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Aesthetically romantic hunt for date especially Macon pleasures

Macon, Georgia is a historic city with a relaxing and laidback vibe that makes for the perfect vacation.

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Macon is a city that exudes an unmistakable southern charm. This Georgia city is perhaps one of the most romantic places in the country, with it's inviting greenery, temperate climate and numerous scenic areas that prove to be the perfect backdrop against which special moments have unfolded for countless couples.

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Add to that Macon's fine selection of restaurants and attractions, and you'll find it easy to create the perfect date for you and your sweetheart to enjoy. And don't forget to add a little music to the proceedings! Everyone from casual fans to hard-core followers of sports will experience something memorable when visiting the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame.

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This very popular facility is the largest sports hall of fame in the country, and its vastly expansive collection of exhibits, memorabilia and vintage sports items has gained international attention. Among the many highlights, visitors can take part in various interactive exhibits that include a football goal, a NASCAR simulator and a basketball hoop.

1.) take a stroll through amerson river park.

There's also the equally popular sports-based education exhibit section that spotlights how technology has had an indelible influence on the way sports is played and how it will likely effect its future. Whether it's a musical performance, a dramatic production or a graceful ballet recital, the magnitude of each musical note and movement of each of the figures on stage will become even more dramatic when you see it at Macon's Grand Opera House.

This entertainment venue holds much historic ificance within its walls. Performers as diverse as Will Rogers, Sandra Berndardt, and Harry Houdini have all spent time in the limelight here as the have dazzled audiences with their unique talents.

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The structure was originally built in and still features one of the largest stages in the South. Take advantage of the fact that your kids are naturally curious by giving them plenty to be curious about when you bring them to the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Macon. This impressive museum can be considered a type of window to the world with all of its educational and highly entertaining exhibits and attractions.

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The recently-added third floor brings even more exploratory fun, as it features an artist's garret, humanist's study, scientist's workshop and an enclosed animal habitat. Explore some of Macon's most dramatic history when you take the kids out to experience the stories and conflicts that make the Ocmulgee National Monument such a compelling place to visit.

This attraction is an incredible slice of history that documents over ten millennia of Southeastern Native American culture.

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Features of the monument include major earthworks built over 1,00 years ago, a great temple and other highly impressive structures that the kids will love learning about. Featured Articles. Search by business category Date Ideas in Macon, GA. Dinner and a movie are always great date night options.

Romantic date spots in macon, ga

But after a while, date night can end up turning into a routine more than a fun outing. Think outside the box and dare to try something different for your next date night! Turn a regular night into one to remember forever. Sponsor.

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