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Turks positive hunt Midland friend to dating

Modern dating has gone the way of smartphones and online dating apps, but there is still the inevitable face-to-face.

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Tinder use soared alongside other popular dating apps during the pandemic and is expected to continue to grow.

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It may not come as a surprise that dating app use surged during the pandemic when many had to swap the benefits of in-person dating for on-screen connections. What may be more intriguing, however, is that many apps anticipate more growth into Hinge expects to double its revenue by the end ofwhile Tinder has announced several new features to meet new demands in time for what some are calling a "third surge" of COVID Vaccinated Austinites who had been eager for "Shot Girl Summer" —a season of in-person dating, going out and making up for time lost—may have to get back on the apps, at least partially, as cases rise higher than they've been since February and mask recommendations reenter the picture.

Austin-area resident Chloe Mohr, a year-old recent college graduate, had sometimes used Tinder before the pandemic.

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While the app wasn't a supplemental replacement for deeper connections during stay-at-home orders, it did help her stay in the dating game and continue meeting new people. Chloe Mohr turned to Tinder more during the pandemic to stay connected to people.

Chloe Mohr. She had fears at the beginning. Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and OkCupid have responded to the new dating criteria, adding vaccination badges to profiles in partnership with U. In order to meet the demand for a stricter screening process and the superficial nature of swiping, Tinder has also introduced new features that allow users to add videos to their profiles and chat with others before they've even matched.

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The new add-ons could be beneficial for the app as interest continues to swell—Google searches for "dating" have hit a five-year high, according to NPR. But the future of dating could be vastly different—and stay different —even well into the next decade.

While it's unclear how the pandemic will shape dating for good, s show that Austin residents and those nationwide may lean on dating apps once again if social distancing returns to the norm.

The dating life in midland 5 questions valentine's day edition

School has started for local school districts and parents want to know how they can ensure their children are safe from COVID. Bob Daemmrich. With most Central Texas schools resuming school this week amid the latest surge in COVID cases, many parents have found themselves with questions about how to best protect their children.

Austonia checked in with Dr. Austin Public Health reports 6, cases this year, with the most in the age range. Spinner said protecting children requires a multipronged approach. The first thing parents should do, he said, is getting themselves and all children 12 and over in their family vaccinated.

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It's very likely they can get infected and infect their children. That's something they have total control over," he said. He also said wearing masks is critical.

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He added that families should be careful who they're spending time with. Local school districts are requiring masks this year, despite Gov. Greg Abbott's order against mask mandates. We don't want to lock them up at home and keep them from going places, because socializing is so important. I would say that as a general rule of thumb kids are better off being at school.

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We learned last year that there were so many problems that kids experience, not just with learning but psychosocial. For the vast majority, yes, kids should be in school. Midland problem is, if you're the parent ofyou can teach your child to keep his or her mask on, maintain distance from others and keep hands washed, but you can't control what other children do. However, court battles in other Texas cities could stop the practice if ruled in favor of the dating ban against mask mandates.

Spinner added that he is hopeful a vaccine will be released for elementary-age students in the next three months or so. Pediatric research trials are underway for both the Pfizer and Moderna shot with the first doses for six-year-olds and older expected to be available by the end of the year or possibly by the beginning of this year since the FDA will need to positive it, drug reps told NPR. They need to take it seriously. Kids are not immune to this disease. They can get it, they can get really sick, and they can transmit it.

This is not the time to ignore it. Everyone needs to hunker down and get serious about it before we see it get even worse. The most up-to-date information from the CDC can be found at www. Kabul International Airport was flooded with people trying to flee Afghanistan after the Taliban regained control. As the Taliban regains control of Afghanistan, thousands of refugees are expected to arrive in the U. A Refugee Services of Texas spokesperson told Austonia Afghan individuals will relocate to Austin in the coming weeks, and at least will be resettled through the organization's offices in Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth.

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Around 30, refugees will resettle in the U. Refugee Services resettled a family of seven in Austin over the weekend and expects at least four more families before the week is up. Incoming refugees have already applied for special immigration visas, which qualifies them to be resettled. The organization will help refugees find apartments, jobs and schools.

Incoming refugees will also undergo background checks, health and mental health screenings. Afghanistan's collapse came on the heels of the announcement that the U. According to the Associated Pressit's likely that the Taliban began the takeover because the U. Many Afghan citizens fear that the Taliban will target those who worked with Americans or the government. The Taliban began taking control of major cities, eventually taking control of Afghanistan's capital, Kabul, leading to an onslaught of civilians and Americans abroad trying to flee the country by plane.

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Texas Gov. A press release was sent out around 4 p. The governor, who was vaccinated against COVID, is experiencing no symptoms and receiving Regeneron's monoclonal antibody treatment, according to the release. The release stated: "Governor Abbott is in constant communication with his staff, agency he, and government officials to ensure that state government continues to operate smoothly and efficiently. The Governor will isolate in the Governor's Mansion and continue to test daily.

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Abbott has not issued any statement about testing positive. His last tweet was posted two hours ago and showed the governor meeting Jimmie Vaughan, the brother of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Austonia daily newsletter—direct to your inbox 6 a.

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Austonia is hiring a full-time reporter. Austin police chief search narrows down to 3 candidates, including Interim Chief Chacon police. What's next for Cat? Most viewed. Austonia's complete guide to Rainey Street's nightlife complete guide. Good times have faded at the TarryTown Shopping Center, the once-thriving neighborhood hub where animal rights activist Jeanne Daniels has pushed out local favorites tarrytown.

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She had fears at the beginning Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and OkCupid have responded to the new dating criteria, adding vaccination badges to profiles in partnership with U. From Your Site Articles. What do we currently know about how the Delta variant is impacting children? What should parents do to try to safeguard their children? Bob Daemmrich What are your thoughts on sending children back to school?

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How does the fall look? Keep Reading Show less. Hope to catch your show in September at the ErwinCenter.