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Dating vegan Miami up friend especially for Florida

Miami is known for beautiful beaches, warm weather, and sexy locals, but adding to that list is the burgeoning vegan scene. Although Miami might be a step behind some larger American cities, the spread of cruelty-free cuisine has been swift.

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SoFlo Vegans is making South Florida a global hotspot for veganism.

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You can check out resources, articles, videos, and podcasts on how to thrive on a plant-based diet or vegan lifestyle. Non-vegans are welcome, as well as businesses who want to explore promotional opportunities. Veg Night Out. Choose from different portals to get started on your SoFlo Vegans journey.

Redeem discounts from a growing list of partners, just by wearing your SoFlo Vegans gear.

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Listen to new and past episodes featuring some of the biggest voices in the global vegan community. Their events are phenomenal and the growing community is great! They partnered up with me and the MindBody Expo for the 6th annual event and they blew it out of the water.

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All of the attendees were extremely happy with the speakers tent that was sponsored by SoFlo Vegans. Can't wait to work with them for our future events! A big thank you to our sponsors and all of our partners.

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Already a partner, log in to access our Dashboard. Learn how you can help SoFlo Vegans continue showcasing and supporting the vegan community in South Florida. Member Promotion Redeem discounts from a growing list of partners, just by wearing your SoFlo Vegans gear.

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