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Located in Clark County Nevada, just minutes from the famous Las Vegas Strip, Henderson is known as a community of small-town values with big-city amenities. Henderson was incorporated in and remained a relatively small industrial town until the early s when the first master-planned community, Green Valley, was introduced.

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Traffic and Parking Citations: The court date and time is noted on the bottom of your citation. Court dates may also be found by utilizing Municipal Court's online records system. Yes, it is located at S Water Street on the wall facing Water Street, just to the left of the entrance. You may also pay eligible cases through the secure on-line payment process. If you are unsure about your case status, you may review the Henderson Municipal Court online records.

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Can I make an appointment?

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See Appointments. Drive tests are conducted by appointment only. I lost my Nevadainstruction permit or ID card. How do I get a duplicate? You can order a duplicate online through a MyDMV or in person. The issue date on your is required to set up MyDMV, so if you don't have an existing or a copy of your card, you can't order online.

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Mypermit or ID did not arrive in the mail. If you do not receive your new card in the mail by the expiration date listed on the interim document, you should. Please or call before you visit a DMV office. In rental or roommate situations, make sure the post office will deliver mail in your name.

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This is required only once. You have the choice of retaining a standard Nevada or ID. Take the quiz at GetRealNevada. This or a similar statement means that the issuing state offers its residents the option to obtain a driver's or identification card which is not compliant with the federal Real ID Act of and that the holder has chosen to exercise that option. A variety of reasons may underlie that choice, including personal preference, religious conviction, or the inability or decision not to provide original documents needed to verify identity, citizenship, or lawful status in the United States.

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No inferences or assumptions should be drawn about the particular reason an individual possesses a card with this statement. It does not indicate a person's citizenship or immigration status. A or ID card with this statement will not be accepted for access to federal facilities where ID is required, entering nuclear power plants and boarding federally-regulated commercial aircraft.

My or ID is about to expire but I am out of the state. How do I renew?

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If your has been expired one year or more, you must renew in person. You will have to show Proof of Identity and take the written test. If your has been expired for four years or more, you will also have to take the skills test.

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Please for eligibility requirements. How can I get a copy of my driving record or vehicle records? You can view basic and vehicle information including status, expiration dates, insurance policies and much more. See Records if you need a certified copy, are out of the state, prefer to order by mail of if you need the original issue date of your first Nevada. See Online Services for certain other records such as business verification. How do I change my name or gender on my or ID?

To change your name, you must present proof of a legal name such as a marriage certificate, certified divorce decree or a court-ordered change. See Name Changes. You do not need a medical certification. Make an appointment at larger DMV offices.

You may wish to upgrade to a Real ID if you haven't already done so.

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You must present the proper proof of identity and residential address for all first-time applications for a Nevadainstruction permit, ID card or Driver Authorization Card or if your Nevada or ID has been expired for more than four years. See the following for details:. Sorry, but you must surrender your out-of-state or ID to obtain one from Nevada. This is Nevada law and part of the national Driver Agreement. Nevada does offer a seasonal resident ID card to part-time residents who meet certain qualifications. See ID Cards. Can I drive in Nevada with a driver or instruction permit from another state or country?

Yes, Nevada honors s and permits issued by the appropriate government agency in another state or country. Drivers under 18 must obey the restrictions listed under Nevada Teen Driving. An IDL must be accompanied by a government-issued driver. An IDL is only a translation of a .

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It is not valid by itself. My registration renewal is due but my car is under repair and I can't get a smog check.

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There are no partial registrations or extensions. Simply let the registration expire. When the vehicle is ready, you may get a movement permit to drive it for the emissions test. You may obtain a movement permit online through a MyDMV. You may then renew online, at a kiosk or at an emissions station. See Renewal Options. The system will automatically calculate late fees.

If you did not drive your vehicle on public streets during the registration lapse, you may avoid the late fees if you renew through a MyDMV or in person at a DMV office and complete an Affidavit of Non-Operation. Late fees cannot be waived or refunded if you renew at a kiosk or an emissions station. My renewal is due but my car is out of the state. You must renew by mail or fax if your vehicle requires a smog check. If not, you may renew online but the renewal is sent to the address on record.

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We cannot send it to a temporary address. See Renewal Options for details and. My renewal is due but I'll be moving out of Nevada.

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Is there any temporary registration? There are no partial-year registrations or refunds. You must register the vehicle for a full year or drive on a movement permit. You can purchase a special "drive-away" permit when leaving the state at a DMV office. See also Former Residents. I received new plates in the mail or my renewal notice says I am due for reissue. What is this for? Nevada replaces nearly all plates once every eight years to help ensure plates are readable and in good condition. See Rolling Plate Reissue. I have a tax exemption voucher.

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Can I renew online or at a kiosk? Yes, tax exemptions are accepted at online and kiosk renewals. Exemptions are issued by County Assessors to:. See Registration Renewal options. Contact your County Assessor to apply for an exemption for the first time or if your voucher is rejected. I didn't receive a registration renewal notice. Use our online Registration Status Inquiry to check the status of your registration and insurance.

You will need your plate and the last 4 digits of the VIN. It is your responsibility to renew on time. Registrations expire on the exact date listed, not at the end of the month. We do not refund late fees. If you need to renew right away, get a smog check if needed and renew at a kiosk. Emissions tests are required every year in Nevada. I renewed but my registration and decal have not come in the mail.

Methods of payment

Use our online Registration Status Inquiry to check whether your renewal has been processed. Mailed renewals may not be processed until just before the expiration date. Your registration will show as current to law enforcement as soon as the renewal is processed. It may take up to 14 days, however, to receive the mail.

The Certificate of Registration and plate decal are mailed together. I received a renewal or an insurance notice on a car I no longer own or have registered in another state. If you receive a notice asking to verify your insurance coverage, use our online Insurance Verification Response or complete the written notice and return it. If you still have the Nevada plates, please drop them off at a DMV office or mail them to the Department. You will not face any fine, arrest warrant or legal action if you simply disregard the notices.

However, you may receive an insurance notice, a certified letter and a registration renewal notice on each vehicle. Also, if your registration is suspended, you may be subject to reinstatement fees and fines if you register it again.