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The Nerason UT system is especially developed to measure straight tubes with an ID of mm, but is also capable of testing bended tubes. The current UT probe for small radius U-bends has limitations of a minimum bend radius of 55 mm and a tube ID of 20 mm. Also two different probes have to be used to cover the complete degree of the circumference of the tube.

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On customer request Nuson has developed a new probe which does not have the coverage limitation and is capable of examining tubes with an ID of 15 mm. This presentation will show an overview of the probe de, the test and the current developments that are carried out to improve the sizing capabilities.

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The Eddy Current techniques applied in the small radius U-bends are showing limitations in the detection of shallow defects The development of an UT probe for accurate detection and sizing of IDSCC in small radius U-bends row according to the following requirements: Fig 1: Nerason system. Tube OD: The typical set-up of the Nerason UT system for inspection of Steam Generator tubes is shown in figure 1.

The Nerason Pusher Puller can be adapted to any kind of manipulator in the Steam Generator and will be remotely controlled from outside containment to move the probe in the desired tube and to perform the measurement. Figure 2 shows the probe de.

Ultrasonic testing for idscc in small radius u-bends of steam generator tubes

The UT module is based on the "surface riding" principle. The transducer is spring loaded in a housing, riding on the ID surface to compensate for tube ovality and to maintain the optimum angle of incidence for the sound beam on the ID surface for the entire tube circumference. The housing of the UT unit is made of a wear-proof plastic with a low friction coefficient. At both sides of the UT unit centrings are mounted for good axial positioning in the U-bend.

By means of a flexible spring the UT unit is connected to the motor unit and will be rotated. The motor unit does not enter the U-bend section. Fig 2: U-bend surface riding probe.

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of Lab Tests Prototype probes for circumferential and axial crack detection have been tested under lab conditions using several row-1 U-bend samples. Figure 3 shows an analysis plot of a measurement with the Nerason UT system.

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At the top general information can be found, such as tubeinspection speed, date, operator, etc. Fig 3: Measurement plot of circumferential notches. Fig 4: Measurement plot of axial notches.

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Seven different plots can be seen. The third plot from the right is showing a C-scan presentation of the Time of Flight of the defects. The vertical axis is showing the position of the probe in the tube, while the horizontal axis is showing the circumferential position of the defect in the tube.

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The artificial notches are showing up very clearly. The vertical axis is the complete tube circumference.

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On the horizontal axis the time of flight of the defect is indicated. The depth sizing is still based on the echo-dynamic technique and will be more accurate for shallow defects. More accurate tip sizing will be possible with the new bit version of the Nerason system ref.