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British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Post : Reviews. Two things before we get into the cut and thrust of whether this is a good song or not a good song.

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British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Post : Reviews. Vicki UK time, Saturday, 12 September Oh my days, Taio Cruz has done it. He's actually gone and done it. With new single 'Break Your Heart', he has done the unthinkable.

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The unimaginable. The unbelievable. And with lyrics like "If you fall for me, I'm not easy to please. I'm gonna tear you apart" and "I'm only gonna break your heart"it's even more arrogant than Chipmunk's infamous "with a face like this how could I be camera shy". Here's the video. Although it's massively cheesy, especially the cringeworthy start and the power-boat scenario, at least the girl is on level pegging with Taio in the ego stakes.

Which, despite its conceitedness did I mention it was arrogant? Now, I love a "woe-is-me" emo track as much as the next haircut, but sometimes its fun to see an artist go "screw that! I'm hot!

And that's more fun to sing about! Especially when the song turns out to be actually, well, good take note Pussycat Dolls. Don't get me wrong, this song is a total cheese-fest, but in a weird way it's kind of beautiful. What's funny though is that, this song, for all its self-obsessions, doesn't actually sound like it should be, you know, self-obsessed.

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It's like the lyrics don't quite match the tone of the track in the same way that PussyCat Dolls song does, or even Will. Am's 'Heartbreaker' does.

Taio cruz - 'break your heart'

However, unlike Will. Am's retrospective "oh well, soz about that whole breaking your heart thing, but you know, that's what I do"it's nice that Tiao has the decency to forewarn us that he'll break our hearts. You know, before he goes ahead and does. in or register to comment. Complain about this comment Comment 1.

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Complain about this comment Comment 2. The Beatles are at No. So, what does that mean to the Chart Show presenters? Do they find it interesting that pop music, traditionally a young person's medium, is heavily populated by the deceased? Err, no. They point out via their bezzie mate Calvin 'Arris who is like, you know, totally tallthat Vera Lynn is old.

Dynamite (taio cruz song)

Phew - thanks for that penetrating insight. Couldn't a producer have written them something to say? Oh no, wait, we're back to people texting in who might be No. Complain about this comment Comment 3. Apparently it was a big gig - was it on Friday?

Is "Mr" Hudson that famous? There are people in his own house who don't know who he is. When Fearne soon! How about this Frasier fella doing the top 40? Oh, but he might not want to do the "Please text in" bogus inclusivity bit. Complain about this comment Comment 4. I just came online to see what Reggie's drivel would be but he doesn't seem to be around! Maybe he's took the hint?

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Well done Reggie. Now go away. Complain about this comment Comment 5. He can't do a long prog on his own, and surely now Fearne has ditched him it's time for the R1 to do the same.

Oh no, there's been an error

Surely E! TV will have a berth for him? It would be interesting to make the Chart Show more focused on the music after years of sleb-fixated drift. Funny that R1 have decided to replace older-than-you'd-expect intellectual lightweight Jo Wiley with, err, Fearne Cotton.

She is a star though, natch. Complain about this comment Comment 6. This comment has been referred to the moderators. Gutted Ant. Complain about this comment Comment 7.

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Complain about this comment Comment 8. Ah, I wonder what I wrote that was removed. And I was actually nice about them! They did, after all, seem positive about Temper Trap who aren't in the Daily Star or contain band members that are teenage girls. I'll try to split up the remainder of my post to see which bit get nixed Complain about this comment Comment 9. I also made a slightly predictable comment about the older-than-you'd expect and a bit dim Jo Wiley being replaced by Fearne. Complain about this comment Comment And wondered that since Fearne is going to daytime dating Reggie poor Reggie what's going to happen?

You can't put Reggie on the radio for minutes on his own, it's awful. Ohio really give him a new older sibling either so he has to be dust. Would be interesting to taio the chart show become less about sleb culture eg that interview with the manufactured girlband and have people deconstruct the songs as happens on this blog. Indeed Frasier or Vicky would be ideal. Losing the "Brian from Bootle has texted in" element would be tremendous. In fact there was less of the idiots texting in summaries later in the programme, so well done to those producers.

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Back to the song. Good for the moment, but for an artist who many have claimed to be the future of the British urban scene he's not doing a good job. Or we just have low standards.

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I mean even Jay Sean has made it in America. Departure was a decent album, so let's build on it, yeah? Wow, three comments removed, thank God we don't live in Iran, etc. And its ok Ant. Im sure that you can dicuss ex radio 1 presenters. SO give it a few months hopefully. This is a superior pop songthat has the pre requisite 4 strong hooks to guarantee a top 10 placing. This song has a good time holiday feel which will contribute to it's success around Europe.

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I pick up the successful AKON vibe from this track that is a compliment to it's guaranteed sales success. The only problem isMadonna's TEAMare putting some heavy artillery into the mix in the promotional warso expect it to be a really close battle between these two!

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Just be patientthe new album is sounding good! Quote from Reggie Yates today on the chart showwhile he had Taio in the studio with him. Amy from Doncaster has just texted inshe wants to know what colour pants you are wearing right now! Anyone who re this blog knows how much I love musicI cannot listen to Reggie doing the Chart Show anymore! Where can we apply to present the chart show?

He should just stick with kids presenting, sure he was pretty good at that! I also despise his presence on this blog! He is clearly not a writer, why is he here? Re: comment 24 Well, obviously it's what some of the listeners want, or they wouldn't text in and ask!

Taio cruz ft. ke$ha - 'dirty picture'

YeahI agree Rachelit made one listener very happy. I just wonder about the hundreds that at that pointturned their radios off or moved to a different station. This entry is now closed for comments. For the latest updates across BBC blogs, visit the Blogs home.

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