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Meet new people in Evansville Indiana for free and free chat. a big community of men and women who are seeking love and friendship in Evansville Indiana for free with people like you! Meet men from Evansville Indiana for free.

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What is my age: 27
What is my ethnicity: Ukranian
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Taurus
My body features: My figure features is slim
My favourite music: Electronic
Hobbies: Doing puzzles
I like tattoo: Yes

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My boyfriend 32 and I 24 as of yesterday have lived in Evansville 1 month and we haven't made any progress towards meeting new people or making new friends, neither one of us is super outgoing, so I think that may be some of our issue, also we have no idea where to even start Any ideas?

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Yeah, what are your guys' interests? I'm sure with some of that info we could help you more effectively. There have been a some good suggestions already.

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But no one has mentioned sports. The city organizes multiple intramural adult sports leagues for soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball, etc.

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Metro has 2 Sunday evening coed adult leagues, both are a ton of fun - come, grab a couple beers at their concessions bar and check it out. Nearby to Metro is a rock climbing gym, Vertical eXcape. Are you guys professionals? Our Chamber of Commerce has a thriving Young Professionals group and also has multiple net working events each month of Friday mornings. The Southwestern Indiana Chamber of Commerce was awarded as the best in the nation this year.

Meet people in evansville (indiana) for free

A nonprofit group called Keep a Evansville beautiful organizes neighborhood street clean ups around the city on Saturday mornings. They supply you gloves and trash bags and together you canvas the neighborhood to clean up litter and clear the gutters. It's a couple hours that will make you feel good and connected to the community quickly! Could you tell me more about the professionals chambers of commerce thing please?

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Like a link or something would be a useful too. That would probably depend on how you'd like to spend your time. If you're looking to try something different, there's Vertical Excape on the east side. It's a rock climbing gym friendly to newcomers.

Otherwise I'd suggest trying to find a group or recurring event which lines up with your hobbies.

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That sounds interesting, maybe we'll check that out one evening we both have off! It really depends on what you guys are into.

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There are some yoga studios, Thyme in the Kitchen has some cooking classes, and you can look up adult dance lessons that you both could take together. There's also plenty of bars if you are into that scene Sportsman's, Lamasco's, Peephole, and Unplugged are a few of the good ones with really good food. There is a thing called First Friday's downtown in Haynie's Corner that is the first Friday of the month with food trucks and whatnot.

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It really just depends on what you're looking for. I'm sure I'm missing things to do here, but that's just off the top of my head.

Evansville friends

I second the Gaming Guild and Comic Quest if you're into those types of hobbies. Cooking classes! I love to cook, but maybe that will encourage him to actually make food instead of sitting at home hungry until I get home. Where to meet people?

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Make friends? Posted by 5 years ago.

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Sort by: best. Get a dog and go to the dog park.

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Works like a charm. More posts from the evansville community.

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