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The present study aims to investigate the indirect link between sexual objectification and belief in personal free will.

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The Sonoma County Junior College District is committed to an environment in which all employees and students are treated with respect and dignity. Because the ability to serve students from broad cultural heritages, socioeconomic backgrounds and genders is a key commitment of the College mission, The Sonoma County Junior College District actively encourages applications from candidates who recognize the value that diversity brings to a professional education community. The policy of the Sonoma County Junior College District is to provide an education and employment environment in which no person shall be unlawfully denied access to the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination on the basis of race, religious creed, color, national original, ancestry, ethnic group identification, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, genetic condition, marital status, age, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information or sexual orientation in any program or activity that is administered by, funded directly by, or that receives any financial assistance from the State Chancellor or Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges. In so providing, the District hereby implements the provisions of California Government Code sections through

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The university told Ms Phoenix it was postponing the event. Then the sociology department asked her for a copy of her talk. Days later it told her it had voted to rescind its invitation, and would issue no more. Enjoy more audio and podcasts on iOS or Android.

Student rights & responsibilities

Essex in the end allowed Ms Freedman to attend. Its proponents hold that gender identity—the feeling that one is a man or a woman—is as important as biological sex and that trans people should in all circumstances be regarded as the gender with which they identify. This has increasingly influenced policy-makers: several places allow trans women into spaces that were once reserved for females, from sports teams to prisons and shelters for victims of domestic violence.

It argues that, since biological sex is unchangeable, even with hormones, surgery or any other form of treatment, the conviction that one has been born in the wrong body should not be dispositive. Gender critics argue that biological differences between the sexes make the continued provision of female-only spaces necessary.

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Trans activists say that trans women should have access to those places, too. The arguments the two sides put forward, in other words, are complex and debatable. But many trans activists think that any disagreement is tantamount to hate speech and try to suppress it. Some universities with policies that reflect the belief that trans women are women have acted on complaints about people who do nothing more than express a contrary view.

In May, after students at Abertay University in Dundee reported that a student had said at a seminar that women have vaginas and men are stronger, the university launched an investigation. She was told her presence might deter others from submitting manuscripts. The problem appears to have been her criticism of the conflation of sex and gender identity in proposed anti-discrimination legislation. Last June Kathleen Lowrey, an associate professor of anthropology at the University of Alberta, was removed as the chair of an undergraduate programme after students complained they felt unsafe.

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She says she reckons gender-critical posters on her office door were to blame. Yet the most worrying effect is likely to be invisible. An unknown of university employees avoid expressing their opinion for fear it will damage their career or turn them into pariahs. This is unlikely to be limited to one university.

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The report also argues that expressing the view that trans women are not women is not hate speech and is not illegal under British law, whatever university policies might suggest. The report is likely to embolden gender-critical academics in Britain, at least, where they are already more outspoken. There are s that a backlash to gender ideology is building elsewhere, too. Ms Hughes, who is a co-founder of the Academic Freedom Alliance AFAwhich was launched in March, says her university encouraged students to file complaints.

In May the AFA announced the university had dropped its investigations into Ms Hughes and affirmed her right to speak. This is partly because there is no federal legislation that specifically protects trans or gay people from discrimination, which lends a particular urgency to LGBT activism. Trans activists often portray gender criticism as a far-right cause. Though it is becoming that, too, it is a topic on which leftist feminists and social conservatives find agreement. In Britain most outspoken gender-critical academics are left-leaning, atheist feminists.

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Some in America are, too. Their chief concern is the preservation of female-only spaces. In February Holly Lawford-Smith, a professor of philosophy at the University of Melbourne, launched a website which invited women to describe their experiences of sharing female-only spaces with trans women.

It is not a research project and its reports are unverified. Most describe a feeling of discomfort rather than any form of physical assault.

Do self-objectified women believe themselves to be free? sexual objectification and belief in personal free will

Ms Lawford-Smith kept her job, but there have been at least two marches at the university decrying that. How did an ideology that brooks no dissent become so entrenched in institutions supposedly dedicated to fostering independent thinking?

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Pressure groups have played a big part. It recommended that Essex reconsider its relationship with Stonewall.

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The influence of pressure groups exemplifies the other big reason trans ideology has gained a foothold in academia: its elision with the rights of gay people. Many organisations established to defend gay rights have morphed into trans-rights groups.

But some gay people disagree with its new focus. In some supporters split from the group, in part owing to concerns that its stance encourages gay people to redefine themselves as trans and straightto form the LGB Alliance.

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Similar groups have sprung up around the world. Students increasingly express gender-critical views. Sophie Watson, one of the organisers, says she has lost friends over the issue. Gender-critical academics hope that as more of them speak out, others who share their concerns but were afraid to express them will feel emboldened.

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More than ed a counter letter in her defence. But many people, she says, prefer to express their support privately. Universities will no doubt watch how the debate evolves outside academia, especially in the courts. The dangers of eroding free speech are becoming increasingly apparent as judges rule on matters from the medical treatment of trans-identifying children to people who have been sacked after being accused of transphobia.

If Maya Forstater, a British researcher who lost her job because of her gender-critical views, wins her appeal against the ruling of an employment tribunal that this was lawful, universities may become quicker to defend their gender-critical employees.


Regulation may also play a part. In February the British government announced proposals to strengthen academic freedom at universities, including the appointment of a free-speech champion. Some though not all gender-critical academics welcome the idea. In America lawsuits invoking free speech may make a difference. But it would be better if universities, which owe their success to a tradition of dissent and debate, did in fact defend it.

International Jun 5th edition.

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