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No matter how old you are, everyone longs to feel a little more connected these days. and texting connect us across the globe in an instant, but nothing quite beats the feeling of opening a hand-written letter.

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The anticipation, the extra effort of going to the mailbox or post office, the surprise of a handwritten letter arriving, and the excitement of what could be inside, were all a part of life for many seniors. Even today, when many seniors are computer-savvy, receiving a handwritten letter means so much more, especially as they age and have fewer family members, friends, and loved ones out in the world with which to connect.

A common recent trend is pairing up seniors with younger local students to be pen pals. Since many of the children do not have living grandparents, they enjoy learning from the life lessons the seniors can offer.

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In addition, students get to develop their writing skills, while seniors can keep their own communication skills sharp. Many of these programs culminate with a meeting between pen pals at the school or the residence at the end of the school year. Starting up a pen pal program at a senior living community can be as simple as contacting a nearby schoolteacher.

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Setting up a new program typically involves coordinating volunteers from both sides of the process, both within the community and volunteers from the public. When starting up a pen pal program, here are some guidelines to follow:.

Become a pen pal to help seniors combat loneliness: here’s how to get started

Handwritten letters are a tangible way to share old memories and create new friendships. Just like letters of the past keep people connected through war, across oceans, over years, they can continue to engage multiple generations even in this tech-savvy age. Megan Hammons lives in the Central Texas countryside just outside of Austin, pursuing her love for copywriting after a career in high-tech marketing.

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She is part of a large, diverse family and enjoys spending time with the multiple generations living in her community. We have only 17 residents all ladies. I want to get a pen pal program started with a few of the ladies and was needing your help. Hi Laurie Found your post on senior advisor. Sharon, are you still looking for a pen pals?

I have a couple of ladies in Ohio that I could set you up with. Thank you!

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Hello Sharon, I am looking for pen pals for my 86 year old mother who lives in New Jersey. She is interested in writing via snail mail as she does not have a computer.

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If interested you can me your info to pass on to her. Her name is Rose. Hello everyone! Hello Laurie! Hello, I actually have family roots from that area of Nebraska. I am 67 years old and follow Nebraska news on line. It would be pleasant hearing from Nebraska residents. My husband passed and my partner passed in Are you still looking for a snail mail friend to write too:. I am an 80 year old who still loves to write letters.

My list of people I write to has slowly dwindled down to 3.

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I live in Florida and still active though need for oxygen keeps me homebound. My daughter suggested I find a pen pal. Snail mail or online. We would to become your pen pal through mail. My name is Brenda and i live in Southern, MD. I have 3 girls age 18, 12, Send me an at sassybrenn68 gmail. Thank you and I hope and look forward to hearing from you. I am looking for a pen pal.

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I am so blessed to have him. My mom, who died a few years ago at 93, was a huge letter writer and instilled in me that value. I hope this is it! Ali, would you be willing to pen pal with my mother? She lives in Ellicott City MD and recently lost my youngest sister who had been living with her. I would love to write back and forth with her. Let me know if you think I would be a good fit for your mother.

Pen pals from united states (pen friends)

I am looking for penpal s for my 85 yr old mom. Hello Cindy, I am writing for my 86 year old mother who also is looking for pen pals… she is 86 from Southern New Jersey. She lives alone and loves to write to pen pals but recently has not been able to find anyone to answer.

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If interested you can me the info and I can pass it on to my mom. I lost most of my friends while I was caring for my mom who died in Maybe it could help us both feel so not alone. Sincerely, Ali. Greetings, Would love to have a snail mail pen pal. Sincerely, Sharon Towle. I was wondering if anyone was still interested in being pen pals? I am an activity coordinator for an assisted living facility and I believe the residents would love this!

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Please let me know if there is any interest. I have been looking for a pen pal group for a while now. I just need to know who and where to send. I think I can even get my niece involved and I would love to write some too. Please let me know where to send letters. Hi Misty. We have about 4 people who would be interested in writing.

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Do you still have a group of writers available? You can call me so we can talk about a plan to match them up or at robin,westwind. I apologize that I am just getting back to you. If you would be willing to, please send me an at… terri. I would love to be a pen pal.

I live in Atlanta Ga. I am interested in letter writing. Please me details about getting an address for a senior. Tks look forward to hearing from you. Are you still looking for pen pals? I know a few at the assisted living facility where I work that would benefit! Looking forward to hearing from you.

Make new pen friends in united states

My name is Katie and I have tons of cards that I have been really wanting to send. A senior pen pal sounds like the perfect correspondent! Please connect me or direct ,e to where I can up to be one. I visit her twice a week. She wants a caregiver just for the companionship — or a husband.

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Hi, I am willing to be a pen pal to a senior. I like snail mail best. Please feel free to me for details grahamhead gmail. Looking for a pen pal for my sweet 84 year old mom.

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Nearly all of her friends and family have passed and she really misses getting and sending letters. Hi I would love to be a pen pal! Still looking for pen pals for seniors at an assisted living facility. Let me know if anyone is interested!

Hey, l am a student teacher from Germany and would love to be a pan pal to an old person, whom l could help to feel happy and needed. would also be perfectly okay.