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More than 35 years after the boy vanished from a swap meet in North Las Vegas, his mother pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter on Friday. During a Clark County School Board meeting Thursday, some audience members were yelling and more than 10 were asked to leave or escorted out of the room by police. After some Thursday night storms, clear skies and hot conditions will persist in the Las Vegas Valley through the weekend, according to the National Weather Service. About 80 people have been exposed to the coronavirus after a school district in northern Nevada said a parent knowingly sent to school two days after learning the student tested positive. There is no doubt that the landscape of retirement and retirement planning in the U.

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Area Codes The local area codes in Las Vegas areand The full digit phone with area code must be dialed to complete the call.

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These exemptions are offered to travelers who spend at least 72 hours in the United States and who have not claimed them within the preceding 6 months. It is forbidden to bring into the country almost any meat products including canned, fresh, and dried-meat products such as bouillon, soup mixes, and so forth. Generally, condiments, including vinegars, oils, pickled goods, spices, coffee, tea, and some cheeses and baked goods are permitted.

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Avoid rice products, as rice can often harbor insects. Bringing fruits and vegetables is prohibited since they may harbor pests or disease. Customs on entering or leaving, which includes filing form CM For details regarding U. Customs and Border Protection, consult your nearest U. Customs www. Disabled Travelers On the one hand, Las Vegas is fairly well equipped for travelers with disabilities, with virtually every hotel having wheelchair-accessible rooms and ramps and other requirements.

On the other hand, the distance between hotels particularly on the Strip makes a vehicle of some sort virtually mandatory for most people with disabilities, and it may be extremely strenuous and time consuming to get from place to place even within a single hotel because of the crowds. Casinos are usually crowded, and the machines and tables are often arranged close together, with chairs, people, and such blocking easy access.

You should also consider that it is often a long trek through larger hotels between the entrance and the room elevators or, for that matter, anywhere in the hoteland then add a crowded casino to the equation.

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For more on organizations that offer resources to travelers with limited mobility, go to www. Hours are Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm and Saturday from 9am to 3pm except holidays. The police can fine you on the spot. If the drink you ordered in the hotel came in a glass, you can ask the bartender to transfer it to a plastic cup so you can take your roadie to go.

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Downward converters that change — volts to — volts are difficult to find in the United States, so bring one with you. Emergencies Dial tel to contact the police or fire department, or to call for an ambulance.

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Family Travel Family travel can be immensely rewarding, giving you new ways of seeing the world through smaller pairs of eyes. That said, Vegas is hardly an ideal place to bring the kids. Because most hotels are laid out so that you frequently have to walk through their casinos to get to where you are going, you can see how this becomes a headache.

Note also that the Strip is often peppered with people distributing fliers and other information about decidedly adult entertainment options in the city. Sex is everywhere. Just walking down the Strip might give your kids an eyeful of items that you might prefer they avoid. On top of everything else, there is a curfew law in Vegas: Kids younger than 18 are not permitted on the Strip without a parent after 9pm on weekends and holidays.

Some hotels also have enormous video arcades and other diversions. Health By and large, Las Vegas is like most other major American cities in that the water is relatively clean, the air is relatively clear, and illness-bearing insects and animals are rare. However, in a city with this many people coming and going from all over the world, there are a couple of specific concerns worth noting:. For example, most Las Vegas travel arrangements that include hotels are refundable or cancelable up to the last moment, so insurance is probably not necessary.

If, however, you have prepaid a nonrefundable package, then it could be worth considering insurance. Check out copy shops, such as FedEx Office, which offer computer stations with fully loaded software as well as Wi-Fi. Legal Aid While driving, if you are pulled over for a minor infraction such as speedingnever attempt to pay the fine directly to a police officer; this could be construed as attempted bribery, a much more serious crime.

Pay fines by mail, or directly into the hands of the clerk of the court.

