Corporation in He made his first aerial survey for the Michigan State Highway Department in September of using aerial cameras that he himself developed. Since its start inthe company annually completes precision aerial surveys and remote sensing for thousands of highways, transmission and pipe lines miles for states, counties, cities, and industry.

Abrams himself has lived, worked, and traveled in 96 countries. Abrams has received many honors, one of which was his initiation into the OX-5 Aviation Hall of Fame. Abrams also received three honorary degrees for his contributions to aviation and to society.

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Abrams was enshrined on December 17, for his long and illustrious career in developing the state-of-the-art aerial photography adopted and used around the world today. He is very proud and pleased to have had the wonderful lifelong experience of being able to make the contributions he made for a great country like the United States. After graduating from high school, he studied at the University of Minnesota for a year before entering the U.

Air Force Aviation Cadet program. In Mayhe completed U. Air Force flight training in May and was commissioned a second lieutenant. He completed advanced flight training in the B nuclear bomber.

During his B tour, he earned a bachelor s degree. Inhe married his wife, Margaret. Their five children and their many grandchildren and great-grandchildren have been of the utmost importance to him. In earlythen Captain Amundson was ased as a pilot of the Lockheed U-2 reconnaissance aircraft.

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He had U-2 tours of duty in Alaska, the Continental U. While at Offut, he was ased as a C pilot, in addition to his managerial duties with data systems. He was ased temporary duty in Thailand to assist with U-2 operations in Southeast Asia, until his promotion to Lieutenant Colonel required him to stop flying.

As a civilian, John Amundson used the GI Bill to obtain additional flight ratings, and then served as Director of Flight Operations for three different companies, including the Stryker Corporation. Colonel Amundson has flown more than 13, hours, including 1, hours as an instructor in 85 types of aircraft.

Colonel John D. Amundson was enshrined in the Michigan Aviation Hall of Fame on April 21,for his ificant contributions to both military and civilian aviation. Norman C. Appold was born in Detroit, Michigan on April 3, and graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in chemical engineering. After completing his studies, he voluntarily ed the U. Army Air Corps immediately before Pearl Harbor. After completing pilot training, he served as a B pilot in the th Bomb Group Association, completing 63 missions.

Appold was involved in Operation Tidal Wave, code name of the historic low-level attack of oil refineries at Ploesti, Romania on August 1, This was the first large-scale, low-level strike by heavy bombers against a well-defined target of World War II up to that time. B's of the 8th and 9th Air Forces undertook the 2, mile flight from Benghazi, Libya. Due to heavy defenses and the low altitude of the raid, casualties were high, with 53 of Bs lost, and crew members killed and captured or missing.

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Appold, piloting G. Ginnie, leading four other aircraft through intense ground fire, bombed the Concordia Vega refinery and successfully returned to Libya. Appold received the Distinguished Service Cross for his heroism that day.

After retiring from the Air Force inAppold ed the Lockheed Missiles and Space Company where he was instrumental in the development of the C-5 and C aircraft. He retired from Lockheed as a Vice President in Kelvin Bailey was born on December 29, in Canada. During High School, Bailey made his first solo flight in He flew as an Agency Pilot at Washington National Airport, where he transported presidential candidates. Kelvin Bailey passed away at the age of 84 in his Burbank, California home, on April 19, Kelvin W. Achiever, visionary, showman, historian and pilot extraordinaire, Bill Barber was a man for all aviation seasons and a model of unfailing professionalism and talent.

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Destined to spend a lifetime in the cockpit, Barber's illustrious career got off to an early start in with his first solo flight in his native Minnesota at age Later, he became a commercial airline pilot and logged more than 30, hours of pilot-in-command time. Having deep respect and affection for the bygone barnstormer era, Barber soon set his sights on becoming a top-tier stunt pilot. Over an airshow career that spanned 25 years, he developed a soaring repertoire of acts that thrilled audiences coast to coast.

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He entertained hundreds of thousands with dead-stick sequences, a rope ladder pickup, car-top landings, team aerobatics, skywriting, wingwalking and comedy crowd-pleasers. Barber was an inveterate collector of showplanes. His renowned spread to include the international arena.

Barber shaped the future of airshow entertainment and competition by serving as the first United States representative to the International Aerobatics Rules meeting in Paris. Invited by ranking Washington, D. An authentic, modern-day hero, Bill Barber's legacy endures as one of the most colorful chapters in the long and glorious history of aviation.

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Cyrus K. Bettis was born January 2,in Carsonville, Michigan. Bitten by the flying bug early on, he received his pilot in from the O. Junkin and Clayton J. Bettis left his longtime position as manager with the Michigan State Telephone Co. Army as a flying cadet.

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Ased to patrol the Mexican border, he proved to be an exceptional pilot and was reased to serve as a flight instructor in the Philippines. In addition to his training duties, it was here that he became one of the first pilots to fly an aircraft at night.

Rising to the rank of first lieutenant, he was transferred to Selfridge Field, Mount Clemens, MI in to the army s elite 1st Pursuit Group, where he was eventually selected to represent the U. Army in the National and International Air Races. Hugely popular at the time, air races served as a test bed for new aircraft des and innovations, and the racing circuit drew notable aviators such as James Jimmy Doolittle, Amelia Earhart, and Glenn Curtiss.

Pilots and manufacturers from around the world competed to push the limits of aircraft speed and durability, and news of the latest victories made international news on a regular basis. Mitchell Trophy Race in Ohio on Oct. Eager to follow up this win, he entered the Pulitzer Trophy Race the following year. Consisting of 4 laps around a circuitous mile course, pilots had to stay below feet while completing tight turns just outside of tall pylons marking the edges of the course.

There was little margin for error, and crashes and mishaps were commonplace as both pilots and machines were pushed to the limits of endurance and engineering. Competing against the world s best military pilots at the time, Bettis, a relative newcomer, piloted his Curtiss R3C through the course at a blistering This new record also earned him the coveted Mackay Trophy, which was established by Clarence H.

Mackay, an industrialist and aviation enthusiast, and presented annually by the National Aeronautic Association to recognize the most meritorious flight of the year. Flying though heavy fog, the wing of his plane struck a tree in the Jacks Mountain region of Pennsylvania.