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Date would hunt Francisco boy that you humor

Swiping your way through the San Francisco dating pool can seem discouragingly difficult.

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Read on to find out exactly how to date in San Francisco, why it can be frustrating, and what you can do to improve your chances of reaching your dating goals. San Francisco is a massive city, and singles come here for a plethora of reasons.

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Sound familiar? They believe that by the time you reach 30, all the good ones are taken. Reflection on this topic got me to thinking….

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How many of you have met a person of the opposite sex, connected, and talked, only for you to Facebook friend them and see that you share mutual friends? Of course, that being said, there are always other options just waiting for you around the corner. Most likely, they will be one of these guys:.

Here in the Bay, these type of guys seem to out the normal ones. No matter how cute, how sweet he is to you, how promising his potential, this is a mistake to learn in your youth if you must, and then move on. For good!

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Being a college graduate in our communities brown and black peeps is a huge feat, and unfortunately, something of a rarity. Those who do, become the cream of the crop. However, this is the one to watch out for. Or, like me, he attended college locally and left, only to return to his roots. This is where the problem presents itself.

This man knows he has lots to offer, and will weigh his choices evenly, sometimes for years, before becoming serious about matching his professional potential with his marriage potential. In actuality, they are ALL worth it, but he sees the imaginary pedestal society puts him on, and milks it for all its worth. Heed my warnings. Now, not ALL college graduate men get this label. I hate to be blunt, but you have to be very attractive, confident, and somewhat successful. No seriously, a good guy is a great find, and an educated good guy is icing on the cake. As a strong believer, I surround myself with mostly like-minded people.

Some are better than others at getting to Sunday service working on that. Those who pray together stay together!

Outdoorsy fun date ideas in san francisco

We are all human, of flesh. Most of the time, some of the most broken people are in church, just trying to make it. So while this may seem like the poster boy of marriages, I personally know that to NOT always be the case. Sadly, sometimes being inside a church community can make women revert to docile, powerless roles, which I strongly dislike.

So again, be careful. The Bay Area is full of so many talented people. A rapper, singer, lyricist.

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One word: groupies. Everything is magnified. After a fight, like all couples will have, he might put you on blast in a song. It gets ruthless, I kid you not.

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Hats off to any woman up for that challenge, you deserve an award. Vain, much? A neo-soul artist, poet, community organizer, conspiracy theorist, painter, cannibus club owner or Occupy leader. Yes, these men have put serious thought into their entire existence. The world is but theories realized. Everything can be debated, theorized, and explored.

32 unique san francisco date ideas (according to a local!)

Nothing is tangible evidence. This man is intellectual, eloquent and concerned. His approach is to stimulate your mind, remind you of your history, and affect your aura. Unless you have some depth and intelligence to counter his, you may get left in the dust, or become as subservient as the church mouse. This one here is tricky. On one hand, there are professional athletes who attend local clubs and parties, thus overshadowing all other types of guys in their groupie following.

Regardless, the professional athlete stereotype is so widespread that I feel no need to repeat the challenges here. This is the former hooper, wide receiver, or second baseman who was a star in high school or college, but failed to make it all the way. Sure, they may settle into less glamorous jobs CHP, SFPD, Basketball Coach, Security Guard but with a chip on their shoulder, knowing the admiration and shine is long gone, tucked away with their old jerseys and trophies. An easy way to spot this guy: Check his Facebook or Instagram.

Are there pictures of his athletic career, from years ago, plastered on his timeline?

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Let him go, or live in sports purgatory forever. Your choice. Although as an adult it has a very positive connotation, growing up, no one wanted to be called a square.

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However, the label exists, with or without my approval. Squares are grown up nerds. Maybe not nerdy like the characters on the show, Big Bang Theory, more like characters on the Cosbys. They are pleasant, respectful, frugal and consistent. These men see the big picture, and for lack of being popular in high school they more than make up for in adulthood success. A woman loves a man with a pension! And these guys have it.

How to date in san francisco

Gotta love a dependable man. But if you are looking for stability and comfort, this is the man for you. In-between, meaning attractive, drama-free, responsible, kinda mature but still working on it: normal-ish. Sometimes, though, he can get pulled either which way, and that can be tricky to control. Bad influences who might never disappear. The upside: The in-between is perfect for the female counterpart.

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I like someone with enough past to learn from, but enough future to succeed. Did any of these guys ring a bell? Is this your current boo? Or for guys, do you fit in one of these? These words are for us all. Beyond Worthyby Jacqueline Whitney. You may unsubscribe at any time. Most likely, they will be one of these guys: 1. Or aspiring to be one. The upside: Do pray together to stay together, though.

The Performer The Bay Area is full of so many talented people. The Deep-Thinker A neo-soul artist, poet, community organizer, conspiracy theorist, painter, cannibus club owner or Occupy leader. The Athlete This one here is tricky. This post originally appeared on The Bayarean. More From Thought Catalog.

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