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If accused of a more serious offense, say and do nothing before consulting a lawyer. In the U. Once arrested, a person can make one telephone call to a party of his or her choice. The international visitor should call his or her embassy or consulate. This does not manifest itself in any s of outrage toward open displays of gay affection, but it does mean that the local gay community is largely confined to the bar scene. Mail At press time, domestic postage rates were 34 cents for a postcard and 49 cents for a letter.

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For more information go to www. Always include a zip code when mailing items in the U. The most convenient post office to the Strip is immediately behind Circus Circus at S. Industrial Rd. You can also mail letters and packages at your hotel. Hotel rooms and casinos are notoriously bad places to be if you want to chat with someone back home on your cellphone, but step outside and things usually improve dramatically. Once you leave Las Vegas proper, you are in the wilds of the Nevada desert, and so unless you are near a major byway like Iexpect to get very few, if any, bars on your phone.

Dollar vs. Other Popular Currencies.

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And while Vegas visitors used to require a great deal of change in order to play the slots and other gaming machines, few, if any, still accept coins. Gone are the once-prevalent change carts. Las Vegas has grown progressively more expensive, with the concept of a cheap Sin City vacation a distant memory.

And then, of course, there are the casinos, a money-losing proposition if there ever was one. Beware of hidden credit card fees while traveling.

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Go to www. Both offer the latest news, weather, and information and can be valuable resources for coupons and up-to-the-minute show listings. LVM is a local magazine usually available in-room, listing shows, restaurants, and more, and it often features discount offers to attractions that could save you some dough.

Packing Most Las Vegas hotel rooms are fully stocked with basics—shampoo, conditioner, hand lotion, mouthwash, and in some cases things like sewing kits and cotton swabs. The same goes for your travel iron, as most rooms have a full-size iron and ironing board or they are available by request through housekeeping. Checking the weather forecast before your trip can provide you with guidance on what types of clothes to bring, but packing a light sweater or jacket even during the summer months is not a bad idea. Lastly, consider safety when packing by tossing in a small flashlight.

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During an emergency, this could become invaluable in helping you navigate your way out of a 4,room hotel. For emergencies, call [tel] With all that cash floating around town, pickpockets and thieves are predictably active. At gaming tables and slot machines, men should keep wallets well concealed and out of the reach of pickpockets, and women should keep handbags in plain sight on laps.

If you win a big jackpot, ask the slot attendant to cut you a check rather than give you cash—the cash may look nice, but flashing it can attract the wrong kind of attention. Outside the casinos, popular spots for pickpockets and thieves are restaurants and outdoor shows, such as the volcano at the Mirage or the fountains at Bellagio. Stay alert. Unless your hotel room has an in-room safe, check your valuables into a safe-deposit box at the front desk.

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When in your room, be sure to lock and bolt the door at all times and only open it to hotel employees that you are expecting such as room service. A special safety concern for women and even men occasionally centers on behavior at nightclubs. Do not ever accept a drink from a stranger no matter how handsome he is, and keep your cocktail in your hand at all times, even while on the dance floor. The mass shooting in October ofwhere a man opened fire from the 32 nd floor of the Mandalay Bay into a music festival, killing 58 people and wounding nearlybrought on a whole slew of new safety concerns to the Strip.

Almost all the hotels revamped their security measures after the incident.

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Discounts at hotels, shows, restaurants, recreation, and just about anything else you want to do are rare. About the only discounts offered to seniors are at some of the local attractions, which will give a few bucks off to those over 62 or The U. The pass gives U. The pass must be purchased in person at any NPS facility that charges an entrance fee.

For more go to www. Increasingly strict smoking laws prohibit puffing virtually everywhere indoors except in deated hotel rooms, nightclubs, bars, and on the casino floor itself. Hotels still have dedicated floors for smokers and nonsmokers. Every state, county, and city may levy its own local tax on all purchases, including hotel and restaurant checks and airline tickets. These taxes will not appear on price tags.

The sales tax in Las Vegas is 8.