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Lee is a middle class white male with no black female friends, rare interactions with black families growing up, and who states his interactions with black women only consist of work-related experiences. Yet, he expresses strong negative views of black women as unattractive and uneducated as the first thoughts that come to his mind.

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After several months together, Brown, a white woman, sought to introduce Glass, who is black, to her family members — and some met her with resistance. Among Brown's findings was the story of Richard and Mildred Loving, the Virginia couple whose interracial marriage would lead to the June 12,U. Supreme Court ruling striking down all existing anti-miscegenation laws in the country. The anniversary of that decision has come to be known — aptly — as Loving Day.

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The question that kicked off our inquiry came from Eva Gumprecht, of Adamant.

Eva grew up in New York City. Her neighborhood was a mix of Jewish refugees and Hispanic people — growing up, she loved hearing different languages, but she hated the lack of nature and the over-stimulation. After college, Eva moved out to western Massachusetts, then ended up in Boston, and became a clinical social worker. And there was just this sense of something missing, something artificial about that.

As of the Census, this state was If you're looking for the extended cuts from those interviews, scroll down to find the Soundcloud audio files. Second, it should be noted that any and all white Vermonters were preceded by the original Vermonters, before Vermont was Vermont: Native Americans. And yet over time, for different reasons, for different groups, they became much more diverse.

Of course there were exceptions to this rule, like Alec and Sally Turner, who settled in Grafton in Learn about the show. But for the most part, when African Americans came north, they went to work in cities, in industrial jobs.

Italians were also in the mix — and Poles and Swedes — they came to Proctor and Barre to work in the marble and granite industries. McReynolds says the presence of immigrants in Vermont, working these kinds of jobs, was one of the reasons that so few black people came here during the Great Migration.

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What about today? He uses Iowa as an example. And in any case, Han says that the kind of ideal of Vermont farming is not factory-size.

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The same goes for other industries. That's not really a good thing either. And unfortunately, those aren't the things that move big populations of people," he says. So Vermont has this homogeneous workforce, and that means homogenous communities. And for people like Wayne Miller, that means Vermont can feel like dangerous territory.

Winter Han asks. How it defines itself and perpetuates itself. In his paper, Vanderbeck talks about a kind of perceived whiteness in Vermont, particularly in the 19th and 20th centuries: Yankee whiteness. Vanderbeck argues that compared to the Southern white, associated with Jim Crow laws and overt racism, the Yankee was considered pretty tame.

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But in his research he found a different story. Inan academic named Elin Anderson did some ethnographic research in Burlington for a book called We Americans: A study of cleavage in an American city.


And I couldn't figure out for a long time where they were looking. They were looking at my hands. Because I talk with my hands.

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And so I would find myself sort of dialing myself back and really trying to fit in. So clearly you're a doctor or a professor.

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That's the only Asian people who come here. Like, with recruitment. And the preferred farmer, according to Vanderbeck, was of Teutonic origins: German, or Scandinavian.

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South, but you wanted In other words, there was a preference for attracting and assimilating white farmers over black farmers. Another demographic that the state tried to attract was the second home-owner — but a particular kind of second home-owner. And finally, Vanderbeck says the state sent an almost subliminal message when it marketed itself to tourists.

Why is vermont so overwhelmingly white?

And he noticed this visual pattern. I grew up during a war I spent 3 to 5 living in a basement with no windows. But he's also Muslim. So that's why I cannot and I will not simplify the answer to the question of why is Vermont so white. Her name is Angela Grenier. O ther music in this episode was used under a Creative Commons :.

A decade before the supreme court ruled in favor of interracial marriage, the rat packer risked losing his career—and his life

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Rebecca Sananes. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Angela Evancie. And how does that affect all of us?

On a Saturday night, for example, with doors open until nine or half-past, the citizens of Burlington, the farmers from the country, and visitors from near-by towns, all mingle together … In this moment of common activity they all bear the stamp of Americans … But to a Yankee farmer they are not all alike. To him Burlington has a lot of foreigners.

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As he walks along the main street, he looks in vain for a few faces which remind him of the features of Calvin Coolidge. See stories by Angela Evancie. See stories by Rebecca Sananes. Related Content. It's Really Complicated. This month on Brave Little State, VPR's people-powered journalism podcast, a question about utility bills in Vermont — and a small sampling of Vermont….

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This month on Brave Little State, VPR's people-powered journalism podcast, a question about the descendants of this region's first residents. Our story…. Ric Cengeri. Army regiment that…. Melody Bodette. Load More.